Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Proud New Papa

Some clients of mine went horse hunting this weekend to look for roughly a 2-2.5 yr old horse. Something that hasn't had much done with it, something that my clients husband could work with for the next year while it grows. Ready for the irony??? So when my client went horse hunting for herself, her dear dear husband gave her the silent treatment for 3 weeks. *snork* Which according to her was a blessing in disguise. Her husband couldn't understand what she wanted a damn "hay burner" for. Well now he has come around immensely to the point where he'd like me to help him work with a young horse to call his own.
So, we end up coming across a lady that I've known for a while and she happens to be selling her 2 yr old QH mare. Oh and a pretty thing she is! Big chest, great conformation, nice hind end, good strong legs, sweet face, just a damn beauty! So we talk with the lady and she has to get rid of her little mare. Her and her husband both lost their jobs and one horse had to go and that horse was Diamond."

It was love at first sight! LOL! My clients husband is head over heels for this little girl! He even took a half day off work yesterday so he could walk her around the property in the day light and get her acclimated! He's totally smitten!! *hee hee* It's just so damn cute!!

Anyway, I myself would like to see Diamond, and how she is and moves, and her personality so I go up there yesterday and they're grooming her while she eats, but there is a slight struggle with the tail. It's a wee bit crusty. *yuckers* So I suggest taking her over to the wash rack and filling up a bucket with warm water to dunk her tail in and soften the dirt. Well this method proves to be too much effort, so me being the way I am I just "Hey, if she were mine, I'd turn on the hose and try to wash her tail." When working with any horse I will always go as far as they will allow me too. And the horse will let you know when enough is enough. So why the hell not see how she does with water and the hose???

She doesn't flinch! *everyone's eyes bug* She takes a step or two forward and back, but only because she is trying to see what we're doing. She took it like an old pro and I know for a fact that the previous owners never did any of this stuff with her. She's just a good little girl!! We hosed off her legs and just washed her tail nice and clean. See when training a horse to do anything, I NEVER react to them, if they're nervous I put them where they need to be and continue what I'm doing. If they don't get a reaction from me, then they quickly realize that whatever I'm doing must not be that big of deal.

OK, anyway, once we got her back to the stall to finish brushing her out the owner, proud little father that he is, wants to know what he can work on with her. Round penning, ground manners, blanketing, clipping, holding her feet up, sacking her out (my way) and oh so much more! They can go into the arena together and "play" and bond. Oh just way to much fun stuff when you own a sweet little 2 yr old filly with eyes that will melt your heart. This is going to be the experience of a life time for him. And the rewards are greater than anything. A forever friend trained and worked with to suit his personality and his filly's. I'm sure you can guess who'll be doing most of the actual training ;) but even still, the rewards outweigh the risks 1 million to 1 in the eyes of a proud new papa.


Amanda Nicole said...


now i want a 2y/o! haha don't have the time or the $$$ though....

Trainer X said...

Ahhhh young horses are too much fun!!!

Nosnikta said...

I'm excited for your friend!

I'm having a lot of fun with my bunch of younguns. It's fun to see a newbie take an interest like that. You will have to keep us posted on their story!


ezra_pandora said...

That's so funny. Nothing like a new to you horse to make a love affair. I know when we first got our horses, I wanted to be out at the barn every day as long as we could stay. Obviously that wears off a litte,but I love my little girl so much that my heart still flutters when we are going out to the barn and I've had her for about 5 years now. My trainer would tease me because when he first saw her and was working with her, he was like send her on, she's a nut job, she'll never be a calm horse. Well, after I had been putting time on her and he came out to the barn and saw how she was doing, he says "and to think, I told you to get rid of her, but noooo, you looooooved her." lol

It is fun when people get new horses, the excitement to see what happens and what they are like.

Nosnikta said...

It's interesting because usually you either have the passion, or you just don't. I am drawn to horses and don't wish to find myself in a lifestyle again where I am without their company. That's just who I am.

My friend's husband has never had an interest in horses, but he tolerates his wife and daughter's passions. He recently stumbled across a very nice horse that had been starved. He didn't know anything about it, but my friend jumped to get this horse. He's on the mend and now the hubby has suddenly taken an interest.

He's very protective of this new horse and you can even see some pride when he talks about it.

We still can't get him to ride with us very often! but it's fun to watch how he's learning more and taking a bigger part in what we do.

My hubby and I grew up with horses. Our daughter is growing up with them now. It's our lifestyle. I can't even imagine all the questions that must run through the mind of someone new to our world! How fun!

Trainer X said...

I know isn't it funny how the husbands of the horse world turn around so damn quickly!!! LMAO!

Mikolaj said...

Awww! What a nice story! Thank you for melting my heart. I am so happy to hear that he's turning to you for all the help, and so nice that he was able to find such a nice calm 2 year old to work with! I trained my mare from birth, and the bond we share is unbelieveable. I don't think I could ever buy a trained horse, I want something nobody has touched or messed up yet. Best of luck with him and his new love interest! ;-)

CutNJump said...

Oh the excitement of bringing home Baby! Congrats to the new owner/proud parents!

We recently sold one of our horses, and the new owners are thrilled beyond belief with her too!

The funny part is they are shocked that she stands so quietly for everything, lets you handle every part of her body with no problems and is just so well mannered. Uh, hate to break it to you, but we *expect* that from all of our horses. No matter what!

Best part of it all- when they came to pick her up, I was clipping her. Whiskers, bridle path and cleaning up her face a bit, all while she stood ground tied. Did I mention she is an Arab, 5 yeas old, and her previous owner had to ear her down to clip her bridle path? Oh and she had been shown halter, where whipping and beating are pretty routine in many barns. I would say she has adjusted quite well to the transition.

It's the horses with great minds, that make our job of training them seem so easy.

CutNJump said...

My hubby and I grew up with horses. Our daughter is growing up with them now. It's our lifestyle. I can't even imagine all the questions that must run through the mind of someone new to our world! How fun!


Ah, yes. It is a lifestyle! Certainly not just a "Hobby" as so many deluded folks wish to believe. It is a lifestyle in our house too! One that neither of us could ever imagine being without...

Trainer X said...

CNJ~ I couldn't agree more!!!