Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well it's the start of Fall time and it's cooler and starts to get darker soon so a lot of people put there horses away for the Winter... Giving them the Winter off to let their horses relax, mostly because we feel it's too darn cold to get our butts out and riding. Winter time can be a great time for hacking around and just actually riding for fun... Not thinking about anything in particular just exercising and riding around.

The best and easiest way to get through the bad weather, is to plan events with other barn friends. Plan a jumper night, or a game day. Do mini clinics where you all ride and have your peers critic each other and help each other out. Have a broomstick polo game or go to some Winter schooling shows.

Just because the weather is turning doesn't mean we have to stop having fun!!! So get warm and get out there. What actvities do you enjoy in the arena???


The Pale Horseman said...

I don't school often because Nell plunges and bucks in confined spaces. She doesn't mind jumping though because thats fun. ;) So if the ground isn't wet, I do some jumping but winter is actually one of my most active riding times. I live right at the south end of UK and its pretty wet all year round to the point that a few years back in mid July a local place called Boscastle had its river flood. Absolute nightmare. So here in Cornwall we make use of whatever dry days we can and are so used to the rain we hack out in that as well.
Other than that, on a dry day I school on the beach. Lots of space for Nell to stretch her legs and have a good gallop. Its brilliant as there is rarely a soul on the beach so you can really get some speed going. It's much more difficult to get there in the summer due to holiday makers so winter is perfect beach riding time.

SammieRockes said...

I ride all most everyday in the winter with my friends. We go and run around on the trails where the wind can't hit us. We also ride bareback to get the horses body heat. it works. keeps my butt pretty warm!

SolitaireMare said...

Fall makes me think of two things - hunter paces and foxhunting! The hunter paces have become my favorite competitive event and they start up around here in the fall. So, you have to keep riding and keep your horse fit if you want to try for the ribbons. This year is different, I have a new, green horse and I don't see any hunter paces in our future until maybe next year.