Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coming Together

OK, as I'm sure you all know, or maybe you don't... WE, Seattle area Folk, are flooding. It's truly been one thing after another here. First our sports teams suck ass this year, then all the snow and ice we got, now flooding, rain and WIND. BUT, there is a SMALL silver lining. EVERYONE in the horse/animal community is coming together... The Monroe and Puyallup fairgrounds have opened their doors for people to bring their water logged animals in for safety. People are offering up their trailering services to help out too.

Go to Seattle Craigslist and you will see an abundant amount of people offering up their land and barns for horses who need a dry place to go, because their owners farms are underwater. It's AMAZING!!! A very good thing to see when a fellow animal lover is in trouble and everyone pitches in to help. My property is soaked, but we still have a really good part that is nice and dry so I've been offering people to bring their animals over to my place as well.
Sorry boys and girls, I've got to keep this one short and sweet as it's time to go a tractor the property digging for some drainage...

PLEASE Check out these photos and articles from the Seattle Times... and if there is any locals around the Western WA area who can offer ANY help, let your fellow horse/animal lovers know! Believe me, they need it!!! Here's our Beloved Snoqualmie Falls on Jan. 7th. Now THAT's Power!!!


GoLightly said...

Oh, my, good luck Tx.
Thoughts and prayers are with you.
Warm drying winds, blow towards the PNW, NOW..

Oh, and p.s. apropos to the war I'm having with sarcasta, could you give me your take on the Fugs Enumclaw Auction report comments. I saw that you'd bought a diamond in the rough for a client. What do you think, of what I said?
Is it the "normal" now, for people to just go to auctions, and buy a cheap horse, and quadruple their money?
I don't think so, but I'd like to hear from you, and all of you.

Warm, drying, winds, NO MORE rain in the PNW!!
(doing anti-rain dance)

2toads2luv said...

Dude, good luck over there. You know if I could, I'd be headed over with the pickup and trailer to help! And a stash of warm, dry clothes, rain coats, and hot bailey's with some coffee.

Hopefully the worst is over.

GL, Sarcasta can screw him/herself. We have your back.

Trainer X said...

Ok. #1 Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.

#2 Sarcasta is a Stupid F-ing 'C' who thinks she's funny and clever and smart, and she's not! She's a troll and she got her ass ripped on here, she's gotten her ass ripped on Fug's blog and much more. She's lower than scum... moving on..

#3 To some degree. People always want to try and make a buck and capatilize on ignorant people who want a horse. So yeah it CAN look like a goldmine of "Oh I"ll buy a $100 horse and resell it for $500-$1000 Eh, doesn't really work like that anymore. Now, if you want to try and quadruple your $$$ You'd have a better chance of flying to the moon!!! hahaha So pretty much, you're right on. Some people will try and do it, but they'll never get anywhere LOL!!!

Again thanks for the loves!!

OldMorgans said...

It is good to hear that people are helping out. Good to hear that Craig's List is doing some good. From what I've read & seen, this time around, the floods are giving some warning so that people can move their animals & get some of their stuff out of their homes. I hope that your place continues to be a refuge & above the water.

GoLightly--I sometimes am way too late on Fugly to comment, but have been reading your comments there. I think that possibly an astute person could spend a lot of time at an auction and find a good horse cheap, then take it somewhere else and sell it for more then they paid--and maybe even for more then it cost to feed, etc in the meantime. But it sounds like it would be a lot of time and work and you would need the right geographics too.

S&D said...

GL- It was me and my husband who bought our little Diamond in the rough (Named... Diamond - which is part of her registered name) She has a forever home; she will not be resold under any circumstances within our control.
I have to agree with TX on that one, in this market and region, you are not going to buy a cheap horse from anywhere (Auction/CL/Dreamhorse) and quadruple your money. The horses just aren't selling period. Even well broke/trained older horses in good shape and health are not selling at the auctions. (at least not to horse buyers... the KB’s are buying everything with any meat on their bones) It's a sad time for our equine friends, and people need to quit breeding this crap that’s out there! Just cuz "she's so purty" doesn't mean she needs to pop out a ton of babies!!
And thanks for the warm drying winds... it has stopped raining for the moment :)

GoLightly said...

Thanks, guys, I thought I was losing my marbles:)
You all know to ignore him/her/it, I guess I'm the latest "victim".
Not. I think I actually got to "her", this time, but I'll go look to be sure.
Thought I'd come here first for moral support.
Thank YOU, Tx. Well said.

Thanks, I think I somehow knew that was your horse, and you are a lucky one, to have found her.

Waaaaarm, dryyyyyyy, winds, NOW!

Take good care of yourselves,
please, and be careful out there.
To Rough Diamond Horses.
And their skilled lapidarists.
Not enough of you, IMO.

(I wonder if I spelled that right??)
Lapidary. Hmmm.

(I owned a TB I called Crazy Diamond, from listening to toooo much Pink Floyd)

Warm drying winds, warm drying winds
warm drying winds to the PNW.
3x, from Toronto!
(more anti-rain-dancing)