Monday, November 10, 2008

You put that on Dreamhorse?

GOOOD MORNING!!!!! Happy Monday *ugh* So Dreamhorse is an EXCELLENT site for advertising your horse, tack, trailer, etc. But as of today I have seen it ALL!!! These are actually pictures taken from ads off Dreamhorse. I about split my sides open!!

You really couldn't have waited the 2 extra seconds before she got on this horse to take the pic??? Now they are advertising this horse as DEAD BROKE!! Hmmmmm kinda makes you wonder???

I hate these pictures on general principle that I think they are lame and irresponsible. Now I'll give you the fact they are both wearing helmets. I'll give you the fact that they actually are TRYING to prove that this old mare is dead broke and kid safe. But what I don't get is the reins on the ground... Now I've dropped my reins on the ground before, because I'll be "right back" and it always seemed to end up disastrous. I also know that dropping the reins is sometime a cue for ground tying. But in this case, if that sweet little mare got off balance and had to take a step forward or to the side, she'd step right on those dang reins...
YES!!! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU THINK IT IS!!! ROFLMAO!!!!! This is an actual picture that I found on Dreamhorse this fine morning. HE'S PEEING!! This right here is the epitome of great advertising!! *sides ache laughing to hard*


GoLightly said...

Thank GOD! You're still alive!
I was worried about you.
I thought maybe the triffids had gotten ahold of you..
Nice (ugh, blech) pictures.
Yes, my horses' kidneys work very, very well. Yes he really IS a boy horse.. I guess the picture taker needed to pee, too, and just couldn't wait! Or maybe, owner is so impressed by the horses' pee-pee, he thought it could be a selling point?
Bunch of boneheads. That poor dark mare looks like she needs to be granted sainthood. She looks real fat, maybe recently or actually pregnant. Look at the fat neck roll. A founder picture waiting to happen.
Have a great day:)

Trainer X said...

LMAO!!! I am ALIVE!!! How was your weekend??? Fabulous I hope? Oh I took the word verification off too!!!

Colleensinn said...

Eeew, I was wondering what that hump on her neck was. And I don't even know what to say about the peeing horse. Lovely background too.

Blatant Animal-Related Idiocy said...

C'mon, that first one? Triple ass shot! Who could possibly resist that? And that last one, well, seller just wants you to know what a well-endowed, manly horse you're getting (please tell me that's a gelding).


Blatant Animal-Related Idiocy is not above shameless self-promotion.

Ponykins said...

Concerning the peeing horse photo -
Perhaps the owner was a Saddlebred owner and those her Appy was doing a real pretty Saddlebred-stretch pose, so she snapped his photo. :-)

horsesandponies4ever said...

What people post know a days.... I also love the bad parenting 101.... Got to love those moments. Along with moments of stupidity.....