Thursday, December 4, 2008

Would You Like Some Common Sense with That????

No? No common sense for you? OK well, no big. *headdesk*

You know, I'm really starting to think that it should be mandatory to have a licence in order to own a horse. As any true horse person knows, you are going to come in contact with some people who own a horse, but are just way too stupid to own one. "Why Trainer X, have you encountered one of theses people???" YES! Yes I have, lately it seems to be more often than not. Why don't people understand that purchasing a horse does NOT mean that you automatically "know something" about horses. Horses aren't gerbils for God's sake. Or goldfish. Horses require a hair more intelligence in their ownership.

"OK, let's go down the list. I have a bridle, saddle, carrots, a brush, common sense. Wait, where in the hell is my common sense? Hmmm I wonder if my local feed store has any in stock, I'm fresh out." *snort*

Example time!!!!! Yay!!! *confetti*

Example #1. A ladies horse at one of my barns kicks it's legs through the tongue and groove stall, ripping the flesh and some meat right off her back legs. So, the owner is called and told "hey you need to come down here, check out your horse perhaps get a bandage on it, call a vet." The owner's response? "Oh she'll be fine for awhile, I need to take a shower before I head up there." Whaaaaaaaaaat?!?! I thought they were joking when they told me that story. But sadly it was confirmed when the owner herself told me. Needless to say she got quite an earful from me.

Example #2. "My semi-hardkeeper t-bred is a bit light in the weight department so I need her to gain weight. So what I think I'll do is leave her in her stall for 2 weeks straight, then feed her 8 flakes of alfalfa a day, plus cob, and oats. she's gaining weight but boy does she seem tense??"

Example #3. "I know nothing about horses, but own so what I'm going to do is take the advice of 14 different people, plus books and try to apply it ALL to my horse."

Example #4 LAST NIGHT!!! *chuckle* I was giving lessons and a woman came out with her horse who is about to jump out of her skin, and the woman says, "hee hee I haven't ridden my 'YOUNG, HOT' horse in 5 weeks." So I tell the lady, well if I were you, I would lunge her first. Make sure she gets some of that excess energy out. The horse was seriously about to burst into flames she was so hot and tense. The super intelligent response I receive?? "Oh no John Lyons doesn't lunge his horses, so neither do I." Whaaaaaaaaaaa???? OK?!?! My reply? "I can guarantee you that he ROUND PENS them first." Nope sorry she's not interested. Well you know I don't really know if he lunges or not, but I can guarantee that YOU are NO FUCKING JOHN LYONS! If he doesn't want to lunge/round pen his horses that's fine because HE CAN RIDE! OR he'll have an assistant get on a hyper horse! *Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh* OK, calm down. So the woman gets on her horse and gee guess what happens? With in 5 minutes she's in the dirt! Big shocker there! So now what's her solution?? She's going to CHASE the ever loving hell out of her horse around the entire 80x140 arena. Boy, that's really teaching the horse something you twit. It's been brought up to her before to round pen her horse, but she says the round pen is too small for her horse to run in and that she can't go full speed. *snork what?* It's a 60ft round pen! And she doesn't need to go full speed!!

You would honestly think that being able to ride and enjoy a more willing and sane horse with not quite so much energy would be more appealing. Riding so you could progress and learn something. Relax and enjoy yourself. But that shows you what I know! *head shaking*

I'm really beginning to think that for every competent horse person that there are 3 asshats. 3-1? Oh my those poor, poor horses. On the other hand maybe this is Darwinism at it's best? Weeding out the dumb? Hmmmm I like the sound of that.


Hyena Overlord said...

I agree with licencing. We have to licence our dogs and cats. You have to have a permit to have exotic animals. Horse owners should have to have a licence for their animals at least.

As for common sense. In some instances it evaporates into thin air once one acquires a horse of their own.

2toads2luv said...

But they're PUR-TEE!! Shell out some dough for a horse, buy a book, what's so hard about that???

I love it when I get the "you're crazy" look when I tell someone who's considering first time horse ownership that buying the horse is the cheapest part of owning a horse. That just can't be right.. They're putting up $1500, $2000 for a horse, now THAT's a lot of money, and it's easy from there.


TX... Nail, meet hammer. Once again, great post.

carmen said...

I totally understand what you're saying. But please know that there are trainers out there who are just as infuriating. I have been riding and showing for 15 years, have been a working student for several trainers, and I have trouble finding a trainer with any knowledge who isn't RUDE! My current trainer discourages us from riding our own horses, riding each other's horses, and if you ask him, every horse in training is FAR too difficult for anyone else to handle. I have been very successful in the show ring without him, and he just HATES it that I'm out from under his thumb. He has nothing good to say about any other trainer IN THE NATION and he always tries to make you feel as if you are not a good rider. My confidence has taken a nosedive with him, but I'm working my way out of his barn. Total control freak psycho.

SpotMeSomeColor said...

Carmen, that's terrible. I just started under a new trainer and I LOVE her. SHe's totally encouraging and not scary. I've made SO much progress just in the month I've been with her. THey can be hard to find, but when you find the right one, it's a dream!

My horse is an Appy, so not generally hot and spunky. But if I haven't ridden for more than 4 days I either lunge her free off her halter, just letting her get her bucks out OR I turn her out in my arena and let her run, run, fart, buck, run until she's ready to work. I've never been dumped off of her and that's how I like it, haha. I've met people that didn't lunge. They went to the hospital. And I have to say, it was funny because they were an idiot who was ignoring what the knowledgeable horse people in their life had told them to do/not do. And of course, weren't badly hurt, just a concussion.

Trainer X said...

CARMEN~ Oh geez believe me trainers can be the worst of all lol!!! And I'll get to that in future posts! Thanks for the comment!!! :):)

Carin said...

I think you're me in another life! Great post!!

Trainer X said...

Carin~ SWEET!!!!

wvfarmgirl said...

I used to work for people that thought all 20 horses in their barn needed to be fed the same 4 pounds of sweet feed twice a day, even tho several are terribly overweight and had already foundered. If the amount is good for one, it must be good for all!

SammieRockes said...

Haha, before I rode my horse for the second time he had a few months off, and he was an angel!

Anyway, off topic, but thought it was interesting. The two horses I have connected with best and worked with best, started as horse I HATED! My Current Boy, Rebel, He was my dads, The first time I rode him, he bolted twice, so I changed horses to my ever friendly preggo Fjord. And then when my dad got seriously sicker and I was up there a lot, something made me get back on Rebel, and we have been great ever since.

His only problem: He is a TRUE trail horse, a bulldozer. He knows he is big and powerful. Normally, I win our fights but man, he does not give in with out one rear. so we are working on the "Rearing is very bad concept." I love him becuase he has to be tough, like, he is so calm, and nothing really bothers him, horse can kick him, nail him in the chest while we are riding and he will act like nothing happened.

And then(an asshat move, I know) To show my friend how bombproff and quiet he is, I jumped on him bareback, all he had was a halter, and turned to where I was faceing his butt(all the while he is just munching away on grass,) I lay down and smack him pretty hard on the butt, doesn't even flinch , I mean the only time I get any notice that it does make a difference when I repremand him is when I smack him on the neck.

Then the other guy, was an OTTB, Hated him while he was a race horse, he was always sucha jerk, and then once I started working with him and training him to jump, I fell inlove! NEVER refused a jump, we moved up to two feet pretty quickly.

Trainer X said...

It ususally works out that way though...the horses you may hate at first sometimes become the best ones.

Walk On said...

Three to one? Try twenty to one!

And most of those twenty are involved with horse rescues. :P

Trainer X said...

Walk on said... Three to one? Try twenty to one!

And most of those twenty are involved with horse rescues. :P

OMFG!!! You're so right!!!!

OldMorgans said...

License--most dog owners know very little about dogs, so licenses don't help there. Just another way for the county or city to get some money. Heck, look at all the stupid drivers & they have to pass some sort of test.
I have a poster in my book store that says "There is still plenty of horse sense. But most of it is with the horses."--or words to that effect.

Nosnikta said...

Ohhhhhhh if only it were that easy just to offer it on a platter like cheese with the whine and have people accept it.

I recently watched a very novice rider get on a barrel horse because "Well, my mom used to run barrels and my best friend does sooooo...." Yeah, ok then.

Then I watch said person fall OFF a 22yo babysitter horse before she even gets to the first barrel. The horse stands patiently waiting for someone to rescue it while others are on the phone dialing 911for the heap of osmosis-generated expertise lying in the dirt. Where shall we send the flowers?

In regard to trainers... omg. I've been holding my tongue but it's getting the best of me.

I'm sorry, but if you are too fat to wipe your own butt with your tiny dinosaur arms let alone get on a horse to demonstrate something, shut up and get out of my way. AND if Ms. Dino can only badmouth the trainers that are in shape and actually ride and compete successfully then she REALLY better get out of my way.

AND, all the books in the world are not going to replace the experience of getting out there and doing it. There are folks who can run circles around me quoting famous trainers. Ok, so let's go ride then.

GONG. Use your brains, people.

(Wow lol... I sound pissy, don't I?) lololol

Trainer X said...

LMAO!!! Very True!!!

Hyena Overlord said...

*LMAO* @Nosnikta

But but..I got a big head full of booklearning and tiny little arms.