Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Unconditional...

My love for you...Your ears and soft doe eyes,

The way you knicker at me when you hear me walking your way...

Your muzzle brushing against my cheek,

The way you push at me when you need my attention as much as I need yours.

The way I can be with you with no makeup, no designer clothing and you are still happy to see me.

You can read me like a book, whether I'm happy or upset.

The way you slobber my clothes and yet I couldn't be more grateful.

You carry me on your back so faithfully and gently.

I would die to be with you and die without you...

For you...My love is unconditional...

Today let's hear all about YOUR four legged Valentine's day sweethearts...


twhlady said...

Well today is my birthday and my mare will probably foal today(it is raining after all). (Before any B*tching I didn't breed her and the foal is going back where I got her at weaning). So I am going to be a doting owner until she foals.

Nicely dun said...

I wrote this for the late "sully"

Barefoot sun kissed
galloping for the hills
sweat on my brow
his mane tickling my nose
the sun would set
one final time
but at that time
I wouldn't have known
his heavy hoofbeats
his silver dapples
a mane as white as snow
riding to the sunset
one final time
but then
i couldnt have known
Day light fading
we head for home
a cool breeze in the air
without a thought
without a fear
i thought he'd always be there
quiet and snug
inside his stall
relishing the peace of twilight
what tomorrow would bring
i couldnt have know
that was our final good night.

Happy Vday to everyones true TRUE loves, our unconditionally loving horses who are always there for us, until the very end.

Amy said...

Wow... a much softer side of TrainerX... ;)

I don't have any poetry to share, but I think the proof is in the pudding... my gelding is old and currently not sound enough to ride, and my mare is too much of a pain in my ass to be predictably ridden... and they still get carrots, kisses, grooming, and a fussy horse mom that spends far more money on them than on herself. That's love.

Trainer X said...

Oh Stop *blush* ;)

ezra_pandora said...

I don't have any poems either, but if I did, it would include something like this:

I'm not mad at the kicks and nips (although they were few)
I don't hold any grudge about being rolled over on (you did stand up and wait for me)
I kept you for 3 1/2 years when you were wild and crazy (even though I was repeatedly told to send you down the road)
I had three trainers before finding one that meshed with you and whose methods I agreed with and knew wouldn't hurt you.
So to my "free" horse, that has costed me so much, I'll keep you forever, even if you don't really like me :))

As you can tell, we don't have those cuddly cute lovey moments that I long for, but I love her more than anything and wouldn't give her up for the world.

LoveMyKarma said...

My first horse is still the love of my life. I got her when I was ten and had to sell her at 17 when I left for college. She is 30 this year and still the most beautiful horse in the world although two new horses have come into my heart since. Bonnie- "I'm going to love you forever and ever amen" just Like I always told her I would.

paul_linn_is_a_jerk said...

My mare, Misty, will always be my 'first love'. I had her for 23 years and still cry thinking about the day I had to put her down. I will always love her and even though I have two more now, they can't compare. (Although my new boy sure is trying to slobber his way into my heart). She got me through some really rough times. <3

SimplyRenegade said...
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SimplyRenegade said...

I've had quite a few horses come into my life. Greyboy (R.I.P) was in my life for 2 short years, but in those 2 years I learned many many things that I *never* thought I'd learn from a dead lame 32 year old horse that everyone said was on his way out. I learned hand walking does wonders for stifle injuries and human thighs, I learned that even old timers like to buck on cool days and really strut like they were back in their prime. I learned that persistant work can sometimes make the impossible happen the day the vet gave an okay for me to do bareback, light walking in the ring on him. I learned that what some people think looks like *He's going to buck* is really 'I'm so excited to be able to carry you, can we trot now?'. He's one of my two love of my lives. Renegade was the second.

When you go looking for an 18.2 belgian gelding, and end up trying out a 14.3 rocket sled on rails in western tack, can't keep his body straight, can't keep an even pace, and still end up falling in love, you know you have something special. Thank you Renegade (R.I.P) for everything you did for me over those 8 gloriouse years. For teaching me that showing, isn't for everyone, and that judges really didn't like having me dumped in their lap. Thank you for taking me flying everytime highschool or boys, my Lupus or life got too rough and I needed freedom. Thank you for butting heads with me, and really making me think about what seat, soft hands, and light leg aids really are, though I'm sure we scared more then one hiker on the trails or riders in the ring. Thank you for being good enough to sit on with nothing in the paddock,yet having the spirit to throw your head when ever we hit the galloping trail. Thank you for carrying me, saddle, pack, and taking those long dayhikes with me, and always bringin me back home when *I* was lost and reminding me you knew what you were doing all along.

There will never be others that measure up to my two first loves. <3

(Sorry so long folks. Kinda got rambling ^.^)

Serendipity said...

I'm a little late, but I wanted to say I love it when my redhead comes up to me and quietly rests his head against my side.

Then I get to laugh as I realize he's just checking my pockets for goodies.

Golden Girl said...

"Some horses come into our lives and quickly go.
Other stay, make hoof prints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same."

Dedicated to my horse Schroeder; we were together for nearly 30 years.
He was my best friend through my difficult teenage years, and is forever embedded in my heart. I miss him in my life, but he visits me in my dreams and we are together again!

lachellesays said...

I would like to wish a happy valentines day to the 10 sad horses I volunteered to work with today. They were seized from a farm in Farmville, VA. One was pregnant, one was a stallion.

They made my soul ache for the unwanted animals in this world. I will volunteer again.

I usually like the young horses with attitude and spunk. The ones that have to have a certain level of "beauty". This gelding. He changed part of me today. He was old and arthritic. He was skin and bones. Tall and lanky. Rain rot covered his entire body. I gave him all the attention he could possible stand. Gave him a makeover. Treats and carrots have never had so much meaning. I fell in love with this old, broken down horse with a beautiful soul. Happy Belated Valentines Day, Rooster.

(& to Izz, my horse, too!)

kestrel said...

To my old Sunup, who kept me out of a wheelchair (take THAT smartassed doctor!) Fire and heart Morgan, thinks he was a British lord in a past lifetime, made me sleep by his stall when we were showing or he'd jump out and come find me, who will carry students only while I'm watching, (otherwise they're fair game...) yet taught an 8 year old Down's syndrome boy to talk. Who has bucked me off to teach me a lesson, and then caught me in midair. He has never dropped me in the 26 years we've been friends. We've argued, made up, raised kids, and divorced husbands, remarried, and he is still the shining star in my heart.

Nicely dun said...

"no longer by your side, but always in your heart"

That was written on a card I received from the clinic that had to euthanize my boy, some ten or eleven years ago.

:( horses are just...the best kind of friend you could ever have. They don't judge you, they don't mind when you have hay in your hair, and like Trainer X said, they love you unconditionally. :)

GoLightly said...

kestrel, that was beautiful..
all of you.
sniffles. Thanks...
hey, sorry TWHlady, Happy belated Birthday!
Hope the foaling went well. Why would ya bitch about a baby?

I wrote a love story to GoLightly, my heart horse, on me blog.