Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cowboys Are Fun!!!

Today it is gorgeous here in the Seattle area, we should all be out riding... Just not like these guys... You know sometimes I have to wonder, does this really help your horse sell? Well here is your cowboy edition of "WTF will they put on Dreamhorse next?"

WTF? IS he really standing in the parking lot of Rose Bowl Stadium on a raggy looking horse that could really benefit from A. A new home and B. A good Brushing

Hmmmm Who says you can't ride 2 horses at once?? *headdesk* http://www.dreamhorse.com/show_horse.php?form_horse_id=1356444&share_this=Y

Oh and if you want this horse you can for $7500.00 Ahahahahaha Yeah RIGHT!!! OK OK so seriously now... WHY would anyone spend that much money for that horse in a market like this?

You know what? I bet this girl is really nice and a very good trainer, but there is something about her that just really bugs the crap out of me. LOL!

Maybe it's all the gimmicky stuff I don't like. You know? Just RIDE your damn horse like a NORMAL Freaking person! Or Maybe I'm just being pissy pants today!! LMFAO!!! Either Way Enjoy!!!


Nd_Appy said...

I refuse to buy a horse that is advertised that way. It makes me wonder what other crap they have done to the poor animal. I mean seriously. Why would anyone WANT to stand on their horse like that? I'm pretty sure Callie would let me, but I have no reason to. I'm not in (or training to be in) the circus. So no call for trick riding. Which is EXACTLY what most ads out there, that I have seen lately, have shown. That or unbroke (or even not HALTER broke) horses that people want astronomical amounts for.

ok sorry for the book... *slinks back off to work on her art*

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Nicely dun said...

OMG LOL I WAS JUST looking at dreamhorse LOL and TWO of the THREE pictures you posted I had already laughed at.....

I don't see a reason to STAND on top of my horse...

Some people.

clara said...

the last lady is interesting. i watch her sales videos and i like how she shows the horses on the ground saddling, clipping, loading. i also like that she rides them into town and all of her horses look really calm. but some of her stuff she goes a little overboard with the tarp stuff. and i hate it when she rides backwards.

The Crossroads said...

I think there's a difference between desensitizing and just going over the top. I worked my two year old under a tarp and other odd conditions, but riding the horse with the tarp over you and the horse is just retarded. My two year old is a dead head (in a good way) but by no means did I do these kinds of things. I just exposed her to those 'scary' objects early on that common horses spook at.

I just feel that this is extreme. I've stood on my horses, but just for giggles, I don't literally ride like that.

To each their own I suppose.

autumnblaze said...

There is a pic of my grandmother standing on two harnessed drafts one foot on the back of each. She couldn't have been 10. It's an awesome pic (super old and she's having so much fun). However, it was from the 19-teens/20's. Those guys just look like idiots standing on their horses. I feel bad for the horses. Imaging how your little feet feel on their backs, concentrating our weight. I'd like to yank them off the horses and stand on them in cowboy boots.

JamieC said...

You should change the name of your blog from "I Hate Your Horse", to "Horse, I Hate Your Owner". HAHA!! ;-)

Trainer X said...

You know i'm stating to think you're right Jamie!! hahahaah

Serendipity said...

Any time I see a photo with someone standing on a horse's back, I automatically assume they're a douchebag.

Man, those two sorrels look pissed.

GoLightly said...

There's one way this can be done correctly. It's called "Vaulting", and the horse is padded properly. It's cool to watch, the horses look pretty happy, mostly, if a bit dizzy:)
Grinding your concentrated, not to mention sharp foot weight into a horses back, is just so much dumber than dumb..
It's sociopathetic. THAT is CNJ's newest word, I canna' lie:)

I think the last horse/rider wants to be in the movies. And more over-flexion, anyone? Sorry, she seemed a smitch amateurish to my old eyes. I hate pictures where the horse is looking like she'll fall forward if anything happens.

Horses never look down except to eat. And if they're FORCED.

oops.sorry, I go back under rock, in corner.

CCH said...

I'm sick of the I'm a horse trainer or I'm a cowboy movement. I blame NH, RFD-TV, and all the other commercial jackasses. Why does working with your horse that you may or may not ever sell automatically make you a trainer.

I mean come on, you're "training" your horse just by being within 5 feet of him, that does not make you a qualified trainer in my book.

Most people I see doing all this "desensitizing", which I think is really becoming a buzz word, obviously watch way too much tv. Guess what, they can throw pink flamingos wrapped in a tarp sitting in a lawn chair at their horses in the arena, but those same horses jump out of their shoes if a bird flies up in front of them outside.

TooTiredToRide said...

oy, I don't think i could do that to most of the horses i have... does that make them untrained? YEAH RIGHT! i bet they are all MUCH safer than those horses in the long run!

Christina said...

Did you catch this in the first ad?:
"Can be ridden out on trail bareback w/ a halter (he's even beer/bar broke)!"

CCH said...

TooTired, that's exactly my point. It's not really training the horse anything. Except to ignore you or not move its feet. I'm not against a little sacking out. I just believe when it goes beyond that to the point of the horse "checking out", there is no benefit and no training really occurs.

Amy said...

Those first 2 horses need a serious upgrade... both cute horses though... and yes, the two sorrels look super pissed. The guy is bracing himself on the one horses curb bit. Nice.

I actually really like the third mare. Super cute.

Mikolaj said...

I really have to disagree slightly. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. I agree that the advertisements get annoying - I hate the idea that some novice will buy this horse and think it's literally bombproof and that they can do anything with it.

But we do a ton of this crap with our horses. Just for fun mostly. We're just backyard riders with a lot of boring prairie, so we're always thinking up new wacky things to try. Last summer it was jumping backwards, LOL. I also do a lot of tarp work with my Arab mare.

I can see both sides of it, but I just don't see the huge deal. I personally would never advertise a horse like that, but to each their own!