Friday, October 31, 2008

Could We Be any Cuter!!?!?!?!?

Happiest Halloween to evryone!! Let's have a bit of fun today!!!! I LOVE these guys what good sports!!!

OMG! Too stinkin' Cutes!!

Love that Hat!!!!!

LMAO!! They are soooo Cute!!

My FAVORITE!!!! Scuba Horse!!!!

Have a Fabulous Halloween Everyone!!!!



Those are SO ADORABLE! I seriously doubt my mare would allow any of that... or at the very least, i'd owe her carots for a VERY long time... LOL

hope4more said...

I love the Scuba Horse! Although I have to say they are all cute and really detailed. I just can't imagine either of my boys letting me do this, especially the hat or the scuba would be utter pandamonium trying to get it on their head. Once it was there I hate to think what would happen, yikes. Gotta love such good natured horses like these.

LegendsLiveOn said...

Oh my goodness.... How cute! Love the pumpkin bum. Did you do these yourself?

Dog-Gone Fugly

Trainer X said...

OMG those doggies are so cutes!!!!

Trainer X said...

*snort* LMAO!!

TheHorseGirl said...

lol those are HILLARIOUS!!!!!11