Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh, I'll All Take 3!!

Can someone tell me WHY people are so stupid that they are actually trying to RE HOME/SELL their BLIND, broken down horses?? You know what? Sign me up for 100 of those bad boys! Because I don't have HEALTHY horses to take care of or anything! Why don't these people understand that your horse whether young or old is YOUR HORSE! YOUR Responsibility! Who is really going to BUY a blind horse and NOT turn around and hand over to a guy driving a trailer to Canada

Oh and here's a nice one too! This one they don't EVEN KNOW his actual age, just that he's in his 20's and they would $1800 for him.
I have no problem with older, blind, three legged whatever horses. But this is definitely NOT the market for them and when these people try and sell them, they are basically hand delivering them to Death. The Enumclaw auction is this weekend, so we'll see how many of these poor things end up there. *headdesk*

Ohhh and last but not least... just come and get it! FREE FREE FREE 20 yr old Appy mare!

You know most of us never asked for a shitty economy and a depression that easily rivals that of the 1930's, but YOUR HORSES really never asked for it! They did NOT ask to be born, bred, or bought by some ASSHAT who in tough times just throws their hands up and say F-It I'm done I"ll just get rid of it, or starve it, or sell it to the meat guys! WE did this as usual for human nature, biting off more we can chew, always needing more more more!! *snort* Please it's time again for bitch slap brigade to get on the bus and teach some people a lesson, unfortunately there is WAYYYY more of them than us... *AGHHH!!!!*

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pay Attention to This One!! And Forward it ON!!

DO NOT EVER use the word CAN'T!!! Get it out of your vocabulary! OUT OUT OUT! There may be things you have trouble doing or goals you have yet to accomplish. But do NOT for one second think that your dreams can not come true!

I found this on Craigslist of all places and really took a liking to it. This is the type of story anyone can have! So basically you have an adult rider who was diagnosed with MS. She would hurt and be in pain and yet she rode. She rode horses as hard as she could. And Now it has become possible for her to participate in the 2010 World Equestrian Games ParaEquestrian Division. This absolutely SLAYS ME! Michelle has NEVER given up on her passion and look at her now!!!! And I'm going to tell you she is a Really Good Rider!

Here's a little snippet from Michelle's Story that was written by Tiffany Hudson.

"Currently there is no cure for MS, it is a disease that is approached with management techniques such as: treatment of relapse, disease modification, and symptom management. This news was life altering for Michelle, but she was also relieved to have some answers and could begin making more appropriate life decisions. Michelle continued to serve as the program director for EquiFriends, but in 2007 it proved to be too much and she stepped down to teaching part – time. She taught at EquiFriends until it closed in the fall of 2008. After Michelle was diagnosed in 2005, she became involved with the MS foundation and began cycling – she even rode an MS fundraiser! She also began taking medications that helped her feel better on a more stable basis."

You know what's funny to me is that Michelle has been sick for a long time and yet when you read her story, look at all she's done! My god that's quite a list of accomplishments for ANYONE to complete and yet here she goes again. BUT, apparently there are certain items she needs in order to help her get there. SO that's where we come in! I was able to contact the coordinator (and I posted her warm response below) and they will accept ANYTHING. So if you have tack you can donate to them they can in turn hold a tack sale fundraiser and raise some cash. OR you can send cash. I know I have a TON of tack I've never even used that I've already gathered to send over. Whatever they can use is great and if they can sell it that's great too!! Send the info off to as many as people you can and let's get her to the World Equestrian Games!!

Little Bit is a NON-Profit so anything you donate can be written off as well.

IF anyone would like to get ahold of Michelle herself and send her good wishes here is her

I love people who break through their boundaries. Accepting no excuses and admitting no defeat! So Michelle if you ever get to read this we're rooting for you!!!!

OK I received a GREAT response from Tiffany and here it is.
"Hello, Thank you so much for your response to Michelle's website! That would be great if you could pass along her web address and info in your blog! If people are not comfortable donating cash, then I'm sure any items they'd like to donate would be great! And then once we received enough items a tack sale would be possible! They would just need to donate the items to Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center ( and let them know they are donating it in Michelle DeVries name to be used for her training purposes. It will also be a fair market value tax write off for them! You can also let people know that if they would like to donate cash, it is also tax deductible because Little Bit is a non-profit organization. They can donate cash in Michelle's name directly to Little Bit and receive a charitable donation receipt. Then Little Bit will use that money to purchase the items Michelle needs. One other way to help, is if you look on the "Ways to Help" page of her website, you will see where you can buy a one pound bag of horse treats (beginning March of 2009) and $4.00 from each bag sold will be directly donated to Michelle's fund! Again, thanks so much for contacting me and let me know if you have any other questions!

To Contact the coordinator, Tiffany, here is her email as well.

Good Cop Bad Cop?

Most horse owners want the joy of having their horse love them unconditionally. Most horse owners ALSO like to be the good cop. They won't train effectively, or discipline appropriately, because they don't don't want precious ButterCup to hate them if they get stern or make her do what she doesn't want to. *Waaaaaaahh* Too bad.

So enter Bad Cop, me, any trainer or owner with a damn brain. I follow the rule of three.
  1. Ask~ Exactly that. I Ask the horse o do it first.

  2. Tell~ This time I will TELL him to do it if asking doesn't work.

  3. Demand~ No excuses, he's doing it.

I like this because it really gives the horse three chances to do as you ask. Now why is this so important? Why is necessary that I make ButterCup work when she doesn't feel like it? Or Discipline her when she being "silly." Because I'm Alpha Mare and horses aren't lap dogs.

Here's a classic example. A friend of mine bought her husband a horse. A Little 2 yr old because he wanted to help train his own horse. Now though he's having some trouble because his sweet baby horsie is so super kyooooot that if she's naughty or sassy, oh well, it's Kyooooot. Remember? Kyooot. God Damn GAG ME! There is nothing kyoot about a half ton animal pushing a 160lb man around. But he doesn't want wittle precious to not like him if he has to "punish" her. *sigh* So enter bad cop.

Now his wife gets after little sassy pants 2 yr old in the CORRECT WAYS. Sassy pants will round pen nicely, accept the bit, pick up her feet, stand quiet, you name it. BUT, only for the "bad cop."

Why? Because horses need and actually appreciate a herd leader(you). They know that "Oh shit! I can't get away with that crap with her!" So it actually makes for a stronger bond and a greater appreciation for the rewards received from bad cop. Well as it turns out the "Good Cop" husband is NOW getting frustated because little kyoot 2 yr old won't listen to him anymore.

Ahhh I know his wife had never been happier when she "HA!! Told you so!" But anyway. So now it's retraining the Good Cop that it's OK to TRAIN and teach and school your horse. Your horse will find a new and better RESPECT for you. And for that you will have a better mannered horse and a better relationship with your horse. Horses are smart, smart little devils in disguise. If you give up and don't make them do what your asking then you are in BIG, BIG Trouble!

It's never OK to hurt a horse during training and schooling. It's not OK to "DOMINATE" them big man cowboy style. But it is OK to teach, guide and school them appropriately which will be much better for the both of you in the long run.

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Not That Hard...

So I used to board a place where the owner of the barn was pure EVIL!! Is that possible?? No, she wasn't pure evil, but she WAS and IS truly the dumbest person I've ever met. How so? I was only there a very very short time when I cracked the code on this lady! She didn't FEED horses! Period! You pay her for FULL CARE, and she fed your horse local grass garbage hay. And only 2 flakes of it! *headdesk* So needless to say horses started losing weight like wildfire and I booked ass out of there at the speed of light!!!

BUT! Not before there was one point where the owner of the barn and her husband thought they were going to be moving so hey sold their horses off and made up a HUGE BS story on WHY they were so damn thin! Well then as it turns out they did NOT move and one of the horses sold was the horse of her dreams. the horse was as bomb proof, beautiful and dead broke, push button as can be!! Oooops! Too bad for her!!! She sold the horse to a very nice lady in Poulsbo, WA, who took in this horse and immediately began trying to fatten her up. The mare (Pep) was around 17yrs old and nasty thin. So good for Pep for getting out of a bad situation!!!

What? You thought my story was over? Far from it. Well a few months later I was looking on dreamhorse and who do I see up for sale? Yeah, it was Pep. So I contacted the owner and asked why she was for sale and she told me that once Pep got all her weight back she got a bit to spunky for the young kids who were riding her (yep, health will do that.) She said she was NOT in a hurry and only wanted to find a good home for her. Good deal!

Well... just this last Friday I here from the FIRST owner of Pep, who had not fed her, and she had seen her up for sale on Dreamhorse as well!!! And she was going to get one of her friends to BUY that horse back for her, so the current owner of Pep didn't know it was really her. Well guess who knew? ME! And over my dead-rotting body was she going to get that damn horse back! So myself and S&D and a couple other people immediately shot off emails to the current own telling her what we knew about the potential "buy back." Well later on in the afternoon I gave the current owner a call and said " Look, it is none of my business, BUT! I really feel strongly that you should NOT sell Pep to Person A who is being used by Person B in order to buy her back from under your nose. BECAUSE she doesn't feed her horse AC has been called on her countless times and when she originally sold you Pep all she old you were bloody lies. OH and you MAY think I'm crazy for all this so I do apologize!!" All I heard was "Oh my god, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I WOULD NEVER sell Pep back to that F-ing woman EVER!! Thank you and your friends for going out of their WAY to protect a horse you didn't have to!"

This morning I also received an email from the current owner as I had emailed her pictures of Pep from when she was at the hell hole and it read. " I love the pics and thanks again for Protecting Pep."

Did me and S&D do something amazing and incredible? Nope. It was just the right thing to do. It's NEVER WRONG to do the RIGHT THING!!! You do NOT have to be famous in the horse world, friends with an A.C. person, or anything. You just can't be afraid. Everyone who knows me KNOWS I hate talking on the phone, especially to people I don't know and especially when they could tell me to F*ck off and mind my own damn business. But, that's a chance you have to take. If you stand by and do nothing you are just as guilty! o one can sit idly by and say "Well What can I do??" You can do ANYTHING and take it as FAR as you have to in order to protect an animal.

Moral of this one? NEVER feel like you can't help, never be afraid, and it's NEVER wrong to do the Right thing!!! Beleive me, someone else's horse may thank you some day...
Oh and what about nasty, bad horse owner?? Well, she'll get what's coming to her SOON enough! ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pick Your Poison

Oh this should be super fun!! So last night I working with a training horse when she decided that apparently what I was doing bared ZERO interest to her, so in protest she thought it would be a good idea to rear a few times. Nice big ones and some nice little ones. Either way, I just sat there and pulled her back down and up again she went and back down I pulled her back down and on and on until I finally got off and took her to the round pen for a "Come to Jesus Meeting." Basically she got round penned until I was sure her little front feet wouldn't be leaving the ground for a awhile. Then I took her back into the arena hopped back on her and what do you know she was a perfect little angel!

So S&D was there, of course, and we were chatting about it and she says "I would take a horse bucking any day over rearing." And I said NO WAY! I prefer the rear. Why? Well I"ll tell you, because UNLESS your horse happens to flip all the way over on you, which is REALLY BAD, the odds of you being unseated from a rear are slim to non. To me, a buck will unseat me more so than a rear. That however is MY personal preference. OBVIOUSLY I'd rather do NEITHER, but if I had to choose, I choose the Rear.

So here you go my friends. PICK YOUR POISON!!!! The REAR or the BUCK and why!?!?!?
You have your choice of 2 horses, 1 is guaranteed to buck, one is guaranteed to rear...

Thursday, January 22, 2009


For as much as horse riding is a physically demanding sport, it is as much mentally demanding as well. Your ATTITUDE plays a HUGE part in your capabilities as a rider. The mood your in or the attitude you have can help you or hinder you.
Case and point. Let's throw 2Toads out there to the wolves. She was at a show in a showmanship class with her horse that SHE felt was NOT good at showmanship at all... So 2Toads, put on a big smile and tried her hinny off. Well sure enough the judge liked her and she moved on to a "Round Robin" type of showmanship, where you switch horses with other competitors. They show your horse, you show theirs. Well the horse 2toads got was an amazing showmanship horse horse, so 2Toads like we've all done, said "Well this is in the bag. This horse is AMAZING." She didn't win that class... Why??? Well the judge came up to her later and said her attitude totally changed when she was showing the horse she "thought" was a walk in the park. She let the positive thoughts leave her mind and just got lazy. ASSUMING this horse would give her a blue ribbon.

NOW, I can guarantee you she is far from the only one. I've done that a million times if I've done it once. You have to keep yourself in a "PMA" frame of mind. Positive Mental Attitude. no matter which horse you're riding or showing, your attitude WILL show through to the judges. And THAT is what they like to see. People having FUN!!! Not the cut throats, or the snotty, the people who have FUN! keeping yourself in a PMA is also beneficial for your horse as well. They'll feel your vibes and in turn relax and perform appropriately. It can be an extremely hard concept to grasp at times, your horse might be having a bad day, you might have woke up late, but it works.

One of my students takes her self way too seriously when we're at the shows, she get s way emotional and upset so FINALLY after she smiles and at least APPEARS to be having fun she places. I keep telling her people LIKE seeing other people have fun! It really is ALL about the ATTITUDE!!

If you get upset or stressed take a walk, quit for the day, take a breather. You'll do more harm than good to you and your horse if you let the negative attitude sneak in and take over. Make up a mantra or chant for yourself when you feel like you're going to lose it, or are way too stressed. "PMA, PMA, Pma, Pma, pma, p.....m......a, p........" Ahhhhhhh relax... :) Smile big and HAVE FUN!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Wish I Was....

I know you are going to think I'm either Lying, nuts, or joking. I assure you I am not!!! ANY of the Above! So one of the gals who rides at the barn I train out of just got this wonderful dead broke as can be appy mare. 24 yrs old and wouldn't DARE hurt a fly! Quintessential PERFECT first horse for her daughter! Well once she gets this mare I hear her talking to her 8 yr old daughter about how she needs to understand that someday she will witness this horse die. WHAT?!?!?!?! I'm sorry say that in my good ear. Did the conversation go like this?? "Um, here honey I got you this great horse you can ride and love and get attached too, but try not too because you'll see her die soon." *jaw dropped* Now I am all for being open and honest with your kids, but WOWZERS!!! That's a bit too much!!!

Well moving on from there it can only get better right? Bah fat chance. So this mare has been ridden for a LONG time in a Tom Thumb bit. It's what she is used to and it is what the first owners said she goes best in. So no big deal. The lady has one she can borrow until she makes it to the tack shop to get one. Please I can not stress this enough that if you are so damn stupid that you just float through life on a cloud of dumbness, then please PLEASE do not own a horse. So after being given explicit instructions to purchase a Tom Thumb Bit for this mare, guess what she comes home with. A D-Ring and this is what she says in front of ME, Her barn peers, God and everybody. "Hee hee I juat can't tell the difference between these bit thingy's so I'm sure this one is close enough." Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Yeah, because the last time I checked D-rings and Tom Thumbs worked IDENTICAL. Well what-the-fu*k-ever lady! Good luck to ya! And these are the DAMN people who are riding horses now??

Well if nothing else they at least make for some pretty good laughs!! *head shaking.*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Steady as She Goes.

So at one of the facilities that I train at one of my close friends and students, you know her as S&D, brought it to my attention that one of the horses at the stable was about to be abandoned. The owner is a druggie with a kid she can't take care of and her mother can no longer afford food or board. The mother has been trying to place this horse, but doesn't know enough to ride her or tune her up so finally with hands in the air she says F-it, I'm done, I'm not buying feed, or paying for board, I'm at a loss so do what you want with her.

Well once S&D made this known to me, we went to the owner of the barn and said that WE would take over and try to place the mare since the mare has now been abandoned. It is not in our nature to sit idly by and watch a horse go to the auction or be given away to some other shit hole of a home without a fighting chance. Well now we're giving her that chance. Even though we need to care for another horse like we need a damn hole in our HEADS!! We are not going to let her suffer or not eat or be shipped away to be dog chow...
Now Tawny, the mare, is a 15.2hh healthy shiny chestnut mare with a thick long mane and tail. She has a bit of roaning on her and has a personality to DIE for. So far so good. Well it was told to S&D that apparently Tawny bucked the last time she had been ridden and so the prospective buyers hit the ground running. It was our immediate thoughts of Ill fitting saddle, bad bit, bad riding OR the more likely, ALL 3!! Do I foresee an issue? Me? Hell no! You see there are many ways to "skin a cat." S&D suggested we use her treeless saddle as maybe beyond just not being ridden or worked with Tawny is sore.

So last night we get Tawny and tack her up, she stands WONDERFULLY, you couldn't ask or PAY for better ground manners. S&D goes and round pens her and Tawny moves like a cat. Gracefully and smooth, she spins on her hind end and ducks down when she turns as if she was once a trained cutting horse. S&D has bonded perfectly with Tawny in the round pen and gets her kicks out so I can get ready to ride her. Not only did we use the treeless saddle on her but also a basic gentle snaffle.

We take her into the arena and I ground drive her for a few minutes, I want to make sure I have breaks LOL! she performs sweetly and then S&D's hubby holds her for me so I can mount. She's nervous and a bit jumpy, but we take our time. Slow and steady. So I get on, get off, get on, get off, to let her know that we are gentle and she's a good girl. Finally I get on and sit in the saddle, take up the reins and the hubby let's go. Tawny is very nervous and I have FULL contact on her mouth and my hands are up in saddle seat riding position. IF Tawny wants to buck, I'm not going to let her! Her head is mine at this point. So I'm talking with her very quietly and gently and S&D, hubby and son are standing quiet as church mice in the arena watching. For Every time around the arena Tawny goes she relaxes. Quietly lowering her head offering no sign of bucking or sass. Now she is perfectly relaxed and so I offer up a little cluck cluck and slight squeeze and off she goes in a beautiful quiet jog. She stops nice, neck reins, backs, and has a jog as smooth as a chocolate swirl!!!! Tawny wants so bad to bond with someone she followed us all around. S&D, me, hubby and son. She wanted the attention so bad, so we happily nominated a very happy Son to be in charge of loving this sweet girl until we can place her.

Steady as she goes, this mare. Smart and pretty, quiet and gentle, she needs to be loved. We've thus far taken her under our wing to make sure she gets food and is cared for. Tonight we'll work with her more and tap into the amazing horse she is. She'll for sure come along nicely once refreshed and will bond with her new owner for life and that is what we'll be looking for. That's what she deserves.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Get Out!!!

Ahhhh our trusty, ever faithful arena... Always there for us with it's four secure walls and perfect footing. We have our cones and other obstacles set up for our enjoyment. I can school as much as I want in this enclosed box can't I? NO! Get OUT!!!

The Arena is great, but come on, talk about mind numbing, boring rectangle. Your horse's brain will melt away as will yours. So get the hell out and into the trails!!

Being OUT of the safety of the precious arena is the best thing for you and your horse. Neither of you will get sour, or bored and there is A LOT of training you can get done on the trails. Like What? Well let me list off a few things.
  • Fallen trees make GREAT ground poles/caveletti.

  • Practice your side pass around trees, stumps or rocks.

  • Try and keep your horse straight with NO walls.

  • Um hello... HILL WORK! For toning and strengthening the hindquarters.

  • Some fallen trees make good jumps.

  • Go for a nice leg stretching gallop through a safe field.

You know for as far as you can stretch your imagination and creativity being out on the trails is an ENDLESS Training AREA! No walls, no limitations and it is so very healthy for you and your horse to break the monotony of being in the arena!

What else do you guys do when you're out on the trails? As far as working your horse? Or maybe you don't intentionally work you just go for a nice ride on a nice day!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

You Couldn't PAY ME!!

2Toads found this beauty under one of FHOTD's postings... And it is AWESOME!!

From the Ad...

"First 3 people to book will have FREE BREEDINGS! I just want to get some foals on the ground this year! Reduced Stud fee until March of 09 then will increase back to $750. NOT FOR SALE!!!! FOR STUD ONLY-$350 Live color foal guarantee on non-grey mares. Will only stand to a limited number of selected mares. This boy has all the right looks and brains." Are you kidding me? Is, Is it April Fools day??

Um No Thanks Guys!!! No thanks!! you Stud looks like ass, so go ahead and keep your free crappy breeding's. There is ENOUGH garbage out there, that I'm going to go ahead and PASS on this Beaut!!!

He has sub-par breeding as well... *barf*

Oh and look how smart they are!! They will give 3 FREE breeding's to the first 3 mares, but look further down the ad and you will see this "He will be competed and shown this season so my booking is only limited to 3 mares. " WTF!?!?!?! Um... OK! So I guess making money is NOT an option for you?

You know if I wanted to make money breeding my awesomely crappy Stud, this is the EXACT same thing I'd do... Apparently if you google this lovely lady's phone number she's quite the HORSE TRADER, of crap of course... here's her website too...

This is super funny, look at the 3rd picture and description on the top row... it says "This boy is sweet willing and turns on a dime.He was shown extensively on the calf roping circuit. At one point the man I got him from paid $7500 for him." Yeah F-ing Right!!

And How come under "Primary Breed" CRAP isn't written there?? I'm telling you CRAP needs to be a new breed registry LMFAO!!! Let's see her "American Crap Horse Assoc." Yeah I think that sounds nice!! And here we have "ACHA" #1!!

Thanks 2Toads, this one was Wayyyyy too good!!!

Ooh one more Random find on Youtube If you FREE jump the Mare then TIE up the DAMN FOAL!!!!!!!! ASS HATS!!!

That's all folks *head slams to desk*

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OK, This is What I'm Talking about!!!

FIRST go to youtube and watch this video. Sick yet???? Well here is HORSELVR74's video description...

My comments are in the RED...

"I have been getting many comments that she is to young (TX here~FUCKING DUH!!) and that I am hurting her (Well you are!) ! How do you think race horses are trained (And why do you think they're all LAME by the age 4)? They are raced at 2 and 3! We are just teaching her what a bit, bridle saddle etc. feel like!Everybody relax. She has been ridden fewer than 5 times (5 times too many) , at about 5 minutes per time (bullshit). The filly does live in a paddock, and now that she has her basics, the owners plan to toss her back out there until next year. The whole thing was planned out for them by a very experienced trainer (Are you serious? Is this a SERIOUS statement???). The "responsible adults" were behind the camera (LAME). We are turning her out after a couple of rides until she gets older so we won't damage anything (Too LATE)!If you post a rude comment it will be deleted so why do it (Because YOU and the "Adults" and the "trainer" are FUCKING RETARDED!!) ?SHE IS ONLY 4 MONTHS AWAY FROM BEING 2 (headdesk)!This is my filly Fergie, we had our first ride! She is me & my sisters future hunter (Doubtful now)! She is a yearling, and -NO we are not riding her hard (ANY riding is too hard) we are just starting to teach her.--- She is turning into a great little girl! :DFergie is her barn name, and her show name is Decked Out In Detail (Sorry about mistake in video), she is out of Duplicated Deck and her mother was out of the Detail! She is an Appendix Quarter Horse, Chestnut and Yes! We will probably show her in the AQHA and Hunters!" ~ This is the barn where dipshit keeps her horse's. And OH! They seem like intelligent people let me tell you!! They are the "Country Club for horse riding" *snork* Yeah... F-ing .....RIGHT!!! I have already found numerous FLAWS on that site, especially some of the photos. *shudders*

Well, You know what??? I need not state the OBVIOUS of how stupid these people are, especially the TRAINER!! So guess what guys?! Feel free to tear this one up yourselves!!! Get ready, GET SET... GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Grain 'O Salt...

Ahhh yes a late night post ONLY because tomorrow morning I'll be off in the abyss that is my life and am not sure as to when I can post this, so here you are. It will be waiting for you bright and early in the morning!

ME, as a horse trainer, I absorb everything I can. From books and other trainers, from watching horse shows and judges. I'm actually a very avid reader so I soak that stuff up like there's no tomorrow. BUT! I (and you) need to know WHAT to take in and what NOT to take in. Here is the prime example that has caused me these thoughts.

Last night as I was settling into relaxation mode at midnight, I was flipping through a book from a VERY popular horse author. Oh yes my friends, none other than Cherry Hill. And the book? "How to think like a horse." Now me personally, I love that theory. I try to ALWAYS put myself where the horse is. It helps me to slow down and really THINK about what I'm about to do, or what I'm doing or doing wrong. ANYWAY, so as I am flipping through the book I come to a page where it talks about the age of the horse and the amount of work that can be done with said animal... and do you know what it states for a 2yr old??? That you can ride them at the walk, trot, canter for 60 minutes... W..T..F!?!?!?!?

Now me, I DO NOT break horses at 2. I can wait until they're 3 to do anything with them, frankly I like my horses joints and back. Now if a client is insists on breaking their horse earlier my absolute minimum is 2 and half. And let me tell you what that consists of. 20 minutes to a half hour of riding and this is how it's broken down. For a 30 minute session it's 25 minutes of WALKING and maybe 5 of trotting. And I"m up front and honest with clients and they usually end up realizing that it's not worth it, soooo they can spare their horses and wait the other 6 damn months.

OK, sorry, I got off for a minute. So as a well respected author of a bazillion damn books, that everyone and their mom reads. Why would you EVER recommend that??? I was stunned? The rest of the book is decent, but that? EEEK

Now I know that ALOT of AQHA/APHA pleasure and of course race horses are broke at a very early age so they can race or win futurity, or like I give a shit they're all lame excuses anyway. And yes, SOME turn out being OK, and still sound until their 25, but for the most part hard riding at a young age = danger danger! And how many people are now reading that section of the book, or books like it, or have already read it and said "Well gee, that seems like a swell idea. Let's go break the youngins. Even though we don't have an F-ing clue what we're doing and we're going to end up having to pay a horse trainer and vet to fix the damage we've just done" Ugh...

Lesson learned here today?? Take everything you learn for what it is. There is NO "god" of horses trainers. Not Me, Not John Lyons, Not Cherry Hill. We're good, BUT there is always more for even US to learn and that's WHY we're good. We're constantly learning and we STICK with what WORKS!! And WE as trainers and riders, have to stick by our own convictions as well. If I feel it's not a good idea then I'm not doing it. PERIOD. Go find someone else. I'm not out to make a quick buck and compromise MY methods and theories because Joe Blow wants his horse reining or jumping at 2. I'm not shady or a scammer and I'm not about to tell you it's a good idea just because I need money. NO, I am in it for the greater good of the horse and OWNER. I want them to have a long and happy life together, not to be troubled by lameness or whatever.

So as a rider, horse owner, horse fanatic (LOL!) Learn ALL you can from ALL the different resources you can get your hands and hooves on. It's impossible for every book or DVD, or person to be "perfect" so am I saying never read Cherry Hill? HELL NO, some her stuff is great! Again just use and take what you CAN from it. Like a GRAIN OF SALT...
Plus! If you have a great horse trainer you work with, they should be open to hearing new things and your questions/concerns regarding your horse. Absorb all the knowledge and theories that make sense to YOU and that you feel you can apply in good conscience. Not all that is written in a book or spoken by a "Pro" is gold**...
**Well OK, except for me... LMAO!!!!!!

It Does Serve a Purpose

So two of the things I make sure a horse knows is A. How to lunge and B. How to round pen. Why both? Well, sometimes you don't always have a round pen at your disposal. And why is this important? Well it teaches your horses a couple different things. Such as:

  • Balance in a circle

  • Vocal Commands

  • Your Body Language

  • How to Walk, Trot, Canter
And this is what it teaches YOU:

  • To use your vocal commands

  • To watch Your horse's body language

  • That you need to be herd leader
A lot of people I know think that lunging or round penning is just making them run in circles to rid themselves of excess energy. NO! That is such a common misunderstanding! These are some of the greatest tools we can work with. It helps with respect, learning, balance, training, and fitness. ALSO if you ever sell your horse and the prospective owner does a vet check, the vet will ask you to lunge your horse both ways at all gaits.

If you just let your horse run blindly in a circle, you are not doing him any good what so ever. Use this opportunity to school your horse and yourself. For example, lunge or round pen over ground poles to get them to pick up their legs and work their ab and back muscles. Get your horse to change gaits frequently to make sure he is really listening to you and understands you. Check for lameness issues. Find gaps in your training. Oh and way more!

Teaching to round pen or lunge is a fundamental foundation for training ANY horse! No matter what the age, before I start ANY horse in the saddle, I teach them to lunge or round pen.

What are some of the things you use lunging and round penning for?? I'm sure there is some things I've missed!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Now THIS is a DEAL!!!!

OK, this has got to be the DUMBEST most ASININE ad I have EVER seen... here is the original ad... if you want to see it on DH yourself... BUT here I have copied and pasted the ad itself.... so here you go...
"Missy is a coming 7yr old chestnut broodmare, very people friendly, and a great build! This is one VERY nicely bred mare and an awesome mom! Missy is most likely in foal to Frontier West for an 09 foal. She has had ground work and was started under saddle but due to a splint on her front left leg she is only considered broodmare sound. Her 2008 filly by Never Count Me Out can come with her too, she got stuck in a round bale feeder and may never be sound."

Um... SO if I understand this correctly you have 2 horses that are DEAD ASS LAME! And you want someone to take them for FREE and use them as broodmares. OR maybe, just maybe you'll be able to ride the filly (yeah F-ing right.)

Soooooooo, is safety just NOT an issue anymore??? I understand that accidents CAN and do happen, but then why in the bloody hell are you trying to get rid of your problem??? Do people not realize how many good, riding sound horses are out there, desperate for homes??? Yet you have two dead-lame horses you want to give away??? I'm sorry this a MAJOR pet peeve of mine...

What was your not even a year old, fragile filly doing near a round bale feeder anyway??? Did you not think that her tiny legs might not get caught in it?? Or did you just figure you could try to dump your broken horses off on the rest of us who are struggling to feed our horses??? Frankly~ these people are really dumb, and their ad angers me... it's ridiculous to me!! I mean...I... I'm just damn speechless at the stupidity. You know, now that I think about it, maybe we should take ALL your horses... it doesn't seem as though you can keep them safe, so let's just quit while we're ahead... Before your whole F-ing herd goes damn lame...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Working With What You've Got...

I am by no means a "cowgirl". I was trained as an English rider. A hunter/jumper to be more exact... Well that's never been a problem as I own my own jumps and equipment to accommodate that particular field...

As I've gotten older I've expanded my horse resume to dressage and western pleasure. Lately though my interest in Working Cow Horse has piqued immensely... and my giant, big bootied paint mare fits the "cowy" bill to a 'T'. There's just one problem... I don't have a cow. Or any access to cows. BUT! I do have a whole herd of goats!!

Yes goats. I'm serious as a damn heart attack, that lately in order to practice "cutting" something I have been throwing food in the middle of the arena, and chasing the damn goats around! HA! The goats are far from happy about, but they're being good sports. My mare is also a bit confused, but I think she likes to play along to make me feel better. She actually cuts those goats pretty well! HAHA!! One of my friends also has a very "cowy" mare, that we're interested in getting "cowified", so rest assured that we are in process of finding said cow to actually work with, and will soon, be leaving the poor goats alone... Here's a tip! Just because you don't have it, or can't afford it, doesn't mean you can't improvise to still have fun! Just keep it safe! Sometimes, you've just HAVE to work with what you've got and not give up just because you DON'T have it!!

Moral of the story?? There really isn't one, but it's pretty damn funny if you could picture 2 adult women on their "cowy" mares, chasing goats around a damn arena!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coming Together

OK, as I'm sure you all know, or maybe you don't... WE, Seattle area Folk, are flooding. It's truly been one thing after another here. First our sports teams suck ass this year, then all the snow and ice we got, now flooding, rain and WIND. BUT, there is a SMALL silver lining. EVERYONE in the horse/animal community is coming together... The Monroe and Puyallup fairgrounds have opened their doors for people to bring their water logged animals in for safety. People are offering up their trailering services to help out too.

Go to Seattle Craigslist and you will see an abundant amount of people offering up their land and barns for horses who need a dry place to go, because their owners farms are underwater. It's AMAZING!!! A very good thing to see when a fellow animal lover is in trouble and everyone pitches in to help. My property is soaked, but we still have a really good part that is nice and dry so I've been offering people to bring their animals over to my place as well.
Sorry boys and girls, I've got to keep this one short and sweet as it's time to go a tractor the property digging for some drainage...

PLEASE Check out these photos and articles from the Seattle Times... and if there is any locals around the Western WA area who can offer ANY help, let your fellow horse/animal lovers know! Believe me, they need it!!! Here's our Beloved Snoqualmie Falls on Jan. 7th. Now THAT's Power!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All that Glitters...

All that glitters is not Gold. Sometimes, it has fur and a soft, velvety nose.

Some people can visualize, some can't... I can see it. That "diamond in the rough." The disheveled, dirty, in the middle of a growth spurt horse. This is Winter time and in Seattle, our horses are rain soaked, long furred, Yeti look a likes. But I can see what they'll look like this Spring, don't you worry about a thing!

So it came up in conversation the other day, that a horse I had suggested for a client/friend of mine, was their DREAM HORSE! But she also proceeded to tell me that at first she thought I was kind of crazy. Now, I'm not surprised I get that a lot! J/K! But, truthfully, she didn't understand what I saw in this dirty bay 2 year old with butt a wee bit higher than her shoulder. Well, I saw a nice prospect in her. She had great legs, an excellent hip, a wide chest and barrel and I knew her shoulder would pop up and match her hinny. I could just tell...

She was also personality plus to boot, with great breeding... Now for me personally, breeding only goes so damn far. I want to SEE and touch and observe the horse before I make any judgement calls, but anyway. I guess I could see the potential, but at first my client was very skeptical. And in her exact words, "You know, I really had to trust you about Di!!" Um...thanks, I think. LOL!

But, you know what? I understand where she's coming from. It's a big investment and when your first impression is a messy horse, it's really scary!

NOW, however, her horse is in a clean stall and do you think she looks anything like she did the day I pointed her out? Nope. Her shoulder and butt are level, She learns faster than most horses I've seen. She's shiny and clean with a nice warm winter blanket on. She did a complete 180, which I saw from a million miles away, but only now has she been spit shined and polished for others to see it as well...

Di's owners are with out a doubt, deeply in love with her! She will have a forever home with them and she's only two and half!!! She's got a great life ahead of her and her owner's think she is TOPS!! She is EXACTLY what they were looking for. A Diamond in rough, polished to perfection!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Didn't Think It Was Possible...

OK, someone needs to tell me WTF this is all about??? As a human race are we so beyond considerate and F-ing stupid that someone thought this was OK??? This photo was taken by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection... Here's what they had to say about it.

"15 months ago: This photo released by United States Customs and Border Protection shows a miniature horse in a dog kennel at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta. When U.S. customs officials were checking on this large dog kennel inside an airplane that landed at the airport, they were surprised to find a hunched-over miniature horse looking up at them. The incident could land the airline and the passenger transporting the horse into some trouble because the U.S. Department of Agriculture says transporting the horse in a kennel falls under animal cruelty regulations, said Customs and Border Protection spokesman Mike Balero."

Surprised?? You're god damn right I'd be surprised and about as pissed off as can be... You know I'm starting to realize that just when I think we (humans) can't stoop any lower, SURPRISE I find some insane thing like this. OK, so we have Fug's exposing CBER and PEC for their idiocies of horse cruelty. In fact Fug's and people who are passionate about animals like Fug's expose these ass holes all the time. But these people are the LOWEST life form I've ever seen. And you get rid of one two more pop up doing equally dumb or even DUMBER things to animals. How do you look at a LIVING animal that is looking back at you with those sweet eyes and treat it like it's nothing, not even alive.

Ready for some controversy?? Well here you go. I am so STRONGLY against animal cruelty, that I think that people who commit crimes against DEFENSELESS animals, animals who can not talk, scream or help themselves against us. That these people are WORSE than murderers* in prison right NOW!! *within reason, but not much*

It makes my blood boil to no end... And it feels that there is NO end in Sight...

Monday, January 5, 2009

In Love Again....

We've all seen them, owned them, and yearn for them. That proverbial diamond in the rough.

About a year ago I went to the local auction like most of us do. To visit, gossip, see the horses, socialize, you name it. I never intended to buy her. I wasn't there to buy a damn thing. I'd already owned 3 horses. But she came in dead last. A last minute entry. She was terrified beyond belief, an "old" broodmare is what they called her. She was walking ALL around the handlers trying to get away as they were roughly pulling on her face. Nothing unusual about this scenario unfortunately, but there she was so I put my number up and I don't even LIKE mares. I've always been partial to my own personal horses being geldings. No one bid against me, so with a big gulp, I realized I was the proud new owner of a mare...

She was a 10 yr old frame overo registered mare with bloodlines to kill for. She was built to rock a cow or perform in reining, or even dabble in some western pleasure. But, she was taken to the auction because she carries the lethal white gene and the owners rendered her "useless" if she couldn't crap out babies for them...Unbroke, and terrified of everything I had no idea what I was in for....

I ended up running in to the previous owners and they told me that ALL of their mares are turned out into a 20 acre field and when it's time to breed they just turn out the stallion, and when he's done they bring him back in. They never had ANY contact with their broodmares u til they foaled... Made sense to me as my new mare had cracked feet, mangy mane and tail, and was beyond filthy.

I ended up taking it super slow with her and getting her over her shyness of just about everything. She was scared of me, clippers, me touching her feet, me brushing her, the saddle pad, the spray bottle, picking her feet, me moving too fast, the wash rack, you name it. I came out of A LOT of situations with her, dirty, bruised, soaking wet, sore, and frustrated. But I never got tempermental or upset with her, she was WAY too fragile for that.

When I finally got on her for the first time she did amazing! But everything is slow and steady with her... After I put 30 days on her I took her out to her first show where she placed all 1sts and 2nds. The judge was extremely impressed with her as was I. That mare made me so proud that day! Even when she was getting nervous she never faltered once. Trusting me to get her around that ring and back safely.

After I put about another 45 days on her I gave her some time off. I was busy with a million other things and horses to train. I always put my horses last when I"m training a paying clients. Well I got a call one day from a friend who needed some horses to do a midnight "cure for cancer" ride with. So I pulled the mare out of the pasture and off we went. Riding around a track in the middle of the night, I could feel her heart racing through my saddle, yet she settled right down and packed everyone around safely and quietly. I could care less what anyone said, she had a bigger motherly instinct and care than most people I know.

We took her out on her first trail ride and had to ride about a mile and half down a semi busy road to get to the trails, she never missed a beat except when she snorted at the cop car and spooked at a jack ass bicyclist who rode up her ass at about 20 mph. She stayed safe and calm and when we hit the trails we all let out a giant sigh of relief and gratitude.

I considered at one point trading her for a gelding as I have my stallion on the property and just got tired of them flirting over the fence. Everyone was against my thoughts and considerations of trading her and soon so was I. Every time I would describe her to someone I would be like, "Wow, she really IS an amazing mare." Like most of my on a whim ideas the thought of trading her went away as quickly as it came when I truly realized how much I love this damn mare.

I decided one day to start teaching her how to cut and rope and I really thought that the sight of the rope swinging around her head and body was going to be enough to make her drop dead. I was slow and quiet introducing the rope to her and rubbing it all over her body. I got on her and held it, moved it around, tapped her with it, and started to swing it. Her only reaction was when she cocked up her back foot and looked at me as if to say "Well, now what?!?!" I nearly died that day.
Every time I try something new with her she takes it all in, absorbs like a sponge. I trust that mare with anyone to do anything! She was a steal. I paid next to nothing for her and I truly feel as though I stole her. They didn't even know what they had. And every time I ride her be it trails, show, or pleasure I fall in love with her all over again. The "old and useless" brood mare went from frightened and frumpy to a fierce competitor taking on any challenge thrown her way. And I would NEVER consider losing her from my life ever again.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Would S*** a Brick!!!

If I EVER caught of my students doing what this rider is doing I would crap a damn brick the size of a bale of hay!!! DAMN IT! It just irks me to know end when riders "accidentally" grab their horse in the mouth anytime let alone over a damn jump!!! GRAB MANE! I really could care less what the circumstance is, or was. "My horse took off to soon, too late, too fast, blah, blah" As a jumper you can literally feel your horse's take off point and if you CAN'T, then your ass is going back to the basics... This horse will learn really quick that jumping equals ouch my damn mouth!!!

I always make sure my students know how to count their strides to the fence, the short, long and auto release as well... Now I've been in situations where I COULD have looked like this my man I thrust my hands forward so fast or grab mane or whatever. You HAVE got to react to your horse and not just be so passive as if to say "Oh well, not my mouth so sucks for him." Which I've seen also.

She's not even trying to release in this picture. She's also riding in a GAG bit with a running martingale over a 2ft 3 fence... *HEADDESK* How in the hell is this necessary?!?! She is NOT experienced to be riding with this equipment and if this particular horse need this type of stuff to go over a 2'3 fence, then find another damn horse, and please spare this one from your idiocy... You can tell in the picture that this is the NORM for them. How she's propped up in her 2 point-ish position, she just doesn't release...AT ALL!!!

Ugh, I'm sorry I could go on and on about this type of crap, but I would rather strain my OWN self stretching my arms out or whatever than hurt a horse whilst jumping. Or any other activity for that matter. Bad riders and worse trainers=horses that are sour and hate their jobs! So THANKS AssHats!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Please...Stop. Sides Ache...

Sometimes certain websites leave me beyond speechless and laughing hysterically... this is one of them... I don't know what to say, because every time I think of something I start laughing my ass off! This is the website for Whispering Rain Farms and it's a flipping joke! OK, the trainer/owner is a joke I should say... Most of the pictures are horrible as is the writing (and riding). The "Trainer" looks like she needs lessons more than her students do. The "trainer" seems to have been to a lot of clinics and such but the real proof is in the pudding and the pudding stinks!

OK, so here we go, here is the "About Trainers page" There are COUNTLESS misspellings on here and a few pictures in questions... namely the black AQHA picture that shows a VERY ribby horse, the picture of her jumping that is just 100% gag worthy, and many other gems...

Go to the prices and directions page for one of her "student" riding in SNEAKERS!! *sigh* On the Home page as well we see a very upset, bucking horse and magically 3 weeks later we have the owners daughter riding it. And in what you might ask?? Yes, sneakers and no helmet...

Maybe that is appropriate riding etiquette in Alabama, but here in the good 'ol Seattle area, that shit does NOT fly. Now I know we've gotten into discussions about ADULTS wearing helmets, but as for children? There is NO F-ing exception for safety! They should have boots and a helmet.

Anyways, go have a little look for yourselves, I, myself have to stop looking at it, as I feel it's raping my brain...