Friday, February 6, 2009

Big Trouble!

Unless your horse looks like this--------------->

You can be in big freaking trouble! Now granted it only has one pose, but WOW what pose it is!!! HA! Seriously now, tomorrow I am taking S&D to her first show and as horse people we understand that horses have good days and bad days, just like people. Now matter HOW LONG you train and prepare for something, NOTHING gets you ready for a horse that gets up on the wrong side of the bed.

Ahhhh our faithful companions... we been riding you for weeks and months on end preparing for this day, only to have you pitch a bitch fit and buck halfway through the class. You what's funny to me? I once dating a guy who was really into "Ultimate Fighting." He said that was the hardest thing EVER! Harder than any other sport and especially horses because all I need to do is just "sit up there and let the horse do the work." WTF?!?!? LMAO!!! Little did he know!
See when playing a sport like soccer or even "Ultimate Fighting", Karate, etc... you are only dependant on yourself! If YOU have a bad day or screw up then it's on you. I have to try and work with something that has it's own brain, feelings and wants. And sometimes it does NOT WANT to show. Ha! So now who has it harder? Not only must I maintain composure, but I have to please (and bribe with speak of cookies) another living thing in order for ME to be successful and get that damn blue ribbon...YIKES!
No one is perfect, your horse is not perfect. We all have good, great and fantastic days as well as bad, horrible and please let this be over days. All in all it's about making the MOST out of every situation you can with your horse. Set attainable goals for you and your horse. Example: If your horse has NEVER been in around or anywhere near a busy chaotic show and you expect to go and clean up and he'll be a "perfect angel", well than I would like to know what you're smoking!!! Now if you go and think "Hey, my horse has never been exposed to this so as long we as do our classes and we are safe and have fun that's all that matter."
<---- Reminder, NOT your horse!
My OWN show horse who I've been showing for years, can still get a bug up his ass some days and we are just screwed from the get go! BUT, I still go and have fun and make the most of it.

Horses are and should always be about learning, having fun and establishing a great strong partnership with each other. That way IF one of you is having a bad show say, the other can try and coax you out of it!!! Good OR BAD I'm glad my horse is not made of plastic. I'll take him as he is any day of the week!!!


GoLightly said...

Good luck at the show!

Have fun, otherwise, what's the point?

Great post:)

Horsies are not wind-up dolls, who KNEW!!

Trainer X said...

LMAO!! Amen my friend!!

horsesandponies4ever said...

I still can't wrap my head around the fact people think they are dumb and stupid creatures. Someone told me once it was like riding a bike.... WTF?! They have attitudes, have brains, and some can out smart their humans. If they decide to buck, they'll do it. If they want to rear, they'll do it. If they want to be anything far from an angel, they'll be it, and do it. These people need to get a reality check before they end up hurt, someone else, or the horse.

Also, I hope your friend still has a good time, even if the horse decides he wants no part of it. ;)

Colste Stables said...

Good luck at your show! My first show with my QH was at a predominately Western, backyard event. We decided to try a Western pleasure class and his canter(which was slower than his usual hunter/jumper canter) was so much faster than everyone else's that we spooked one horse into a bucking fit! Talk about embarrassing!

paul_linn_is_a_jerk said...

Harder than any other sport and especially horses because all I need to do is just "sit up there and let the horse do the work."

LMAO!! When I was a teenager I had a boy tell me the same thing. I promptly got off my pony and handed the reins to him and said "Show me". He got on and my girl took him home so fast he didn't know what hit him!! He never again talked about how easy it was to ride a horse. LOL

Good luck at your show.

Long Island Five said...
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Long Island Five said...

Isn't the buckskin a little sickle hocked??? ;)

CCH said...

woohoo to the last paragraph. Exactly it, have fun.

I hope you & S&D have fun and help her not psyche herself out with nerves. Oh crap I said not. Rephrase that to "be calm".

kestrel said...

I had a very well known horse trainer start telling me all about how a horse "only has a brain the size of a turtle's, blah blah..."
I finally asked him "If horses are so stupid why is it so hard to outsmart them?" Whole crowd of real riders choke on their beers, fancy trainer leaves....

obedience-unleashed said...

I find your blog entertaining but if I might offer some constructive criticism? It's tough to read with the black background and the narrow paragraphs. :) Maybe it's just me and my bad eyesight?

WhatTheHay said...

Amen! I've seen even seasoned lesson horses pitch a fit for some reason or another. These are big strong animals that have a mind of their own. Regardless of how well-trained the animal is, riders need to be focused and alert at all times. I know I'm riding correctly when I'm exhausted at the end of a 45 minute lesson, LOL!