Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh, I'll All Take 3!!

Can someone tell me WHY people are so stupid that they are actually trying to RE HOME/SELL their BLIND, broken down horses?? You know what? Sign me up for 100 of those bad boys! Because I don't have HEALTHY horses to take care of or anything! Why don't these people understand that your horse whether young or old is YOUR HORSE! YOUR Responsibility! Who is really going to BUY a blind horse and NOT turn around and hand over to a guy driving a trailer to Canada

Oh and here's a nice one too! This one they don't EVEN KNOW his actual age, just that he's in his 20's and they would $1800 for him.
I have no problem with older, blind, three legged whatever horses. But this is definitely NOT the market for them and when these people try and sell them, they are basically hand delivering them to Death. The Enumclaw auction is this weekend, so we'll see how many of these poor things end up there. *headdesk*

Ohhh and last but not least... just come and get it! FREE FREE FREE 20 yr old Appy mare!

You know most of us never asked for a shitty economy and a depression that easily rivals that of the 1930's, but YOUR HORSES really never asked for it! They did NOT ask to be born, bred, or bought by some ASSHAT who in tough times just throws their hands up and say F-It I'm done I"ll just get rid of it, or starve it, or sell it to the meat guys! WE did this as usual for human nature, biting off more we can chew, always needing more more more!! *snort* Please it's time again for bitch slap brigade to get on the bus and teach some people a lesson, unfortunately there is WAYYYY more of them than us... *AGHHH!!!!*


SammieRockes said...

I don't think I could ever sell my gelding, no matter what happens to him, I told my mom that if we go poor, im moving into his stall with him.

SammieRockes said...

Yay! First :)

But really, I trust this horse and love him to death even though he is a big pain in the butt! I would die if something happened to him.

EveryoneThinksThey'reGoodDrivers said...

Yes, I have a real issue with the responsibility piece as well.

I have 1 horse that I solely own. 1 horse is what I can afford if he goes lame, if he colics, etc.

I could actually afford more than one but then if they all had something come up, I'd be in trouble.

So, I own one.

I don't understand how people do not consider these things.

I don't understand how people expect others to bail out their animals when things aren't perfect.

These are probably the same people that helped us get into this recession.

No foresight.

Trainer X said...

I have 4! 4 that I knowingly TOOK IN AND OWN! And yes there have been times when I'm like What did I do?? But I keep GOING!!!!

CCH said...

I think the roper will probably end up OK. He looks to be in fair condition and is trained to do something. You wouldn't believe how many HS kids/amateurs are riding 18-20+ year old horses. They tend to get sold down to the next class. Price wise he may be a little high, he may not.

The other two would be extremely lucky to escape the kill pen.

While I do hate the idea of slaughter, I just don't see how people like this could be convinced to spend $100 or so to put the horse down, and I'd rather see them go to slaughter than starve or get abused.

I really wish that jerks who wanna play dumb, even though they have a good idea the end is slaughter, would have to take their own horse to the factory and watch it to collect their $$.

Nd_Appy said...

Anyone else notice they were all appys? Poor things. *is glad she is not there* I have a soft spot for old appys. Thank god they are few and far between around here.

Trainer X said...

It's because these idiots love COLOR!!

Trainer X said...

BUT they do NOT love responsibilty!!

horsesandponies4ever said...

This is the same thing with race horses. They use and abuse them, and than when they can no longer make a profit, they toss them to the KB. It's the same thing with other horse people, no longer functioning, no longer usable, out the door they go. It's really sad, and quite pathetic. The horse has packed you around, and have done what you have, and than when something out of his control happens (goes blind, lame, etc). And instead of investing time to either find a retirement home, or make a spare paddock his retirement haven, you decide to chuck him out the door. I have an idea, don't have any animals, because we all know what happens to them. If you have a horse, you should keep them until they pass on, not until their usablility is gone.

Meghan/Blatant Animal-Related Idiocy said...

Poor guy...the roping horse's owner talks about how much money he won for them at rodeos, but they can't possibly be bothered to take care of him in his golden years in return for all his hard work.

He is mega-cute too. Poor guy.

GoLightly said...

Poor critters.
yeah, we're TIRED of looking after him now..

I want that Tuffy horse, he looks sweet.

Skoog said...

Both of my rodeo horses won into their late 20's (and were retired and were put to sleep by my family), so I have no doubt Tuffy will do okay. But the other two? Poor, poor things.

The Crossroads said...

I've sold one childhood horse and regretted every second of it. Been trying to find him for the last two years without much luck. We thought he was going to a 'forever' home, turns out she was a horsetrader and how I have no idea where he was. To say that money was not a reason, would be a lie. We, like some, bit off more than we could chew and it wasn't fair for him or my youngster to waste away.

We ended up giving him to the lady after talking for hours and later she claimed he died of lung worms, riiight. However, the gelding I have now, I could never part with. I've tried to sell him once (things weren't working out) and just couldn't bring myself to do it. When he passes on, I don't know what I'll do.

Tara Fehr said...

What's the problem? Put yourself in those individuals' shoes. Their horse, being older, is not getting the attention they deserve so they are trying to find a good home for them. Perhaps the horses will end up going for meat, but if the owners are careful (and how can you just assume that the owners are being careless with their horses??) there's no reason those horses cannot receive years of attention from some young kid or adult learning to ride.

We gave away (over the years) two of our older horses to excellent homes. Those horses are living long and happy lives being cared for by young kids that absolutely love those horses.

Certainly our economy is down, but there's still no reason someone cannot find a good home for their older horse!

Tara Fehr said...

I just don't think it's fair to assume these owners do not care about their horses and that they're just throwing away their's certainly possible, but why would we judge and assume the worst??

Amy said...

I don't see what's wrong with the ad for the older roping horse... I would offer 1000, maybe 1200, but he's super cute and if he's that broke would be great for a beginner. Other ones... I feel bad for... my 25 year old gelding was originally my lease horse... I found out his owner was giving him away... and I took him all the way across the country with me because I love him that much and couldn't bear the thought of what might happen to him as a "free" old horse. He is now up to a decent weight, and bosses my mare around. Not retired, but he is currently lame due to a hcok injury, and healing slowly due to arthritis... yet here he stays, even if he is old, skinny, lame, blind, whatever....

horsesandponies4ever said...

Okay. I should probably elaberate a little bit more. I'm not talking about the still usable horse being chucked out the door. If the horse is unsound for any reason, or blind, and you're trying to sell him. Where do you think he's going to go? Straight to the KB, even if you don't realise it. KB have been reknown for seeing a ad for a say 1500lb horse for free or $200, and they come with their whole family and say that they will give him a forever home. In this economy, I would be cautious of anyone buying a horse. Personally I would give them the 3rd degree, and grill and ask questions. Sorry you ain't taking him no where, until I know for a fact he'll be safe with you. And if you have issues, just go back out the way you came. You know I understand people cannot keep their horses, but I'm shocked to see someone trying to sell a crippled horse. I would personally euth if it came down to it. It's either that, or have the horse fall into the wrong hands, and either end up abused/neglected, or served on a plate in France.

boadicea1 said...

Tara Fehr,
Sorry can't contain myself. Unless you know something the rest of us don't,there doesn't seem to be a demand for old unwanted horses. Common sense, reality, and the numerous situations we have seen here, and on Fugly proves it. Not to mention they are looking for that great home where? Oh on craiglists.

Makes you wonder what these people are going to do with their parents.
Whats wrong with finding them a home? They used them up, that's what. Apparently, with the money the poor Appy won he didn't earn a retirement, he earned a ticket down the road. That's what is wrong.
Proud owner of an 18 year old Arab who never gave up on me, and who I owe nothing less.

kestrel said...

If a horse is lame, blind or infirm the odds of it finding a good home are pretty slim. Plus, human nature being what it is, some ignorant person will try to use the poor old horse and wind up getting either themselves or the horse hurt.
Older horses that are still usable can be treasured by a family with kids or an older rider, though. My first horse of my very own was an elderly but sound gelding, wise old soul, who taught me more than I can ever express. His final years were joyous, as he went from a hard working ranch horse to a little girl's darling, soaking up admiration like a sponge. (And no one ever got to make comments about his big feet and roman nose ever again!)
I often tell students with kids that an older, beentheredonethat horse is the best instructor you can get.

Tara Fehr said...

boadicea1, I agree there is certainly little market for older horses, but that does not mean that a great home cannot be found!

As I said before, I just don't think it's our place to stand where we do and judge.

We gave away our older horses not for financial reasons but because we found the right homes and we felt it was fairer to those mares that they have the daily attention from young kids in a great home than to force them to stand around all day with little attention. The extra attention has also kept them fitter for longer, healthier, happier lives!

Tricia said...

I had 3 horses and just put my 28 year old totally blind appy mare down 10 days ago. Although she was in physically excellent condition (especially for her age)it was by far the most humane ending for her. My vet agreed that this was the best thing for her and she is forever buried on my property and now doesn't have to worry what is coming out of the woods to eat her that she can't see!