Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is Why We Have Issues!

So my brother's ex-girlfriend is now dating someone who has racehorses *already headdesk*. Well... they are idiots... They are the reason why horses get put down for no reason and why they get mis treated. So I get a text from the ex who tells me, "Hey we have this 7 yr old mare we need to give away, but she's mean so we'll probably shoot her, but if you want her that's cool too HEE HEE." Um...OK then WTF are texting me for if she's "mean"?? Ugh... So naturally me and my partner in crime S&D go and look at this mare and she's in about an acre and half of pasture and I'm like OK deep breath, she'll most likely kill us, but let's go in! Well surprise surprise, she's an ANGEL! She whinnies and comes right up to us and we pet her and life is good.

This is the VERY first day we see her. ICK-------------->

So I call the ex and I say "So what exactly made this mare so mean?" And her being really smart tells me "Well she was just taken away from her brother and her mom for only the second time in her life (She's SEVEN!!!) and she's freaking out and running and she tried to bite us!! She's DANGEROUS!" OH MY GOD PEOPLE! So naturally we are going to take this damn mare that we do NOT need, just to get her out of there!!!

S&D and Hubby went to the place and picked her yesterday... the Ex's NEW BF was there waiting for them and he said, "Well, she might not load and she's kind of a nasty thing so good luck." Well S&D asks "Has she ever been broke?" He snorts back at her "Um Yeah right! Only Jockey Broke and that was like 5 years ago!!!" Apparently this mare had been trained to race for only 2 months when genius boy realized she was NOT fast enough and he has her brother so screw her, she's going into a pasture for the next 5 years NEVER to be touched again!
<------ Sweet face, but OUCH look at that chest! OH yeah and Forelock! UGH!

Well, She loads right up (she was probably thankful to get the hell out of there) comes to the farm and we let her chow, then it's off to the round pen. So she does great, then we grab the saddle and she does great then we bit her up she does great, I ground drive her and she freaks a bit, but then settles right down, so I jump around her and put weigh on her and she's fine so I hop right up there and she's awesome I get off, S&D's Hubby Plops on and we walk them around. He tells us to unclip the lead rope and off he goes. She walks, trots, stops, backs, turns, stands, EVERYTHING! Yeah really F-ing scary my ass! So once we are done it's back into the barn for a SEVERE makeover!!!

So Genius boy and the EX apparently were to freaking lazy to brush her tail or wash her EVER, because she was a filthy mud ball! AND YAY! They CHOPPED HER TAIL OFF! To the bone, because it was matted and so they just cut it. AND she has a fantastic RUB on her chest! "Probably from reaching over the fence, but we don't know why?!" (yeah right) And they cropped her forelock straight across! UGH! Her feet haven't been touched as hey are over grown and pancakey, and until last night I'm sure she was never up to date on worming. Well she looks 100 x's better now, WE have ANOTHER damn horse we don't need, and she couldn't be sweeter!
After 2 hour Makeover---------------------------->
But damn it! It is people like the 2 wonderkids (ex and ex new bf) who put these horses' lives in jeopardy. They were going to SHOOT her because she "bit" at them. Well yeah you JUST weaned her after 7 F-ing years!!! *HEADESK* Anyway... Another happy horse, saved from the evil that is idiocy! *sigh* OH and here's her pedigree
and here's daddy! HE is a NICE BOY!!!


CCH said...

So if you do take her and then make some money off a resale how much drama will follow that. I can see it now...
Ex: you owe me money because blah, blah, blah.

I hope you can give her a good go at life.

S&D said...

Dude is an idiot!! When we got there, she was running circles around the front yard... and had apparently tried to get the alfalfa on the other side of the fence, so she rubbed her chest raw... other than that, she's a TOTAL doll!!! After the short refresher she even let sack-o-potatoes hubby ride walk/trot!! and she cleaned up real good too... if only we could make her poor tail grow out..

clara said...

she is soooo cute. i'm glad you took her in (even though you don't need another one). best of luck with her

GoLightly said...

If only..

Nope, reality kicks.
no, no, nope.

Glad you could save her, she looks adorable. You bet she was glad to be outta there!

Nice Mare!

horsesandponies4ever said...

*Offers free passes to Island of Morons* One for you ex. I think these types of people should be put on the island. I hate lazy people. I once worked at a stable where (in the oh so wonderful PNW) was muddy. A horse that was to be shown, was needless to say, a walking dirt clod. I spent two hours sorting out his mane and tail with water, a little shampoo and a ton of conditioner. I didn't just chop off. Idiots. People like these shouldn't have horses, they have no common sense, no work ethnic *head desk*, and apparently don't want to be educated *head desk*.

Make sure you keep that text. Because I completely agree with CCH. You get a free horse, do something with said horse, show said horse, sell horse for thousands of dollars, previous owner finds out, and fire works go off and the show begins.

Meghan/Blatant Animal-Related Idiocy said...

Poor thing with the chest and the bad haircut.

She's really cute and looks like she might be put together nicely. Is she registered? Any idea on her bloodlines?

So what are your plans for her? From your description it seems like she's sound.

And what have you named her?

Trainer X said...

Oh her name is Mirabella and she has SUPER lines!!! this is her dad

Trainer X said...

And her Ped

Amy said...

Wow, what a pretty girl. Find her a good home with someone who couldn't normally afford such a nice horse, and rehome her for cheap. She deserves someone who will spoil her.

I harbor dreams of someday owning a big, pretty TB. Glad she got upgraded.

The Crossroads said...

She's a strikingly beautiful mare!

I trained a three year old TB for a friend's friend, unfortunately he went straight to the track. I certainly hate horse racing. This horse I worked with (Jinx Junior) certainly wasn't ready for the track and it wasn't in his heart. If I could and if I would've thought about it, I would've bought him on the spot.

paul_linn_is_a_jerk said...

What a beautiful mare! OK - I am biased - she looks a lot like my mare of 23 years.

Misty Orbit said...

She does NOT look like she's been kicked out to the field for 5 years!

If she stays this sweet you'll make good money on such a nice looking mare and you'll deserve every penny for saving a life!

CinammonSwirl said...

Wow...I swear the worst people truly have the sweetest and best horses. Blech. Don't deserve them. That poor thing, I'd cringe every time I saw that chest! I'm glad she is in better care and is doing so much better in your hands. It already looks like the mare has a good future.

TooTiredToRide said...

what a nice looking girl! Good for you! Looks like you have lucked out with her!

jengersnap said...

My TB mare and yours are kissing cousins (sire side, through Wild Again). My mare is a very sweet gal, a bit nervous at new things but very sensible and not spooky. Good luck with Mirabella! Mira's a cute name.

Nosnikta said...

She's gorgeous. I'm glad the morons called you.

Shadowed Storm said...

I'm sure you've already done this, but along with keeping that text, make sure you have a bill of sale/her papers. Makes it really clear YOU own her

kestrel said...

Why oh why!!!! Sounds like you've got a darling though. Good thing she didn't spend a lot of time on the track or being ridden by idiots. She'll be a lot easier.

EveryoneThinksThey'reGoodDrivers said...

Well, the good thing here is that there is a happy ending. (you have the horse now)

It could always be worse.

Idiots are everywhere. A friend of mine called today to tell me that a neighbor is considering tying a bicycle to their young horse, "to teach it not to be afraid of bicycles."

Meaghan said...


Probably too much pony for me, though.