Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Would S*** a Brick!!!

If I EVER caught of my students doing what this rider is doing I would crap a damn brick the size of a bale of hay!!! DAMN IT! It just irks me to know end when riders "accidentally" grab their horse in the mouth anytime let alone over a damn jump!!! GRAB MANE! I really could care less what the circumstance is, or was. "My horse took off to soon, too late, too fast, blah, blah" As a jumper you can literally feel your horse's take off point and if you CAN'T, then your ass is going back to the basics... This horse will learn really quick that jumping equals ouch my damn mouth!!!

I always make sure my students know how to count their strides to the fence, the short, long and auto release as well... Now I've been in situations where I COULD have looked like this my man I thrust my hands forward so fast or grab mane or whatever. You HAVE got to react to your horse and not just be so passive as if to say "Oh well, not my mouth so sucks for him." Which I've seen also.

She's not even trying to release in this picture. She's also riding in a GAG bit with a running martingale over a 2ft 3 fence... *HEADDESK* How in the hell is this necessary?!?! She is NOT experienced to be riding with this equipment and if this particular horse need this type of stuff to go over a 2'3 fence, then find another damn horse, and please spare this one from your idiocy... You can tell in the picture that this is the NORM for them. How she's propped up in her 2 point-ish position, she just doesn't release...AT ALL!!!

Ugh, I'm sorry I could go on and on about this type of crap, but I would rather strain my OWN self stretching my arms out or whatever than hurt a horse whilst jumping. Or any other activity for that matter. Bad riders and worse trainers=horses that are sour and hate their jobs! So THANKS AssHats!!!!


horsesandponies4ever said...

That kind of remindes me of WP. Where the trainer shoves a spade bit in the horses mouth, and allowes the rider who isn't a pro, advanced, or even an intermidiate rider. Or the wire bits that can saw a horse's tongue off, and again, falls in the hands of a beginner. I mean really? If you need this crap to ride a horse, either that horse is to much, or your an idiot, and spreading the idiocity. Yup, that horse is going to be ruined, and than they'll wonder why they have to give away said horse for free.....

Trainer X said...

OMG! YES Thank you, another good call!!!

GoLightly said...

That is the ugliest picture over fences I think I've ever seen.

Someone posted this, for the world to see?

Poor Horse. Get the rider back on the flat, NOW.
Maybe, forever. Poor Horse.

Great Post TX!

kestrel said...

Poor horse literally defines "going blind" so, of course he needs more gear instead of a competent freakin' rider. My students would be ripped off that horse and beaten!
That's why I hate the cult training methods. "Here's a shortcut and you don't have to actually learn to ride"...yeah. I've got a big ass QH that I'd love to turn loose on them. Bwahaaahaaa! He's an absolute incredible angel, but if you don't ride he will make your life hell! Maybe my Morgan....Hmmmm. Got an Arab that might qualify....
All my horses are lesson horses and as long as the human is trying they are incredibly forgiving. Cop an attitude and they won't hurt you, but they can think up interesting games to play on the stupid humans!
Unfortunately the horse in the pic looks far too honest to do that, so he'll go insane instead. Damn.

Long Island Five said...

Hmmm... what would George say?

This rider is quite a stylist. However, the 90-degree angle in this her lower leg is an indication that she needs to spend more time on the flat without stirrups or find a new hobby. A more supple ankle and stronger base of support will allow her to stop using her horse's mouth as a ballet bar.

The horse's unconventional eye-popping jumping style may have more to do with the fact he is being choked than his conformation, though he appears to be in good weight. He probably took off from a long spot in hopes of finishing the round more quickly.

The pair's turnout is a little rough-n-ready, but pales in comparison with the turnout of the rider's lower leg.

OldMorgans said...

Long Island five--I do believe you have perfectly captured the esssence of the entire mess. Thank you. Now would someone go pull that girl off the poor horse.

boadicea1 said...

Is it still considered a two point if your pulling yourself up by the horse's mouth?

TheHorseGirl said...

thats just so unbelievably stupid, i just dont even know what 2 say...

chickenrider said...

HOLY SH**!!! My horse would have gone over on top of her.... nah what am I saying? He would have landed and then BOLTED still holding the same form with his ears sticking up in your face. Choke me with my own bit will you?--let's see you pull this in! *head up and full qualifying-for-the-Breeder's-Cup-speed straight over the rest of the jumps* (and he did too... qualify that is!)

It's always cruddy for horse and rider if the rider is left at a jump but dear heaven--popping over a jump before you're ready because YOUR GODDAMN LEG IS TIGHT AND PULLS YOU WITH THE HORSE (and maybe landing with an oof--poor kidneys) is INFINITELY BETTER than strangling the horse with your hands in the process of apparently trying to pull him over backwards in midair!

Somebody needs to relearn two-point.. 3 strides before a crossrail and then learn to time right cantering over a POLE ON THE GROUND! Holy bananas batman! *teeth gnash*

I had a friend who was standing next to a fence on the school's jumper mare with relatively loose reins (not in go mode at all... had been standing for a bit watching others go). She made a sort of cluck noise and the little beast hopped over a 4 footer from a standstill. Friend cracked a couple ribs landing on the mare's neck yet stayed on AND there WAS STILL A RELEASE!!!!!!!!! ARGH! They cleaned up at the show a couple days later. XD

chickenrider said...

PS. IS that my horse *peers*?!? Wow. They look exactly alike!

The Cutie PaTootie himself -- bad pics and sweaty... you get the idea LOL!

+ black legs and no white anywhere other than star.

GoLightly said...

I think that position is called four point.
2 hands pulling back, 2 legs pushing forward.

sheesh, it's bad.

GeorgeM. is shuddering as I type.

GoLightly said...

Actually, it should be called five point, because the horse's mouth is also being used for the rider's balance.


Paigeley said...

it looks like she is useing the horses mouth to pull herself up into two point (or five point ;D )
hhhmmmm......what did fugs say about this kind of stuff oh yeah!!
"little girl jumping lessons are your friend"

Leslie said...

This reminds me of a photo I just saw while looking for a new barn to ride at. It's not over fences but my molars hurt just looking at it:

(Warning, ginormous photo) They only teach "resistance free" riding... and this is one of the trainers!

GoLightly said...

My eyes:(
Ow, ow, ow, TRAINER, NOT NOT NOT!!

Yeah, nice soft bit, with nice soft hands, if you're made out of
ROCK, as in rocks in the head.


boadicea1 said...

GoLightly: Agree as usual

While not near as bad, still sad. This is a cute horse advertised for sale, professionally trained etc, big money. He seems consistent, easy to handle. The rider never gives an inch, no release. At the beginning his head carriage is nice, it goes up from there as he gets bonked every time he lands. I can see it, and I don't get paid to do it. Why does the trainer allow it? Especially on the horse they want twenty five big one for, and someone else will get the pleasure of retraining him to know he doesn't have to get his mouth spanked.

GoLightly said...

That was WEIRD. The first round, I thought, well, not SO bad, but by the end of the first round, the rider gets worse. Second & third rounds, the horse is a frickin' saint, still not eye-bleeding, seen worse, typical set your hands in the neck crap. Hope for the best spots. The 4th round?? That just HAD to be a different rider, and whoever it was, sucked, hugely. Poor horse, he's learning nothing, and not improving with each round, as he SHOULD.
I want that horse, he's lovely. His mouth is probably dead now, though:(
Golly, talk about reverse training.
The horse was less valuable by the end of the 4th ride.
He'll be really cheap in 6 months!

To Horses, people, learn how to ride, first, please??
Ride WTC, B4 Jump??

Mikolaj said...

Dear lord - and this is why I LOVE having an Arab with two feet of mane. I am a mane grabbing - and I'm the first to scream at people who don't. It disgusts me how people seem to think it's "uncool" to grab mane.

Here, hopefully this picture will make you feel a bit better. I know my reins are way to short, but she was spooking at the dog run next to her (no idea why, she's seen it a million times). But you can see my massive fistful of mane!! As she landed, I did let go and released her mouth so she didn't hit a baricade. But I know exactly what you mean - she didn't give me any real warning until takeoff, but I'm always prepared to grab mane if I have to.

The Lippizaner Arab

Mikolaj said...

PS - I just thought I'd post for the record what she NORMALLY jumps like - I've never met a horse as eager to jump as her, so the Lippizaner pics really don't happen often!

The Normal Arabian

Raven said...

That is painful to look at!!! Poor horse.
I almost completely dropped my reins a couple of days ago to avoid getting Fox in the mouth. My instructor said "Well done, a little extreme but good on you for thinking"

Raven said...

P.S Mikolaj, you have a gorgeous horse!

ridewithjoy said...

2006 Fall Arabian National Sport Horse show a pretty 1/2 arab buckskin was out of control- tried to charge through the small space between the fence and bleacher wall at the first jump. We could hear her twenty-something looking rider scream "oh God" first and the audience gasped. Girl managed to haul her in and the horse took the jump crooked but even riding a runaway that girl released her reins and didn't hang on and hurt her horse's mouth. The mare then blazed through the course and actually had a fast clean round. (only a few horses managed to do so, she was in the ribbons) I was so impressed that the rider declined to continue to the jump off round. She knew for whatever reason she was not in control and respected her horse enough not to just "go for it" when it wasn't her day.

Trainer X said...

Mikolaj~ A++++ for the mane grab, and yes, he is VERRRRY cute!!!! :) All of these pics and videos make my brain bleed, I swear!!! No resistance training and you're ripping the horses face off?? WTF?!?!? ASSHAT Bitchslap tour bus, the horn is a blowin!!! Load up!!

kestrel said...

Bottle of tequila in hand, with limes!
Great Arab! We're under so much snow that I can't get my trailer out, *whine* but everybody's fat and sassy so can't complaint too much.

SammieRockes said...

Thats horrible, when ever I jump, be it a fence, ditch, bareback, western, english or something COMPLETELY unexpected, my horses get an incredibly loose rein. Always, I made the mistake of not releasing quick enough one time when a 3 yr OTTB old reared on me in a field, It was her second rear, the first one had room, the second was so high and I didn't release, and we went over, luckily the ground was really soft, I got my feet out of the stirrusp as we crased to the side, she got up and took off, and they got me a different horse to ride. My injuries were never babied, which I hated then, but now I see it as a good thing.