Saturday, December 6, 2008

And 1,2,3, and 1,2,3

So for some people, OK MOST people those of us who have horses typically work in an office or have some crappy job that tides us over each week from paycheck to paycheck so we can party with our ponies. Now I typically train full time, but every now and then I need some sort of residual income. *sigh* So when that time comes I like other am stuck in an office for a few dreaded hours. Now most people, if you're like me have zero time for anything else. Everything in my life takes a back seat to my horses, which includes a gym membership. So I have come up with some basic office exercises to keep me in shape whilst wasting my life behind a desk.

The squat: I stand behind my office chair so I can rest my hands on it, keeping my back straight I go up and down as many times as I can until I feel as though I may never be able to walk again.

Desk-ups: I do push ups against my desk a lot of them!!! I also will use the arm of my chair to push my self up and back down, great for the triceps!

Stairs: Well what can I say, I use stairs whenever possible.

Crunchies: When no one is looking it's crunch time.
Always stretch and remember there is no shame in just marrying some rich old guy to support your horse habit, so you can just nix the whole JOB thing or playing the lotto!! LMAO!!! Have a great weekend.


CrownKorhelEquestrian said...

Marry wealthy eh?!?!?! Hmmmmmm j/k LMAO!!!

Hyena Overlord said...

I so need this...I work 11 hour shifts...alone. I could change, do yoga in the backroom and no one would be the wiser.

I should have married lots of money instead of some that belongs to a horse hater.

clara said...

ugh i work as a busser i'm on my feet costantly for 4 to 6 hours a day so i don't have to worry about getting fat on the job lol

GoLightly said...

Hey TX!

Thanks for reading, and commenting on my story blog.
I actually cried a bit, seeing you had read it. Thanks!
Umm, guess what though?
I skipped a frickin' whole paragraph. I deleted the post, which included your comment (dang!)
So, if you dare, just re-read the first part, 'k? There's a bit of info missing. I'm so glad I re-read it. Sheesh, copy/paste is GREAT when you're careful:)
Sorry 'bout that:(

I came THIS close to wealthy, many times. My standards are too damn high. So who did I marry? A guy with no money, but a huge heart. I Think I'm happier, than I would have been with the wealthy guys with dishpan personalities, and no love for animals.
Oh, p.s. I found my old book "Canadian Entry", by Christilot Hanson (now Boylen). She was originally a dancer, and had some great exercises. Stand on the balls of your feet, straight shoulders, back etc. Bring your arms out straight in front of you, bend your knees, and HOLD. It works muscles in your legs like you wouldn't believe.
Great Post!!

ezra_pandora said...

lol!! I do work in an office too to support my horse habit. My biggest exercise while in the office? Butt squeezes. I hope that someday I'll have buns of steel, but so far no such luck. If no one is there, I push myself up and down the aisle in my chair too :) I'll have to do some squats and push ups. I started trying to squeeze some push ups in while I'm in the shower against the shower wall too. lol

lachellesays said...

lucky for me, I don't have a "career" yet (I'm still a student). So I have an amazing job as a Receptionist at a Pet Resort. I answer phones and do boring computer stuff, but it is always involving animals. When I'm needed, I'll play with the dogs or cuddle with the cats. It keep me on my feet, too : )

kestrel said...

A great easy one is to just sit on one of those Pilates type balls in horse position and bounce while watching TV!

Nosnikta said...

Don't forget to KEGEL! Kegel when the phone rings, kegel when someone walks into you office, kegel kegel kegel!

Why? you may ask? BECAUSE you don't want to be the old chick who inks on the saddle.

I took my aunt riding one even last Fall. I'm really wishing I would have put her in my HUSBAND'S saddle instead of mine!

Trainer X said...

Nosnikta said...Why? you may ask? BECAUSE you don't want to be the old chick who inks on the saddle.


Nosnikta said...

Criminy! It looks to me like I better kegel each time I leave out letters in words!!!!