Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to the Daily Grind...

Wow! It has been one hell of a past few days or even past weeks for me. With all the crazy snow the PNW has had, to Christmas, to my own birthday on the 27th (Christmas Baby). Now it's just getting back to the routine of things... I hope you all received the gifts you were hoping for and got to spend some good Q.T. with your family and ponies!!!!

Since I've been frolicking in the abyss that is my crazy life for the past few days, lets recap some things that have been going on...
Abundant amount of snow+roof = Oh Shit... Thank god these people had the foresight to TRY and clear the snow off their roof and also get their horse OUT of the barn in case the roof did collapse, which it did.

Then we have this Gem who has been angering Craigslisters for the past few days all over the country. This was also just recently mentioned on Fug's blog. Just put the damn filly down already!!

Well, we are expected to get more snow and ooooh flooding now!!! It is winter time so please keep your horses and hay dry! Keep your hay supplied so if your power goes out, or you get flooded in or snowed in, you have enough supplies not to stress. Have a dry spot for your horses to go, and have an evacuation plan ie: a safe place to take your horses, the roads to take, etc... Mother nature has no mercy for our ill-planning. Be safe! And for most of you, enjoy your Holiday Vacation!!!


GoLightly said...

Aww, I don't wanna be first:)

Good luck with that crazy weather!!
We had a story last year (we had tons of snow) about a barn collapsing, the horses made it out thankfully.
Yeah, that peggy sue story really, really gets my dander up:(
Poor filly. Why do people insist on doing this crap, with so many healthy four-legged critters needing good care too?

Happy New Year

2toads2luv said...

Power outages and evacuation plans... all GOOD reasons I wouldn't want to live on the Wetside. Great place to visit, but you can have it Sister!

I was at a barn once where the problem was snow sliding off the roof. Some horses were trapped inside, some out. One managed to get trapped IN the snow, too dumb to care.

Oh, wait, that was MY horse! The dingbat... He was just patiently waiting for help. We started digging him out but when several other horses were going crazy, we actually left him to calm them down before getting him out. His response? He just walked back into his stall, gave a big blow and started munching again. Kids, I tell ya!

Oh, and really, WTF is up with that 3 legged filly? How self serving of the owners.

Mikolaj said...

That poor filly makes me want to smash things. Ignorant bloody fucktarded jackassery at it's best. I swear to god, it's become a competition to say "Look what we did!" Has anybody even BEGUN to considered developmental complications? Of course not - they're to busy being self sentered glory hogs.

Trottin' Down the Trail said...

Happy Birthday! You and I share the same birthday and I like your blog so much I've bookmarked it!