Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Not That Hard...

So I used to board a place where the owner of the barn was pure EVIL!! Is that possible?? No, she wasn't pure evil, but she WAS and IS truly the dumbest person I've ever met. How so? I was only there a very very short time when I cracked the code on this lady! She didn't FEED horses! Period! You pay her for FULL CARE, and she fed your horse local grass garbage hay. And only 2 flakes of it! *headdesk* So needless to say horses started losing weight like wildfire and I booked ass out of there at the speed of light!!!

BUT! Not before there was one point where the owner of the barn and her husband thought they were going to be moving so hey sold their horses off and made up a HUGE BS story on WHY they were so damn thin! Well then as it turns out they did NOT move and one of the horses sold was the horse of her dreams. the horse was as bomb proof, beautiful and dead broke, push button as can be!! Oooops! Too bad for her!!! She sold the horse to a very nice lady in Poulsbo, WA, who took in this horse and immediately began trying to fatten her up. The mare (Pep) was around 17yrs old and nasty thin. So good for Pep for getting out of a bad situation!!!

What? You thought my story was over? Far from it. Well a few months later I was looking on dreamhorse and who do I see up for sale? Yeah, it was Pep. So I contacted the owner and asked why she was for sale and she told me that once Pep got all her weight back she got a bit to spunky for the young kids who were riding her (yep, health will do that.) She said she was NOT in a hurry and only wanted to find a good home for her. Good deal!

Well... just this last Friday I here from the FIRST owner of Pep, who had not fed her, and she had seen her up for sale on Dreamhorse as well!!! And she was going to get one of her friends to BUY that horse back for her, so the current owner of Pep didn't know it was really her. Well guess who knew? ME! And over my dead-rotting body was she going to get that damn horse back! So myself and S&D and a couple other people immediately shot off emails to the current own telling her what we knew about the potential "buy back." Well later on in the afternoon I gave the current owner a call and said " Look, it is none of my business, BUT! I really feel strongly that you should NOT sell Pep to Person A who is being used by Person B in order to buy her back from under your nose. BECAUSE she doesn't feed her horse AC has been called on her countless times and when she originally sold you Pep all she old you were bloody lies. OH and you MAY think I'm crazy for all this so I do apologize!!" All I heard was "Oh my god, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I WOULD NEVER sell Pep back to that F-ing woman EVER!! Thank you and your friends for going out of their WAY to protect a horse you didn't have to!"

This morning I also received an email from the current owner as I had emailed her pictures of Pep from when she was at the hell hole and it read. " I love the pics and thanks again for Protecting Pep."

Did me and S&D do something amazing and incredible? Nope. It was just the right thing to do. It's NEVER WRONG to do the RIGHT THING!!! You do NOT have to be famous in the horse world, friends with an A.C. person, or anything. You just can't be afraid. Everyone who knows me KNOWS I hate talking on the phone, especially to people I don't know and especially when they could tell me to F*ck off and mind my own damn business. But, that's a chance you have to take. If you stand by and do nothing you are just as guilty! o one can sit idly by and say "Well What can I do??" You can do ANYTHING and take it as FAR as you have to in order to protect an animal.

Moral of this one? NEVER feel like you can't help, never be afraid, and it's NEVER wrong to do the Right thing!!! Beleive me, someone else's horse may thank you some day...
Oh and what about nasty, bad horse owner?? Well, she'll get what's coming to her SOON enough! ;)


S&D said...

It was my PLEASURE to make sure Pep didn't wind up back at that HELL HOLE of a farm. I remember picking up your poor babies from there and wanting to plant a fist in her face for the way they looked. What she did is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, and I will continute to do what I can to make sure that any horse will be spared from that fate... be it on her farm, or any others who choose to not feed and care for them.

kestrel said...

Way to go! *Trumpet flourish, flags wave* Evil is successful when good people stand by and do nothing.
Horses, women, kids, elderly, how many bruised faces do we look away from because "I don't want to get involved." How many mass murderers go from tormenting animals to killing people because no one STOPS them?! How many excuses can we hear before we puke? After all evil so and so isn't responsible because "insert excuse here," which means that you don't have to get off your cowardly ass and confront injustice?! RANT!
Good morning all...sheepishly ducking head....

Nd_Appy said...

Oh I would have done the same thing! How can anyone think it is right to lie to the seller by having someone else buy a horse for them is completely beyond me.

Off topic - Trex I have a question for you with some training stuff. Can you shoot me an email? My email is on my Ranch blog.

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Trainer X said...

ND_Appy You've Got Mail!

GoLightly said...

"Did me and S&D do something amazing and incredible? Nope."

Um, excuse me?


Kudos you two, kudos. Wish there were more sharp eyed peoples like you in this world. Sharp tongued, too, is always helpful..

kestrel, too much caffeine, hmmm?
So proud to say I blog you.

GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!
ok, ok, I have to work..

GoLightly said...

sorry, meant to say
So proud that I blog TrexX.

kestrel is awesome, anywho.

work, dammit..

Trainer X said...


Nd_Appy said...

*snork* Me thinks GoLightly is lurking and reading instead of working... lol

Sorry couldn't help it. :)

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kestrel said...

Half halting now....:)

kestrel said...

Explanation: definitely a tough day. A woman I knew was murdered last year. I found out yesterday that her violent murderer got his sentence plea bargained so that he will probably be out in 10 years. There is absolutely no doubt that he killed her, he was in the house with her body and confessed to shooting her. He had another girlfriend he killed 10 years ago in another state. Both cases are legally considered domestic violence issues. Shit, sounds like he just kicked the couch, instead of calling murder what it really is.
My friend had no warning of how dangerous this creep was. Of course after she was murdered people stepped up and said they knew he was dangerous. Why didn't they warn her?

Trainer X said...

OMG Kestrel!! That's terrible! Makes me SICK!!!!

Nd_Appy said...

OMG Kestral! I am sorry for the loss. Makes me just want to smack those people who couldn't be bothered to say anything to her. I am sorry, if I knew someone was dangerous and I could warn someone about it, I sure as hell would not be keeping my mouth shut!

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kestrel said...

Thanks,*tearing up a little*. That's why I love you guys, you're bold enough to rage against the machine.

Nd_Appy said...

Aww *hugs to kestral* That's why we get along so well here! Not afraid to speak our minds!

Trainer X said...

Nope and That's why I love it!! And all of YOU! :):):)

GoLightly said...

Hey, I was working! I did.
omfg, k.

hugs, all.
sorry I'm late.

darn dinner's ready
oh, well he's cookin'
laptop battery is "interesting".

To Kestrel.

2toads2luv said...

Kestrel... What I wouldn't do sometimes for a little old fashion justice. I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your friend, and sickened that the system has failed her so miserably. My thoughts are with you!

Trex and S&D... You rockstars!!