Friday, October 24, 2008

Do I really Hate your horse???

Hmmmm, whenever you make a statement such as this I'm sure there is alot of flack to follow, so here is your one and only explanation... No, I do NOT hate your horse. I do however, hate what you do to your horse. When you think you are a trainer and that you KNOW IT ALL and you really just end up fucking your horse beyond belief, only to call me and other trainers like me, to fix this psychotic mess that you call a "showhorse", "trail horse", or "like I give a damn horse". Yeah that's right I said it. I'm the one who has to then get on the damn thing and correct everything you "did". There are of course FABULOUS owners out there and good breeders and of course we'll honor them too, but for the most part, lets get to ripping!!! WELCOME!!!!!

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