Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Heaven Help Us...

Here's an article off the front page of today's Seattle Times.
I am at a loss... sometimes it feels as there is no end in sight and stories like this keep becoming more and more rampant...


Nd_Appy said...

The really sad part is that I bet we are going to see so many of the these stories starting to pop up they will start to be common.

GoLightly said...

Oh, the horses are so sad.

Maybe if the money for the bailouts went to where it would actually do some GOOD!


I know, TrainerX, I know.

That's what tragic about the whole darned situation, I think.

People who could truly use a hand don't get it.

Those who have been getting handouts for years keep getting them.
I'm talking about the GM/Chrysler bailout, if anyone's wondering.
That makes me sick.
500 million bucks, to start, for badly managed companies to stay afloat.


I think we should all just junk our cars, and ride horses to work.

I wish the "little guy" wasn't so broke.
It doesn't seem to pay very well, being nice.

Good luck to that poor horse retirement facility.
Such sad facts of life.

I wish for a pot of gold, for us all.

Golden Girl said...

Ugh, just enough to make a dismal day seem worse... How sad for all those poor animals that haven't anywhere else to go.
Not everybody can keep up an older retired, lame, blind, etc. horse. It is an expense that not everybody can make. I know because I've got an OTTB that is now in her 20s, and is a baby sitter for my minis and otherwise useless. But I continue to pour the feed and hay to her until she is ready to cross over...
God love her, I know I do.

Mikolaj said...

It makes me so bloody sick to my stomach that with all the reports of rampant abuse and neglectful/irresponsible supposed "rescues", here is one doing a FANTASTIC job - and being sent up shit creek without a paddle. I cannot even believe how healthy and amazing all those old timers look. The fact that they involve the community and troubled youth makes it so much more heart warming.

Life is such a bitch.

paul_linn_is_a_jerk said...

I have a feeling we are seeing only the tip of the iceburg. I know I wish I could do more, but I only have resources (both time and $$) for one "pasture ornament".

Don't get me started on the 'bailout'