Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Wishes

Ahhhhhhh welcome to Christmas Eve my friends...or the holidays. Whichever. Here is my Christmas/Holiday wish list of things to do or that should be done or just whatever I feel like...hahahaa

1. No more stupid people with horses. Or any animal for that matter. Quit breeding your crap! We have enough horses that need homes, without your Heinz 57, pwetty colored horsey running around...

2. Quit trying to train your horse to do things that are sooooo kyoootie (rearing for example). It's dumb and it may hurt someone.
Namely a trainer who is trying to fix the garbage you've done.

3. Just because you may have or think you have a bazllion dollar horse, does not mean you are better than anyone else so cut the damn attitude.

4. FEED YOUR HORSES!!! Give them the proper maintenance and care.

5. Ahhhhh trail ride more often...

6. Hug your horse!!!

7. Treat yourself and your pony to something nice!! A Gift from yourself to yourself....
8. Go to a show, or try something different.

9. Treat yourself to a clinic of your favorite trainer.

10. Have a wonderful Christmas!!! Holiday!!!! Etc...

Love you guys!!!


GoLightly said...

Merry Chrismas, TrainerX!
Thanks for the great laughs this year.
Thanks for listening.
Thanks for the perfect Christmas Wish List for Horses.
They deserve the best we can give them, if we choose to own them.
Horses are a Gift, just standing there, aren't they?

I wish for a horse to hug, of course.
Can I add that?

Hugs to all your horses:)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Trainer X said...

Your so very welcome!!! You deserve a horse of your own to hug :):)

Trainer X said...

Oh OT!!!! This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about from my prev. blog!!!!

Trickery said...

Merry present Day and a Happy New Year Trainer X! I hope all your wishes come true, thanks for all the interesting blogs, and for listening to the complaining sometimes.
Keep it up - you're a champ.

2toads2luv said...

Oh Sister, you know where I'm at and what I'm thinking, so there are tons of comments I COULD make about your Christmas wishes...

But, I'll go completely away from where I'm at in my head right now, and comment on numero tres.

So, I put a LOT of time, as in, 2 years, on my yellow horse (see avatar pic) before I EVER put him to a barrel, and it was a year after that, that I raced. So, he was 2 when we got him. That made him 5 before I competed on him. I know, WTF, right? Derbies? Furtities? I missed out. Ya, whatever.

So at one of our first races, a WBRA race, in the $50 novice, we won. And had the fastest time of the day.

And that happened again, and again, and again. Not the $50 novice thing, obviously. But the fastest time thing. And the response I got?

Oh, that horse MUST have come up from CA. Blah blah blah. I heard stories that I never would've even come up with, just to try and explain this yellow horse and why he was so fucking fast.

Can you say, POOR LOSERS! Thank you to those who were my friends through all that, you are the best.

WOW. Where am I going with this? Oh yeah, #3. WTFever, dude, whatever.

kestrel said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for all the great info, and the opportunity to vent, laughs, and old memories revived. To the horses, and the people who love them!

horsesandponies4ever said...

I so agree with you. The barn brats need to cut their crap, before I put them in crap =^.^=. Honestly I don't know how your daughter who thinks she knows everything, and thinks she's better than any one ended up in that pile of muck! She should be more careful! Heh heh heh serves her right'

lachellesays said...

This rates under your #1 christmas wish:

WTF? Why would making the withers look like THAT ever be necessary?

GoLightly said...

Yes, there's a horse that needs to be gently PTS.
Here's that prayer I was looking for.

See, Lord,
my coat hangs in tatters;
all that I had of zest,
all my strength,
I have given.
Now my poor head swings
to offer up all the loneliness of my heart.
Dear God,
stiff on my thickened legs
I stand here before You,
Your useless servant.
Oh! Of Your goodness,
give me a gentle death."

The Prayer of the Old Horse from Prayers from the Ark by Carmen Bernos de Gasztold.

I know you all know it. It is such word art, though.
Say it with me, AC4H rescuers. Maybe understand what it's trying to say.
I shudder at how the withers were "surgically altered". Yeah, right. Maybe backing up into something, getting terribly stuck in something, traumatic injury. Probably off the slaughter truck.
oh the poor critter.

Going to hug my dogs, and promise them I'll never let them suffer for my enjoyment of them.

To Your Happy Healthy Horses.

CutNJump said...

I guess hoofcare, worming and proper fitting tack go along with #4.

And I hope everyone had a Merry Holidays as well.