Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OK, This is What I'm Talking about!!!

FIRST go to youtube and watch this video. Sick yet???? Well here is HORSELVR74's video description...

My comments are in the RED...

"I have been getting many comments that she is to young (TX here~FUCKING DUH!!) and that I am hurting her (Well you are!) ! How do you think race horses are trained (And why do you think they're all LAME by the age 4)? They are raced at 2 and 3! We are just teaching her what a bit, bridle saddle etc. feel like!Everybody relax. She has been ridden fewer than 5 times (5 times too many) , at about 5 minutes per time (bullshit). The filly does live in a paddock, and now that she has her basics, the owners plan to toss her back out there until next year. The whole thing was planned out for them by a very experienced trainer (Are you serious? Is this a SERIOUS statement???). The "responsible adults" were behind the camera (LAME). We are turning her out after a couple of rides until she gets older so we won't damage anything (Too LATE)!If you post a rude comment it will be deleted so why do it (Because YOU and the "Adults" and the "trainer" are FUCKING RETARDED!!) ?SHE IS ONLY 4 MONTHS AWAY FROM BEING 2 (headdesk)!This is my filly Fergie, we had our first ride! She is me & my sisters future hunter (Doubtful now)! She is a yearling, and -NO we are not riding her hard (ANY riding is too hard) we are just starting to teach her.--- She is turning into a great little girl! :DFergie is her barn name, and her show name is Decked Out In Detail (Sorry about mistake in video), she is out of Duplicated Deck and her mother was out of the Detail! She is an Appendix Quarter Horse, Chestnut and Yes! We will probably show her in the AQHA and Hunters!" ~ This is the barn where dipshit keeps her horse's. And OH! They seem like intelligent people let me tell you!! They are the "Country Club for horse riding" *snork* Yeah... F-ing .....RIGHT!!! I have already found numerous FLAWS on that site, especially some of the photos. *shudders*

Well, You know what??? I need not state the OBVIOUS of how stupid these people are, especially the TRAINER!! So guess what guys?! Feel free to tear this one up yourselves!!! Get ready, GET SET... GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GoLightly said...

Did ya notice the poor filly is a justa little ouchy on her left front. Wonder WHY??
Oh, and we need to wear spurs, it's a yearling. I stopped watching at the halfway point, that's enough!! The web-site shows some classic "We can't ride yet, but we sure jump lots" youngster pictures.
Oh, there aren't enough words to describe my utter disgust with these people. She's not a terrible/bad rider, that's a lovely filly. But, but, BUT!!!!

IT'S A YEARLING!!! When she does turn TWO, she's STILL too young!!!!! That poor little filly.
What's their damn -email, I will send some Dr. Deb Bennett links, not that it will change their stupid, short-sighted, idiotic mind-set.
Why be in such a hurry??


(I gotta swear, people, shut your eyes)
Responsible people, my ASS.

The filly will be broken down by the time she's three, if they keep this up, but hey, they'll sell her before that happens.

2toads2luv said...

I posted this on her comments:

Your filly is gorgeous. But have you done any research yourself about riding young horses? You talk about 2 and 3 YO's racing- ever heard the term BREAKDOWN? Call a few vets, see what they say about a good age to start riding. Do your own research. Remember, a yearling is like a 4 yo child, 2 yo is like an eight yo kid. While you might be training with experienced riders, it's still YOUR responsibility to be informed so you can keep riding your filly sound for years to come. Good luck!
And GL, you quit watching too soon. You missed her cantering over the ground poles... And yes, the filly does look a little short on the front right. Too bad the "experienced" people she talks about can't see that.

What a waste of a beautiful filly. I bet this girl is going to look back in a few years and wonder why in the hell she did what she did, riding a yearling. BUT WAIT, filly will be 2 in 4 months. Now THAT makes everything ok...

lachellesays said...

This woman at my barn has 5 horses.

1 Mare has to be close to 30. Has been lame at least 5 years (or longer, I haven't been at this barn that long). This isn't so bad.

1 Gelding she jumped and jumped and jumped and he did the 3 feet classes for forever. Had to be retired before he hit 20. Dead lame at the walk. Are they doing anything for him? Of course not.

Here's where the fun comes in.

She has an 8 or 9 year old grey mare, which she started jumping at 3 years of age. Well, when she went lame at the age of 4, they blamed it on a "growth spurt".

By the time she got better, this woman's 4th horse (which she back-yard bred) was ready to be ridden. They started jumping him when he was 3. SURPRISE. He was lame because of a "growth spurt" by the age of 4.

Now when the grey mare got to lame to ride and needed a year off to rest her stifle, what did they do? Oh, they BRED her OF COURSE.

So now there are 4 lame horses and a baby.

Is she ever going to figure out that she needs to learn to WAIT.

I also feel that no one on this earth needs FIVE horses when you don't even have time to ride ONE.


Nd_Appy said...

*headdesk* and i am going to leave it at that. I was going to comment on the youtube video, but I didn't see the point. She's just going to delete anything that doesn't go with her unicorn and rainbows outlook.

Idiot girl and idiot adults. Poor, poor filly...

Nd_Appy said...

Couldn't keep my mouth shut.... Had to post there.... Here is what I put ('cause I know damn well she is going to delete it)
Did you even notice that your horse is off in the front? Bet not. Your horse is to young to be trotting and cantering over ground poles. Hope you plan on a lot of vet bills down the road for a lame horse. I and highly doubt your comment on "only riding for 5 minutes". You can't even properly warm the horse up for a trot OR canter in that short amount of time.

Poor, poor filly.

Jasmine said...

Chronicle-ing as I go along:

19secs: bad enough riding a filly this young but mounting from the GROUND! just LOOK at the stress she puts on that poor horse as she practically pulls it over!

20sec+: this is not an arena. this is not a paddock. this is... open area by the barn maybe? I wouldn't ride ANY green horse out in the open for it's FIRST ride! Also, what's with the lighting... is she going to ride in the dark? I know experienced horses who trust their rider that get jumpy at dusk because the shadows make the distances wonky and THEY CAN'T SEE!

37sec: now she's magically in an arena? screams more than "first ride".


57sec: please lower your stirrups, you're making MY knees hurt.

Dayam this is a cute baby.... wish they hadn't ruined her.

Anyone else noticing how well this little horse is trucking around? First ride? I think not.

2:28: holy crap they just broke into a canter. I think I barfed in my mouth a little.

Can't watch this any more. It's making me cry for the poor baby.

PS I used to be chickenrider... new email and blog name!

2toads2luv said...

JASMINE.. You bailed too soon! You missed her CANTERING over ground poles!

Nd_Appy said...

Who wants to bet that as soon as she gets online our posts go *poof*?

SRPerformanceHorses said...

The things people do to produce a
2yr old Futurity contender. :(
That filly HAD the potential to be a gorgeous HUS winner. She is gorgeous, however, she is not sound.
Its sad...

2toads2luv said...

I had to post on her video again...

horselvr74... Just to emphasize what snowtiger1227 said- NO ONE is trying to be mean. You've got a very nice filly and you look like a nice, quiet rider. But enough people have posted that you shouldn't be riding her. At the very least, find out WHY it's being said. It's been mentioned enough that there must be some validity to it, so look into it yourself. You have a computer, so use it. And use your head. Just because someone tells you something, doesn't make it right.

Jasmine said...

So did the snowflakes and music drive anyone CRAZY on the barn page? Screams more money than sense to me!

Hey X, or any commenter who know about HUS stuff. Would you mind commenting on my recent blog post? I am confused about the definition of HUS for AQHA horses versus a "plain" hunter (at H/J shows).

Nd_Appy said...

Jasmine - the snowflakes were driving me batty. Must be trying to distract us from something..... >.<

Mikolaj said...

Oh dear lord. I love how her defense is she only rides her for 5 minutes at a time and it's only been a few times - right, because EVERY yearling magically learn how to walk, trot and canter over ground poles within a first 5 minute ride. I don't know what's worse - that she's lying and the horse was pushed for an hour, or if she ACTUALLY did all that in five fvcking minutes.

People make me sick.

Trainer X said...

I know, she has got to be by far, one of the DUMBEST people I have ever seen... And this is the INTERNET we're talking about!!! So that says quite a bit!! LMAO!!

sterling said...

*Headdesk* WHY, little Princess, do you mention racehorses, when most are burned out by age 4? WHY do you mention racehorses when today's racehorse makes, on average, only 6 starts? This filly has some potential, she's great, and would make a great hunter. BUT, that will only come true IF she's not hurt. And that's exactly what they're setting her up to be. She will most likely wind up hurt and dead lame by age 6.

YEARLINGS ARE TOO YOUNG TO RIDE. That's like saying a six year old kid can do hard labor. They simply cannot meet the demands physically. I wonder who these "experienced" people are...when I was ten I knew better than to ride anything under 2 1/2 years.

Trainer X said...

Well, well, well little princess removed her video!!! LMAO! Sorry for those of you who didn't see it...

Nd_Appy said...

T.X I think that she just got tired of having people point out how wrong she is. And that she was LYING! And being a spoiled brat by saying she was going to delete comments that she didn't like.

Trickery said...

I always miss the "good" ( read as evil, monstrous) videos! Damn time-zone differences.
Unbelievably stupid people. No one seems to have patience anymore - let the damn babies grow, there's no rush, they only live for another 20 or more years. Try to keep them sound that long.

Lachellesays, I have met a few of these sorts of people, and the worse ones still who feel they need another horse when they can't even look after the old one. It makes you nearly cry everytime you see the used-up ones, especially when you know it was their ignorant owners fault. In this day and age with so much information about anything you could ask for it blows my mind anyone could be ignorant anymore. Selfish, stupid and plain old mean is all that they are.

TheHorseGirl said...

shes taken the video down now... :(

GoLightly said...

You guys!
I guess I shoulda, I just coudna' watch it all. It hurt. That filly. Gah!! She was ouchy, that's all I saw. No WONDER! Pounding babies into their feet. Grooooowlll.
Roar for us Please, T'rex?

Jasmine, the H/J world is entirely removed from the AQHA etc. world. Two different kettles of fish. Sorry, sea kittens.
They should NOT carry their heads that low. It's a REALLY weird fad, and no-one sane understands it either.
But we are talking the horse world, here.. Kinda spins funny, IMO:)

2Toads! Have you thought of a mini-toad? As in MiniHorse, not pony? Juuust askin'. Ponies are, well ponies, aren't they. I knew very few that were like your BB.
Sorry, shoulda posted over on yours, but this is how my poor mind bloggs.


LoveMyKarma said...

Anyone check out the legs on the riders jumping on the home page of the farm's website? They are all sliding way back and using the knee as a pivot point. If I were searching for a barn or trainer this would automatically be out because they consider it acceptable to display bad form :(

Leslie said...

Argh, I know two of the ponies on their sales page and am sorry to see them at this place--Starfish (the second one) was a playmate of my mare's when they were foals. He's only rising five and looks to have been pushed a bit fast for his age. It's too bad, because his relatives who were started later and more slowly have ended up champions at Devon and Pony Finals--not sure if this little guy won't break down before that.

KC said...

Awww I know these people! Not the kids, but the trainers at that place....I can't believe they'd let this happen. Too bad I missed the video, I really would have liked to have seen if any of the "responsible adults" showed their faces...

If those were my students, I'd kick their ass!!!

Nd_Appy said...

KC - The farm had their own (i am guessing it was theirs, because it had the farm name) youtube. And the video was on there for a while too, so..........

<3 said...

i couldn't see the video, they removed it =[
but here's my honest opinion.
i've been riding for about five years, training for two.
i currently have my first horse, who i ride. 20 months old.
BUT, im a sixteen year old who is..not skinny, but lean, i guess.
she's a pmu rescue.
paint, qh, and draft.
i've always been an avid supporter of the whole "don't get on them til THEY tell you to" thing.
physical and MENTAL maturity.
so WHY the HELL did i hop on a yearling? and why do i continue to?
i did it right. (you may disagree..;])
once i had her ground driving at a walk and trot, lunging at all gaits...she knew her leads, could stop from a canter and back up by voice ALONE...i had walked her on trail, surcingled her for two months straight....
i did everything possible before it got to the point where she was BORED with everything.
so, she hit 15 hands, and i hopped on bareback.
i just started getting on her with a synthetic saddle about a week ago.
i've NEVER needed spurs or a crop. NEVER.
i REFUSE to canter her before this summer.
i REFUSE to jump her before she's four at LEAST.
i did it early, EXTREMELY early, i'll be the first to admit, but still, i'm pretty sure i DID do it right.=
she just has that mental stability.
these last fires?
the house i was boarding her at burned down. and we stood in the park for an hour after every other horse in the area was long gone, me, my horse, and a friend, waiting for the trailer.
she fell asleep.
parade? fell asleep...
i took her out on trail today.
she didn't care about anything.
rabbits, motorcycles, streams? nahh.
last night i hopped on her in the arena, bareback and bridleless, and we walked and jogged in a circle, then i said "woah" and she stopped and took a step back.
no yanking, no pulling, no fights.
one word.

i'm not trying to convince people to get on their babies.
honestly, i think i'm one of those people who should have a sign after everything i do saying "do not try this at home". not because i'm stupid or careless, but because i KNOW that i do things slowly, carefully, ready to stop the INSTANT i think what i'm doing isn't safe for me or the animals i work with. i KNOW i wouldn't break anyone else's baby. three? sure. i'll round pen it for a month first though. two and a half? we'll see.
but i DO believe that, under some RARE circumstances, we do get those babies that are just ready early.

sorry that's REALLY long i know...but i just wanted to be clear =]

Nd_Appy said...

The the person who posted above me - the really long post.

I don't care how mentally mature your horse is. It is their PHYSICAL maturity that matters when you start riding them. Ask a vet why they don't recommend riding that early. They are not physically mature enough to handle it.

As to your horse able to fall asleep with all that going on. Good for her. My paint mare does the same thing. SHE will be 4 in April. I barely started backing her last summer. And she is not a small horse either.

Basically I am telling you your delusional. Your horse was to young to start riding. END OF DISCUSSION.

<3 said...

I know what you mean, honestly if I didn't know my horse I would think I were one of those insane backyard asshats we all hate so much....but i DID talk to two different vets and a farrier, all of whom told me to go ahead.
One of them I've known for years, and I've heard him tell people their three year olds weren't ready to be ridden.
And I'm not trying to be disrespectful at ALL so I'm really sorry if this comes across that way.
But my baby is huge, well muscled, and carries herself correctly. I've had trainers and judges I've never even met ask me why I'm not riding her in shows yet. They're always shocked when i tell them how old she is.
A couple people have even asked whether we're sure that the rescue she came from didn't lie to get her adopted out faster.