Thursday, November 6, 2008

When Life's Not Fair

As we all know, especially lately, people have no qualms about abandoning their horses, or letting them starve to death. Times are tough for one and all and local rescues everywhere are being stuffed to capacity with the unwanted...
Here in the PNW we have had abuse and starvation cases one right after another. It's like once we have taken down one abuser two more pop up in their place. The auctions are crammed with neglected, thin, bloodied horses, with raunchy feet and a dead look in their eyes. The kill buyers are certainly hitting their quota aren't they??? There are so many of us who try to buy and save the ones we can without a second thought. We'd go broke trying to save just one more...

The hardest thing for me personally is when it hit me that NONE of these horses were ever asked to be born. WE bred them. We bred the grades, the bad conformation, the ill-tempered. We did it, and now because times are tough they suffer and we toss them away like garbage without a second thought.

Our economy has been suffering for quite some time yet people still insisted on breeding their horses... or not being careful enough with their stallions and mares and oooooops here's another badly bred baby.

I just wonder when WE as people will start to accept the responsibility of these living creatures?? When people will quit with the piss-poor breeding, and get out there and train and work with their horses so they are useful to next person they may be sold too. Not only is hard to re home a poorly bred grade horse, but especially one with no experience under it's proverbial belt.

Life's not always fair, and we as horse lovers understand that. The midnight colic's, the beyond repair injuries, but when we actually could have total CONTROL over a situation, yet we don't. That's the hardest to accept. Some of us turn a blind eye, some of us break our banks to help, some of us volunteer at rescues, some of us have no choice but to send our horses down the road.

I perceive the situation to be getting better in the future, but have we actually learned anything???

It seems for the 99.9% of us who love and care for all horses, that the .1% of abusers and negligent owners set us back another 10 paces. Yet we keep pushing on for the greater good.
Someday soon, life will be fair again for our dear friends.


2toads2luv said...

You could replace "children" for "horses", same story. Just sad.

Side note, it's dumping snow in E. WA!

GoLightly said...

Excellent post! Coherent, no unnecessary/seemed to be obligatory cursing, heartfelt thoughts.
Thank you.
I hope that day comes soon, too. We (the people, population, whatever) need to learn how to be kind to all animals, horses and humans alike.
It should be taught in school, FFS.

It's a long road ahead. Let's keep bitchin' about the really bad people, like Dean, and Jean, etc. from Fugly.
Her blog has inspired me, to the point where I donated money I really don't have to a TB retirement society. I've started writing to my government, almost daily.
I do not trust the rescues I've read about in my area, I'm afraid.

I'd love to volunteer, but there isn't any place close enough to me.
To the horses, and to you kind people.
Now, I REALLY have to work...

Trainer X said...

golightly~It's a long road ahead. Let's keep bitchin' about the really bad people, like Dean, and Jean, etc. from Fugly. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Horses are being carelessly bred like dogs and cats now. I'd love to get back into horses and rescue, but for now I will stick to my greyhounds.

Like golightly I feel inspired and have donated money, but its usually to a group on the otherside of the country because I do not trust the local group.

And 2toads2luv... no snow here in GA. Its 70 degrees today! :-)