Thursday, November 13, 2008

Champagne taste with Beer money? It's a DO!!!

So with the economy the way it is and some horse owners in desperate need to rid themselves of some of their horses, what does that mean for the rest of us?? Well it means that the once priced $20,000 horses are now selling for $5-$10,000. It means that if we search hard enough we can find some very nice horses at rock bottom prices! This little mare is a 2001 model already proven in the show ring for $600!

What about this guy? $2,000 and he is drop dead gorgeous!!!

Cute little paint for $2,000. Has a lot of miles on her.

Here's a 1993 paint mare that would be PERFECT for a beginner wanting to show in the circuit! $1,800 for this one.

There are some VERY nice horses out there for sale now and it's a great time if you can afford it or want another horse to capitalize on the low prices and high quality stock for sale.


searching_for_something said...

That second picture, he is too cute! I wish prices of horses were dropping in the UK. To me it seems as if they are rising and the fuglier they are the more expensive they are. I saw an add today for a 13.2hh stallion, without papers, sold from field, green and not suitable for anyone other than an expirenced rider. And they were asking £2700???

Love the blog btw :)

autumnblaze said...

So many are so cute... too bad I'm not yet in a situation to capitalize on this. However... maybe sooner than I thought with these prices!!! :)

CATALYST. said...

Those prices mean that the horse probably has a lameness/mental issue that the current owner no longer wants to deal with and wants to get rid of the horse fast and easily to an uneducated horse person.

... or an uneducated blog writer...