Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Honesty is the Best Policy

I came across this dream horse ad and WHOA... The owner seems a wee bit upset!!! Horse bucks and kids ruined him.... Hmmm that is quite to the point and I respect that immensely, but how do you stop it before it gets to that point??? Before someone "ruins" your horse??? He's a young gelding at 7 and already ruined???? What would you say if someone was riding your horse the way you didn't like???? Are you the shy type who would just blow it off or say would you say something??? Me, I'd say something... I've spent too much time on my horses to let them get trashed...

Here is the ad... I copied and pasted it for privacy

Small Companion Horse
Olympia, Washington 98507
Date Foaled:
14.0 hh
700 pounds
Other Coloror Markings:
brown and black
Temperament:1=Very Calm...10=Very High-Spirited
May Trade:
Reg. Assn:

Reg. Number:

For Lease:
For Sale:
Asking Price:
$1 (US)
Horse Skills or Potential:

Small appy gelding. Eight years old. Bucks. Very sweet but not honest. Would make a nice companion horse to another horse or maybe a pack horse. He is wonderful to ride as long as your mind is on him. When you take your mind off he knows and bucks like a bucking bronc. Free to good home. He is a sweetheart. Beginner riders have ruined him.


horsesandponies4ever said...

I started to ride a haflinger, sweet on the ground, but a pain in the saddle. When I started to ride him, I was told he did high dressage, and hadn't been ridden in about 6 mos. Okay, whatever. Not like I haven't had to chip rust off of a horse before. He however had other ideas. He bucked and tried to scrap me off on the rail -_-;, not one, not twice, at least 20 times. Than the blanks got filled in. Before the current owner bought him, he was left in the hands of greenies *head desk head desk head desk* I figured he did that crap because he didn't want to work. He did it because he figured he could intimidate me......... He soon leaned that I knew the pulley rein and if he wasn't going to play nice, I wasn't either. He's 95% better, he still has his moments of 'No.' And the classic 'Make me make me make me.' And he's only 10, and he's learned that if he bucks and can intimidate his rider, they'll get off, or doesn't listen he can get away with it. Why don't people who are experienced not step in and go, "You shouldn't do that because X,Y, or Z could happen?" They think it's none of their buisness. Their not the ones facing the auction, because they have ended up like this poor horse has.

Grocery Girl said...

i used to have an arabian mare who had been schooling upper level dressage. when i went away to college, i couldn't afford to take her with me, so she stayed with my dad. he and one of my friends boarded at the same facility which was geared specifically toward trail riders. well, said friend decided that since my mare was so calm, she'd be perfect for her non-rider friends to ride when she brought them out. when i came back from school, my former dressage horse would no longer work on the bit and wouldn't pick up the left lead because whenever she'd been cantered, they'd let her pick her lead, so of course she picked her stronger side. i was absolutely livid and made it clear that from then on, nobody rode her but me. btw, i'm no longer friends with that person.

Whiteponies said...

If anyone was riding any of my horses in a way that could harm, intimidate or otherwise "ruin" them, they'd be ripped off of the poor thing so fast they wouldn't see me coming. I've spent way too much time with my horses, and it takes just one ride to ruin what you've tried so hard to cultivate, especially on a green horse. I don't know if I'd even let anyone else ride my horses. I worked hard to get them to where they are, I don't want anyone to screw it up but me. I'm just that selfish.

poisonivy171 said...

That reminds me of a friend of mine. She has a 6 year old double registered blue roan mare, big beautiful mare very nicely broke but still just coming out of green phase. This mare rides in a simple d-ring snaffle and my friend is working on her at gaming. I've also been helping train her and this mare rides in just the d-ring and no tie down. so my friend (we will call her LG) let a different woman ride her at a little local game show. The woman then claimed she didn't feel "safe" on Esperanza (the BR mare) because the woman is around 300lbs and has little to no balance and fell off. She proceeded to put poor soft mouthed saint Esperanza in some crazy twisted wire hack combo with 8 inch shanks and a tie down. LG was speechless and didnt want to say anything to the woman but by the end of the show watching poor Esperanza suffer through something only a moron who can't train a horse would put on their face, LG finally had had enough and let her frustratiobn be heard. Well long story short the woman has never asked to ride the mare again. And mind you she fell off due to her bad balance, the mare was trotting and slides to a stop in just a d-ring

Jasmine said...

I also have a story. XD

We had the cutest large hunter pony. Dapple gray/brown and named Mocha. Pony packed around greenies for lessons occasionally but mostly was ridden by one or two intermediate/advanced riders who showed him.

Then he was sold away from the barn.

3 years later pony comes back and everyone is very excited to see him. But something happened. He doesn't jump anymore. At all. He will literally run straight through anything.

I was far too tall for him but very skinny so I rode him for fun. I used to ride bareback and follow along with the beginner lessons that sort of thing. BO was happy to get extra experienced miles on him. Then I discovered. He "jumps" into a canter when you ask! I started asking for it over poles and he would sort of hop over them. Eventually we got him schooling cross rails and (very) low verticals again but he was never the same.

FlyingHorse2 said...

What a shame that such a young horse has been so mishandled. The owner must be so afraid of it at this point as to give it away. It must not have always been this way and being so young it seems he may be heading towards an even scarier chapter in his short life. How unfortunate. And yes, if someone is riding so inappropriately on one of my horses that I fear the horse will be forever 'ruined', I would certainly speak up and correct things. I don't care who you trained with, what you've won or how great of a rider your mother thinks you will never be allowed to ride my horses in an unfit manner! I believe that true of most horse owners.....except, sadly, for the appaloosa gelding listed here.

Paigeley said...

nobody rides my horse.
number one i just got her under control
number two i would be worried about the riders safety because indie is not beginner safe at all

The Pale Horseman said...

I'm very picky about who rides my horse and I have to have rode with them first before I consider it. Nell was hard mouthed and dead sided when we got her and it has taken a year for her to sensitise to the point she is now. She was always ridden in a tight rein but now neck reins with me. If I thought anyone was going to ride her with a heavy contact (she's in a pelham with roundings, so already a strong bit without strong hands)I would probably refuse in case they undid my hard work. She can have funny little tantrums occasionally as well so isn't a begginers horse off lead. Being an older horse I also worry about her joints and legs so don't allow anyone who tanks about the countryside to ride her. I always tell people when they do get to ride her that they are of a priveliged few.