Friday, December 10, 2010

About to Fail...

OK, I know it's been awhile so let me catch you all up on what's been happening before I get to the posting :D So I've been training and showing and giving lessons like it's going out of style. (Which is a very good thing in this economy.) Just staying busy busy, but always looking to be busier :D

Ok so here we go. Today on Failblog!!!!

Me personally? I love the fail blog, I think some of the posts are funny as hell, however, here is why I find this one less funny and actually disturbing...

This is a handsome, athletic horse, who I can only assume, is probably worth a pretty penny or two, so why oh why is there ZERO leg protection on this horse?? Even if the horse isn't worth a dime why for the sake of the horse are it's legs not properly wrapped? A Cross country horse without proper protection? Wow. Now I'm not saying that wraps or boots will protect from a broken leg or something more severe, but why not be safe than sorry? Properly fitted Boots can and do add support to joints, tendons and muscles and also can protect against scrapes, scratches or serious gaping, puncture wounds from jumping over natural fences that could produce slivers or splinters. ESPECIALLY when you your horse clips it and grinds it's legs all across the wood...

Anyway, I promise not to be a stranger anymore! So comment on the post, or tell me what you've been up to for these fine winter months!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sooo Riddle Me This...

So My brother is a professional book publisher and distributor (he owns his own company). He wants me to write a book on training and basically do a series. So one book on Stallions, one book on breaking, etc. etc. So I'd like to hear feedback on what type of books you would like to see out there. I know a majority of books on horses are pretty darn generic and they don't teach a lot, but the basics. So I'm taking ideas!!!! Let's hear 'em!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Miley, you're killing me. And Blue Jeans...

One of the things that has always pushed my buttons is when I see in a TV show or movie people Horse back riding. Not that it's a bad thing, unless it's BAD RIDING!!! So I'm watching a good friend of mine's kid and she loves Hannah Montana. Well of course, what pre pubescent teen girl doesn't??? So the episode of Miley almost losing her horse Blue Jeans. So the episode starts out with her riding Blue Jeans and she's trotting and SLAMMING on his back. Ummm OUCH!! Then Blue Jeans gets hurt bla bla bla and when we go back to Blue Jeans he's still in his BRIDLE!!!! Laying down in his bridle and reins. Ummmm I do believe that is one of the 10 horsey commandments. NEVER LEAVE THE BRIDLE ON YOUR HORSE. WTF??? I've seen snippets of other episodes too and she always leaves the halter and lead rope on her horse, then walks away.

Now why would I possibly have an issue with this?? It's a stupid show... Because it's a STUPID SHOW that girls watch and will probably think that is a GREAT way for people to A. Ride their horse by flopping on it's back. and B. To leave the bridle and reins on their horse at ALL times. When it's sick, when it has a snack bite, and especially when you are a retarded Disney brat or you follow the example of a retarded Disney brat.

This is NOT in any way a good example for anyone, it's disgusting and really pisses me off. If you can NOT set a good, realistic example with ANY type of animal on TV or movies, then do NOT DO IT!! Or get a god damn professional out there. Ugh Grrrrrrrrrrrr....

Anyway I HIGHLY encourage you to watch this vid. It's part of the show that shows Blue Jeans laying down and a montage of AWESOME riding skills...

Friday, August 13, 2010

HAHA Training is Fun Derp!!!

Hey HEY~~ Wowzer it has been a busy few months EEP!! Showing like a mad woman, moved to a fancy pants new barn, getting ready for POA Regionals... YEAHHHHHHH!!! So On Craigslist, OF COURSE, there was a girl who posted and ad for training and this was her picture (Although I think that's actual a Dude in that pic). I'm sorry but this makes me laugh and want to scream at the same exact time... Um... First of all what exactly does this picture prove? Well, by looking at it, it tells me that your horse really isn't that impressed and that I should change the name of my blog, from I Hate Your Horse, to Your Horse Hates YOU!!!! Hmmmmm That may be a sweet idea for a new blog... Anywho... here is another picture from her ad. Cute horse... Cute little girl... OH WAIT A MINUTE!! She's not wearing a helmet, or even SHOES!! Awesome!!
OK, now look. I have many pictures of me standing on horses backs and doing silly things as well. BELIEVE me. But, that isn't something that I would use as an advertising picture, and it's typically at the owner's request. Why is that? Well, because some people want to know just how far you can push their horse.
Beside the point... *sigh* She's only charging $35 an hour, which is a middle of the road price out here in Seattle, but people like this really take away from up and coming TALENTED trainers who are trying to make a name for themselves. From what I've seen She has ZERO talent. and less common sense. So here's the scenario... Someone calls her and she comes out to "train" their horse and OOOP! Big shocker, she's a complete TOOL!! And screws up the horse or as will most likely happen accomplish JACK SHIT! So Client is unhappy and possibly soured by young, up and coming trainers and then another trainer comes in and says "Oh I can fix that that, but it'll be 70 billion dollars,. Will that be cash or CASH???" ICKE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moral of the Story is PLEASE, I'm all for young, talented people who want to train to follow their dreams, but for crying out loud, apprentice with a trainer for awhile, or be an Asst. Trainer to a credited Trainer. I was an apprentice for a long time and for many different trainers. I earned my stripes and put in my time so to speak. I did the grunt work, rode the rank horses, busted my hinney everyday from morning to night and I loved every minute of it! It makes me a much better trainer and gives me TONS of references!! Just because you've been around horses for X many years does NOT make you a CREDIBLE TRAINER!!!
Anywho, I found humor and headdesking in it all at the same time and figured you'd appreciate it too. So what's been happening for you guys this summer???? Let's hear it Oh and I have the comments on moderation approval, which I hate, but have no choice cause Doucher's can't seem to keep their lame porn off my blog. All of your comments will be approved so don't worry about that... Happy Horsing to ALL!!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Nevermind changing the comments was shit, it's back to normal now. Comment away!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Little Side Note

So I had to change the comment posting, only to people who follow the blog. *sigh* Too much GARBAGE gets posted into the comments by people who have no name and leave ........................... that as their comment. I know it's a link that goes to something, but it's garbage, could be a virus and I want to protect my readers. Sorry for the pain in the ass, hopefully I'll be able to change it back soon. For a good example look at my last post and go to the comments...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pale Horsemans Question...

OK, so basically her horse will not respect her space while lunging. OK, go get a DRESSAGE WHIP and keep Nell on a 6 foot lead rope. Short is good for this exercise. So, begin lunging her as if things were normal and have your dressage whip on hand. To start with turn it around so you're holding about 6 inches down from the tail. It'll be too flimsy if you don't hold it like this. Now, begin to lunge and ask for the whoa. If she does not stop immediately one hard snap on the lead rope. If she still does not stop smack her in the chest with the whip and ask her to back up a pace or two. Begin again. Now, if she faces you, poke her in the chest with the whip, if this doesn't work than turn the whip and wave it in front of you at belly button level, smacking her in the chest. When she takes a step back, good girl. Do it again and ask for 2 steps back and make sure she STAYS back from you until you invite her back into your personal space.

OK, back to lunging Make sure you have a SOLID halt from a walk, then move on to the trot. Go from the trot to walk and if she doesn't slow down, then try wiggling the lead rope. Step a little in front of her shoulder and increase the wiggle if she still won't slow. She still doesn't slow don't show her your whip. Still nothing? Make her HALT and back her up. Ask again. Repeat with the canter as well. If she stops at the gate or stops at her sweet spot. MAKE HER WORK!!!!!!!! Back her up, lunge her on a tight circle, make her hate the spot.

If, when lunging or walking her around she bumps into you keep your whip handy, turn and face her and swing your whip on front of you and make her back up. If she hits you with her shoulder smack her or poke her in the shoulder with the handle of the whip and make her move that shoulder.

Rinse aaaaand Repeat. Seriously. Repetition is key. Go slow, don't get frustrated, be patient. Let me know how it goes. You know I always have more up my sleeve ;)