Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pay Attention to This One!! And Forward it ON!!

DO NOT EVER use the word CAN'T!!! Get it out of your vocabulary! OUT OUT OUT! There may be things you have trouble doing or goals you have yet to accomplish. But do NOT for one second think that your dreams can not come true!

I found this on Craigslist of all places and really took a liking to it. http://sovereignequestrian.net This is the type of story anyone can have! So basically you have an adult rider who was diagnosed with MS. She would hurt and be in pain and yet she rode. She rode horses as hard as she could. And Now it has become possible for her to participate in the 2010 World Equestrian Games ParaEquestrian Division. This absolutely SLAYS ME! Michelle has NEVER given up on her passion and look at her now!!!! And I'm going to tell you she is a Really Good Rider!

Here's a little snippet from Michelle's Story that was written by Tiffany Hudson.

"Currently there is no cure for MS, it is a disease that is approached with management techniques such as: treatment of relapse, disease modification, and symptom management. This news was life altering for Michelle, but she was also relieved to have some answers and could begin making more appropriate life decisions. Michelle continued to serve as the program director for EquiFriends, but in 2007 it proved to be too much and she stepped down to teaching part – time. She taught at EquiFriends until it closed in the fall of 2008. After Michelle was diagnosed in 2005, she became involved with the MS foundation and began cycling – she even rode an MS fundraiser! She also began taking medications that helped her feel better on a more stable basis."

You know what's funny to me is that Michelle has been sick for a long time and yet when you read her story, look at all she's done! My god that's quite a list of accomplishments for ANYONE to complete and yet here she goes again. BUT, apparently there are certain items she needs in order to help her get there. SO that's where we come in! I was able to contact the coordinator (and I posted her warm response below) and they will accept ANYTHING. So if you have tack you can donate to them they can in turn hold a tack sale fundraiser and raise some cash. OR you can send cash. I know I have a TON of tack I've never even used that I've already gathered to send over. Whatever they can use is great and if they can sell it that's great too!! Send the info off to as many as people you can and let's get her to the World Equestrian Games!!

Little Bit is a NON-Profit so anything you donate can be written off as well.

IF anyone would like to get ahold of Michelle herself and send her good wishes here is her micheldvr@aol.com

I love people who break through their boundaries. Accepting no excuses and admitting no defeat! So Michelle if you ever get to read this we're rooting for you!!!!

OK I received a GREAT response from Tiffany and here it is.
"Hello, Thank you so much for your response to Michelle's website! That would be great if you could pass along her web address and info in your blog! If people are not comfortable donating cash, then I'm sure any items they'd like to donate would be great! And then once we received enough items a tack sale would be possible! They would just need to donate the items to Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center (www.littlebit.org) and let them know they are donating it in Michelle DeVries name to be used for her training purposes. It will also be a fair market value tax write off for them! You can also let people know that if they would like to donate cash, it is also tax deductible because Little Bit is a non-profit organization. They can donate cash in Michelle's name directly to Little Bit and receive a charitable donation receipt. Then Little Bit will use that money to purchase the items Michelle needs. One other way to help, is if you look on the "Ways to Help" page of her website, you will see where you can buy a one pound bag of horse treats (beginning March of 2009) and $4.00 from each bag sold will be directly donated to Michelle's fund! Again, thanks so much for contacting me and let me know if you have any other questions!

To Contact the coordinator, Tiffany, here is her email as well.


The Pale Horseman said...

Great story. I really hope she makes it!

GoLightly said...

Wow, great story. My cousin was in the "special olympics", it did her a world of good. I know, not the same thing.
We have CARD here, which I do donate to.

Such great things these people do.

gotta work...
all the best:)

2toads2luv said...

What a great feel good story, thanks for sharing!

To those who think they can't, you're right. Until you try.

Tricky said...

What a gorgeous story.... what determination and effort.
just a little blown away by someon who is not 100% going further and pushing harder than most of the able bodied people around. Just inspiring.
Good Luck to her!


Mikolaj said...

That's bloody amazing. I absolutely hate it when people hear "Paralympics" and somehow think it's "easier" then normal equestrian riding - not only are these people better riders then probably any of us, the obstacles they've had to overcome make them more talented by far then people competeing in "real" Olympics as far as I'm concerned.

I'm short on cash now, but I start working again beginning of March. I am definately bookmarking her site and making a donation. That's the most worthwhile cause I've ever heard of - think of the inspiration she can give to people with MS all over the world!

Just the Girl Next Door said...

Hey TrX, I have a question for you:

Triton has this nasty habit of throwing his head down when I'm riding. What would be the best way to "fix" this?

Background: I ride english, and he goes in just a D-ring snaffle.