Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All Breed Parade

I've trained and worked with a lot of different breeds. Some are super easy, some are not. Let's go down a brief list of a few of my experiences, then I'm turning it loose to you guys.

I broke a 3 yr old Arabian mare who was as mean as snot on the ground, but under saddle she was one of the easiest.

Haflingers, EASY and Mellow.

A Quarter pony who was stubborn and lazy.

An appaloosa, smart, but rambunctious.

A Paint Mare, she was a dream!

A POA, Stubborn, but smart as a whip!!!!

Quarter horses, too smart, they take a bit of figuring only because each one is different. Good solid horse though.

Thoroughbreds, melodramatic but willing.

A Belgian which was a huge scardey cat!!

A Mustang Filly, smart, but skittish at first, she caught on quick and was a great riding horse.

OK, so there is just a couple of different breeds I've trained and a short blurb about each of them. Now thasts's not all horses in the same breed category, just a couple of the ones that I've worked with. And that really doesn't even begin to scratch the surface, but you get the idea. So what is your experience with different breeds and which one is your favorite????


Kelly said...

I think you mean "melodramatic" ;)

TBs are my preference, and I think I would describe them as mirrors of their riders. Have faith in them, and expect them to be great, and they usually are. Or at least try to be :)

Trainer X said...

oh god you're right lmafao!!!

Nicely dun said...

My first horse ever was a TB from the auction. I was a total beginner and while my mom could ride him NO PROBLEMS, he fed off my nervousness and we were a no match.
My old horse was a percheron X, his previous owners had trained him for Hunter and Dressage. He was 16 when I owned him, and I was 14. He was the most trustworthy creature! I felt so safe riding him.
Current horse is QH X something flighty, and is not the typical level headed QH. I love him to bits, but he is very sensitive and notices EVERYTHING.
Lovem all though!
good point :P

Paigeley said...

definatly warmbloods and warmblood crosses fell in love with them when i rode the most amazing horse Sage, she is getting on up there but i love her to bits
and plus indie's a warmblood cross :)

SoozieQ said...

I own a Quarter Horse who I love dearly because she is smart and willing.

My favorite breed is still Paso Finos. I spent a few years trainging them and fell in love. The place I rode at rode more dressage style without the harsh bits and we actually sat up straight in the saddle LOL.

I love their fire and energy. There was something about riding them that was different from any other breed.

Not that I would trade my old QH for anything, but if I ever had to buy again I would get a Paso.

GoLightly said...

Irish-Bred Horses.
But you knew THAT!

They are the best horses on the planet, JMO, of course.
Solid, sound, sane, well, what more could you want?

Golden Girl said...

Quarter/Arab cross, gelding. Sensible & trainable, extremely intelligent with a salting of Arab hotness. Owned him 26 years, when in the hunter ring o/f, nine time out of ten times he never missed a beat. That 1/10 time he would blow up and get hot!

Quarter horse/App. cross, large pony gelding. Easily trainable, very quite, sold him as a kid's short stirrup hunter, he was never sold again!

My OTTB mare, got as a late 3yo, she is 23 now. In her younger days she was hot, nervous and easy to get excited. Around 10 a switch flipped, and she went to work, learned basic dressage and eventually turned out to be a super low jumper. She could have done more except she had hock issues thanks to the breezing at too young of age.

Dartmore Ponies, lots of them,(client/breeder liver near by)
Extremely trainable, level headed, I would recommend for any kids riding mount!

Just last year a 3yo Arab gelding, 1/2 Egyptian 1/2 Polish. Scary high strung and scary smart! Looked like living art, he was defiantly bred to halter. I started him, put 30 days on him which is only up to trotting around the farm, outside the round pen. 10++ mover under saddle but defiantly a ride for someone that is an 'Arab Person'... and that would not be me! LOL He did win my heart though!

The list goes on and on, but I must put in my Section A Welsh pony. Absolutely the smartest animal on 4 hooves no question! (brag, brag, BRAG!) He rides w/t/c on the flat like a dream (for a kid), drives like a dream (for me), you can turn loose a beginner on him, and he waiting for me to tell him what to do. You can lead kids around on him for hours, and he doesn't complain too much. LOL He isn't a jumper though, hate, hate, hates to jump!

Amanda said...

One thing I hate is breed prejudice, nothing wrong with having a favorite breed but hating all others who ain't drives me nuts. I have had several Arabians and never had a problem with any of them no buck, bolt or rear. QH's the same. Spotted Saddle Horse was very clingy, Paso Fino was cute but fiesty, I have a Foxtrotter now and am around several others and they all pin their ears at you for no apparent reason but are good under saddle. I guess there is good and bad in every breed and if you get a good one you believe they all are and if you get a bad one, same way of thinking. I was always led to believe that Tb's were very flighty but found that was just not the case. never owned or been around many drafts. Oh I almost forgot my TWH who was sweet as sugar but low on IQ. (not saying they are all like that).

SweetPea said...

I started out training and re-training Arabs. Lately I've gotten into gaited breeds. I had a very nice fox trotter mare given to me @ age 14 who had been nothing but a pasture pet. Very sensible and hard to upset. Rockie Mountains are also very nice. Super sensible and easy to get along with. You just have to make sure and be picky about the gaited horse you buy. They need to be able to gait on their own... very hard to train gaits that don't come naturally.

The Crossroads said...

Welsh/Arab: A handful of a pony, a whopping 13.1hh of raw fury and past abuse. She would buck like a bronco when cantering or trotting. After a short trial, I think 8 lessons? She was cantering beautifully, we even started working on jumping. However, just like you mentioned in your past blog about horses that rear. Well this mare appeared to have been 'repaired' at least until it slipped my mind she was sensitive. One foot in the stirrup, the other hanging, I tapped her a bit too hard with my heel and she bolted forward. Lurched, braced her front legs, threw me in front of her, reared up and landed square on my chest. Regardless it was a bruised partnership, but kept working at it.

Thoroughbred: I started with a Thoroughbred, absolutely loved him. He was three when I got him and was track bound unfortunately, but he 'learned' the cues for walk, trot, canter, and steering all within a week. Not a massive accomplishment, but he was my first, well second horse to 'train.' It was a shame to see him go to the track.

Arabian: It has not been a pleasant experience. You can read about what I've done in my blog. This mare is intelligent, but her mind wanders extremely fast. She'd trip over her own front hooves just by not looking. She's done it. She's gone from that 97% flight and 3% thinking to about 85% flight, 10% Thinking, and the rest is just distracted.

I'd love to work with a Thoroughbred again, however.

The Pale Horseman said...

Not training but riding in general:

Andalusian Stallion: An absolute gentleman. I was a nervous begginer and their were mares in the stall next to us and he didn't bat an eyelid. An absolute beauty.

Shire x mare: Docile plod for a novice but with a real turn of speed when ridden by a good rider. Just plain safe.

TB x mare: Nutty and unpredictable. Absolutely wonderful on ground but far too melodramatic on top for just hacking(trail riding-I'm brit). Would make an excellent comp horse but owner getting too old for that.

Connemara x gelding: Tralee's a hard one to describe... really he's totally unique but he has that connemara safeness but also sharp.

My Haflinger mare: Bolshy, headstrong, moody b*tch on the ground with a nasty biting habit. On the top however- my perfect horse! stubborn but quick to learn and turns her hoof to everything. bomproof and quick off the leg. I love her all the same though.

CrashedIntoBlack said...

Wow, no one's said Morgans yet!
I've been working with morgan mare for a few years, she's taught me to ride and is still teaching me when I'm able to do a lot more than I could've dreamed a couple years ago. She's a tough one to figure out, but once you do, she'll do anything for you. Though, I still can't catch her in the pasture... lol. And I've worked with a few other morgans that have the similar spirited attitude and they are so light, only once have I ever had to use a crop on a morgan, and she was a grade anyways XD
I've ridden QHs on trails and they just don't equal morgans in my opinion.

paul_linn_is_a_jerk said...

I currently have an Appy and have had one before (for 23 yrs)and ridden quite a few. My experience with them is that they know as much as you do and will test you frequently in the beginning. Can be stubborn, but once they know that you know what you are doing they are super dependable.

QH - my favorite. If they know their job they will do it and you are along for the ride.

TB - lots of energy and will be as good as their owner.

Arab - they start out nuts and require lots of miles to become a great mount.

Tricky said...

I always love a great Welsh Mountain Pony - all the spunk in the world, will die for you if you are their person, but too smart for anyone else!

Wb x Tb - split personality disorder horses, who will be melow as and then jumping into your arms.

Wb - dopey untill they freak out, and then they're a tonne of horse with no clue how to use it's own legs, affectionately called "dumb bloods" around the stabels.

Riding Ponies - I never understood why someone would breed a pocket sized rocket fuel eating horse? Beautiful but not really designed for the size of rider they need!

They're all different, each individual - I hear more about the exceptions of the breed than "He's a typical tb".
I think it would be easier to have an "owner parade" as I feel THEY make all the difference in their horse!

Slave to the Horse

GoLightly said...

"One thing I hate is breed prejudice,"

Me too, I love them all, four legs, mane, tail, I'm happy.
Morgans, would be right up there, too..

Just if I had a zillion dollars..
I'd be Ireland bound..

kestrel said...

I've met horses I sure didn't like, but never a breed I haven't loved. I think my personal favorite is a Morab. Spicy but sensible. Oh, but then I sure do love draft breeds, my QH is such a darlin' adore good ponies, oooh and the gaited horses...If I had a jillion dollars we'd buy a big ranch and be old hippies in a horse commune. Big central barn and arena, lots of trails and houses and....!!!!!

Nosnikta said...

We call our place the Krazy B Ranch - full of QHs, Paints, and Arabs. I learned (and got my butt kicked) on a shetland. Don't have any of those at the moment lol. But we have a crippled cow and an anti-social goat!

I appreciate each breed for their individuality and characteristics. I have a friend who had the nerve to actually look at my sweet GORGEOUS 2yo Arab and tell me he's ugly. She hates Arabs, and she doesn't like appys either. Ok fine, but keep it to yourself or I will throw something at your head! :-)

I must say that the two grade geldings on the place are probably the most entertaining and maybe the most intelligent. They are obviously part Arab by the looks of them, but we have no idea what the rest of them includes.

They are all fun.

DraftsAndApps said...

Let me start off by saying...all breeds are great in to someone that loves them. I love most breeds, colors, gender...etc..infact I own several different breeds (Percheron, Appy, QH, 1/2 Arab).
I train horses for outside people and here is my input...right or wrong :)

Percherons - Gentle giants that DO have get up and go, they are smart, versatile, and don't put up with crap..18hh 2000lb perch gelding that does a 24 second pole pattern at the gymkhanas....WHAT A SIGHT TO SEE

Appaloosa - They will test you with their stubborness, once you have their trust they will do anything for you. Always willing to go on a quiet trail ride or go be rowdy chasin cows.

Gypsy Vanner - I do believe for the most part they are born broke to ride. Stubborn but very kind and willing.

Paints - I'm not going to lie, I dont' get along with most for some odd reason, but the ones I DID get along with were terrific and easy to teach. The ones that I didn't get along with were....welllll, they just were.

Arab/Paint X - My sweet boy that has some serious issues, too smart for his own good.

TWH (no big lick)- Recently became my favorite to work with, picks up things quickly, tries hard....awesome

Paso Fino - Smart, fiesty, versitile and WOW!! WHAT A RIDE!!

OldMorgans said...

I've ridden many breeds & liked them but my heart belongs to Morgans. As in any breed, personalities are all sorts, but as a breed they are smart, curious, smart, good partners, and did I mention smart. I like the ones that challenge me and make me think and make me earn the leadership position.

Nosnikta said...

I have such a variety of QHs that they really don't fit in to one category. I have a patriarch been-there-done-that who is awesome and a pain all in one big beautiful package. I have a QH who has a heart the size of Utah and would run himself to death, but certainly isn't for the faint of heart. My QH younguns vary from "let my in your pocket" to "you want to do what???"

I have a Paint mare (my personal mount) who is really a b-word, but I LOVE her attitude. I think that's why we get along so well. The Paint mare my daughter rides is sweet as honey and as honest as the day is long. The Paint mare my hubby usually rides is young and green... sweet but sensitive. I think she had some troubles at her last home.. not sure. But I think she has a good heart and I look forward to great things from her.

My Arabs vary.... two aren't bothered by ANYTHING... the third is constantly on the alert that he will be eaten alive at any given moment. I really look forward to riding him lmao. Really! I do! He has spunk.

I have A-Team and B-Team. The Paints are in the A-Team and two are show mares. The QH geldings are roping speed horses that hubby and I have turned the reins over to our daughter.

The B-Team consists of one yearling QH/Paint (solid) filly who is sweet sweet SWEET. Two QH 2yos and two Arab 2yos. Then there are 3 3yo geldings.. all QH who are coming along well if not slowly (because I'm a really REALLY slow trainer). Those are my projects :-)

I really can't categorize them by breed... they are all different in their own ways.

Heaven Roberts said...

I really like Arab crosses. My current ride is a QH mare that's proving to be a little too intense for me. I'm just not used to a horse that wants to cut birds in the bushes... I really need to get out and ride!

Am I the only one waiting for the mud to go away ;)

Heaven Roberts said...

Forgot to mention - I love Lyon's "if you were a Quarter Horse you wouldn't do that... "If I was an Arab I'd have her bred already!"..." (him talking to Zip in an old training video when Zip was dropping around a mare). I think there are crazies and lovelies in all the breeds! I think Arabs and SBs are my favorites though!

Smurfette said...

Plagerized from several posts. Good points!

"I've met horses I sure didn't like, but never a breed I haven't loved."

"One thing I hate is breed prejudice."

"I think there are crazies and lovelies in all the breeds!"

Most of my work has been with stock horse breeds. I have had the most fun with QH and Paints, our personalities seem to match. They are forgiving of my faults, which are many, and not too sensitive. My least fun as been with Appaloosas. One that I owned was cold backed, and would run off with you FOR YEARS unless he was jog/trotted until he was sweating. He finally got tired of being run until it was no fun anymore each time he bolted, and gave the habit up. Apps that I have had in training just seemed to have other ideas of what each day should bring, than what I intended.

Arabs (and I want one) seem very touchy to me. I am usually tense around them, afraid that I am going to set off a spark with my casual stock horse ways. I did ride one really lovely mare all one summer who did NOT loose her cool when a train went by during one schooling session, though. the train track were maybe 50 feet from the arena.

TB and WB, I know they are not dumber than other breeds, but it seems like we don't speak the same language. I worked one OTTB who taught me that you CAN ride just off of your seat and back, since he could run straight through his mouth. Others seemed to take me all day to communicate "move over" to.

Dena said...

Arabians are my all time favorite to train.
It is all just right there. Right in front of your

The other breeds? I have never been bucked down by a thoroughbred.

Quarterhorses? A different mind for each line of breeding.
Many, many, oppotunities to be bucked down.

Warmbloods? How do you stop this thing when it spooks?

Saddlebreds? Love them. And all the air in their heads.

Paints? Quirkville for me.

Appaloosas? Do I know you? Are you sure I know you?

Draftys? If, I ignore it will it go away?

I find color brings its own component to the mix. Always...
At least, for me.

Trainer X I would like to hear your take on the whole Haflinger thing.
I have a Haflinger(sire)Saddlebred(dam) in for training. Very very smart. Good for me. Stinker for all other handlers.
What is up with that?

Trainer X said...

I've noticed with Haflingers that they are very loyal to only a few people... They do NOT like to be passed around... They are more of a one person horse so to speak...

The Pale Horseman said...

Trainer X said...
I've noticed with Haflingers that they are very loyal to only a few people... They do NOT like to be passed around... They are more of a one person horse so to speak...

I never thought of that being a reason for Nell's temperment but now you mention it... Nell has been passed around ALOT, so I expect that probably is a good reason for her to be a bit nasty. She probably will calm down and be less nippy to me when she realises she's never going to be sold again. Saying that, She will carry anyone but their are certain things she will only try with me on top. I think we are getting closer.

Dena said...

Trainer X
Thanks. I wondered about that.
She is the same way with other equines.
I like you. But I have no use for the rest of you type of attitude.
This should be fun.