Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Avenging Unicorn

I have to say I LOVE showing and being at shows. It is my FAVORITE!!! So this past weekend Me and 8 other people went to the S.A.F.E. Show in Graham, WA. S.A.F.E is a local rescue that puts on a benefit show every year and they are always very well organized, fun, and a great experience for everyone involved!!! PLUS a lot of other local rescues bring horses too and it's amazing to see these horses who were once considered "throw aways" Show and compete. It's so fun too because it's like a big party where we get to see old friends, meet new ones and have a BALL!!!!!

So anyway, my horse was acting like a COMPLETE Jack. He decided right in front of the judge to launch himself into the air and buck, He pretty much did a Capriole, only he's not a Lipizzaner, hmmmmm someone should tell him! LMAO. So one of my fellow competitors and friend gave him the new nickname of the "Avenging Unicorn." HAHAHAHAHA Ugh... Poor Raven. BUT here is the best part, let's go down the list.

My student Tammy and her Appy horse, who I've been training and giving lessons too, placed 1st in an Equitation class and a 2nd in a Pleasure class. WOOHOO Her and her sister got very teary eyed, they couldn't believe it. We were all jumping and screaming for her!!! Here's a pic of Tammy on her Appy.

Maddie my 9 yr old student and her 28 yr old appy mare named Cutie placed 4ths and 5ths in almost every class. It was her first performance show ever! It was a great experience for her and not bad for a first show!!!!!

S&D's horse Sugar ROCKED it at the barrels and Cal Stake class cleaning up with a 2nd and 3rd with our friend Chance riding. Even Little Diamond competed in the in hand trails course!!!

And here's my horse, The Avenging Unicorn himself LMAO!! HA!!! Thanks Cowgirly!!

All in all it was amazing and I could NOT be happier and more proud of everyone!!! They all worked VERY hard for this show and it really paid off! Even the Avenging Unicorn got some love and treats yesterday LOL!! Congrats to every one who attended the show!!!! it was a HUGE success!!!


Union Square said...

LMAO - Avenging Unicorn, AWAY!!

I personally hate showing, but I always want to do it. Until I get there. And my horse does an avenging unicorn impression. And I'm like, oh yeah. . .


SweetPea said...

I love the shows where everyone is just there to have a good time. Glad to hear your "avenging unicorn" didn't actually dump you off in front of the judge (have had that happen... a tad embarrassing although my arab thought it was a riot... even stopped to nuzzle the judge before trotting over to the gate to be let out. He knew *exactly* what he was doing LOL)

36 & Single

Cowgirly said...

Hee hee, so funny to see that on here- that was me that called him that. He truly is a very avenging unicorn ROFL. Great to meet you and hang out (and laugh and laugh).