Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sooooo.... What The Hell is This???

It's a horse, a mutt horse, that has it's own breed... It's called the Blazer horse. And yes, it confuses me.... here is a link so you can learn all about it. It's mostly a QH Morgan X. At least that's what I got out of this site so far... The requirements of the breed are pretty similar to AQHA. Except it's not an AQHA horse, it's a Blazer....

I wonder with horse people sometimes, I mean don't get me wrong every breed started from somewhere and is a mix of many breeds, but do registries like this just pop up so you can pretend to have a registered horse? For example, The American Warmblood, it's sort of a breed, mostly just a mutt though....

What do you think of breed registries like this? Do they hinder or help? Do they encourage more backyard cross breeding, or give everyone a chance to have a registered horse???


amanda said...

It would probably help if at least all the horses looked to be the same breed. At least if you have a group of Quarter Horses, they all look like Quarter Horses. All of their horses just look like a mix-n-match of different breeds with not so special conformation.
And if you haven't seen it yet, check out the jumping pic on the sales page.

GoLightly said...

Looks pretty foul.

yeah, ReaL talented jumpers..

Mutts, they are. Cute enough, maybe not THAT cute.
Hey, I have a Blaze Dog!!
Could I make millions, ya think?

I found it interesting that prices ranged from $12.5k to $500.00.
Depreciation, maybe;)
Their Blazes fade..

havinfun said...

Ummm... Nokota mustang with some color tossed in?

Paigeley said...

i think if the breed got somewhat popular and at least most of the horses looked the same, they could pass them off as a real breed and maybe get some gullible people to go rescue some and save from the KB

CinammonSwirl said...

You know what's worse about these horses? They all have the back end of my 22+ yr. old QH gelding who is hard to keep weight on. Meaning there isn't one. I mean, mother nature gives wild horses more (dare I say it) ass.

If you want to make up a breed registry, at least have quality, consistency, and temperament to back it up. That's a foundation that all breeds have.

We live in a time where we have tons of already established breeds to do the job you want to do as it were. Chances are the need for a new breed is pretty slim now. Why not pick with what we already have?

Amy said...

Well, I actually think these... ponies are kind of cute... but they sure as HELL are not 10 grand cute. This is better than some of the other made-up registries I've seen... but it is still a made-up registry in order to turn a grade mutt into a *rare* breed. Like, can I make up a "fat sorrel horse" registry so my grade mare is worth thousands?

Anyway, the fact that they are all inbred back to that "little Blaze" horse bothers me a lot.

ponykins said...

If it makes someone that much prouder of their horse to have him "registered", they just might take a little better care of it. Better care might equal a better life for the horse. If that's all the benefit some "shoebox" registry offers, then, yes, it might be of some benefit to the horses it registers.

Golden Girl said...

Just another 'gimmick' made up breed to try and make money from the idiots that just have to have 'something special' to ride. LOL

The first animal for sale shown jumping it just a train wreck!

BAD BUSINESS all around!

FlyingHorse2 said...

I have a mare that could be in the Fat Sorrel Horse Association. Can we start that? I think she could be a foundation Queen! LOL!
Blazer horse....hmmmmmm, I thought they'd all be wearing a blazer with a matching logo patch!