Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Couldn't be More Thankful!!!!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I know that a lot of people are thankful for many different reasons. But here is what I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful for that velvety nose that brushes the side of my cheek. That "where are my cookies, candy, carrots, treats, anything!!" look. For teaching me how to not be afraid. For teaching me to love unconditionally. For teaching me to lose and win. For teaching me to live. For the kisses and the hugs. I'm thankful when you try to shake water on me after a bath. I'm thankful for you when you paw or nibble at me and then when I turn around to scold you, you look around as if to say "What? It wasn't me!" I'm thankful for the games we play, that we have bonded and know each other so well. I'm thankful that you make me feel like I'm flying and when you put the wind through our hair. I'm thankful I can sit for hours and just watch you run and play and spend time with you. I'm thankful for ANY color of ribbon we get together. I'm thankful that you have bucked me off for It taught about pride and humility. I'm thankful you've taught me patience and understanding. I'm thankful for the arguments and bad days for they've all taught me valuable lessons. I'm thankful for the good and great days, for those I'll never forget. I'm thankful that I've met you. I'm thankful that I know you. I'm thankful that I have you to love. Most importantly, I'm thankful that you love me right back.


2toads2luv said...

Great post TX, thanks!

I'm thankful for the life lessons- Treat others the way you want to be treated. Hard work pays off. Earning respect goes much farther than commanding respect. We all have off days. Eat well and exercise right for best results.

But I'm really thankful for the unconditional love and friendship from my 4 legged best friends.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

hope4more said...

Lovely post.

I am thankful for all those things as well. Plus I am thankful for finding blogs such as yours and Fugs to gain knowledge about the horse world that I would not know of otherwise. I am thankful for my two precious boys no matter how cranky, stubborn and grumpy they can be. I am thankful for all they have taught me, for protecting me through my own stupidity when they could have hurt me but cared enough to roll their eyes and just go with it, for all the snot they have blown at me ;) too. Those big bright eyes and velvety noses are the greatest things in the world.

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

Mikolaj said...

Here here!

Raven said...
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Raven said...

So true, the world would be a much duller place without my four legged friends.
They make me laugh, they make me angry, they make me cry, they make my life so much richer.

Amanda Nicole said...



boadicea1 said...

That was truly an awesome post. Don't know where we would be without them, and I know I would only be half the person I am.

2toads2luv said...

Thankfulness.. Being unable to see the same boundries everyone else does!

GoLightly said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful I'm still alive, and have a job, and a roof over my head.

I'm thankful for the horses, owned by good people like you all.

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