Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For Shit's and Giggles

So Today is a very important and serious day for Americans. Election day! YAYYYY! BUT, all we've been hearing about for MONTHS now is election this and election that. So now it's time for some chuckles that have ZERO to do with politics!!!!

Awwww come on he deserves his lolly!!!

Don't worry Goats + Pony = BFF

LMAO are you Serious!?!?!?!?!

Heels down boys! Heels Down! Ouch, There is not a jumper out there who has not tasted the back of a horse's neck!!


ezra_pandora said...

lol!! omg, those were the best ever pictures. I just found your blog a day or two ago, I don't remember where through, but thought the title was funny and just had to check it out. Great job and I love reading it.

Havocec said...

Love the pics...really feel for the jumper guy. Great blog. I found fugly now I'm addicted to blogs.