Monday, August 10, 2009

Colt 45

"Colt Starting" "Colt Training" Why is it always colt. Trainers train colts apparently. Even big name trainers start colts. Hmmmm This is just one of those terms that drives me MAD! According to this is the actual Definition of a colt. "A young MALE horse A Male horse not over the age of 4." So what is with using that term to generalize ALL horses. Are you tougher if you are a colt starter? Better if you're a colt starter??? LMAO
"Hi, I have a mare I need to get trained." "OK, no problem we'll start yer colt." HA *snork* "Um, I have a mare." "Yeah I know we'll get yer colt started right for ya."

It's just one of these bizarre terms that I also find very misleading. Especially with training, but it has even been leaking into selling horses as well. COLTS FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come on Colts have balls. Mares and geldings don't. There is your anatomy lesson of the day. It would be just as easy to say "Horse starting and breaking." LOL. It's just one of those things that makes me chuckle and shake my head... Oh the terms we use in the horse world. That's a good as guildings, a pair of rains or lounging your horse.... I thought I would hit 2 birds with one stone today. Make you smile and rant. HA!


whisper_the_wind said...

LMAO...I feel the same way, but to get real technical (breeding terms anyway) a 'horse' is a male uncastrated equid over the age of 4 and a 'stud' is a place where horse breeding takes place. You stand your stallion at stud. I have actually heard people here call female foal a 'filly colt'.

If only all those 'colts' were 'guilded' we'd be much better off and could 'lounge' them easier before the 'furrier' got there, so we could 'break' them to be 'ritten'.

autumnblaze said...

Actually, I think it's sort of a term used 'back in the day' as a catch-all for a young horse. My grandfather calls all younger horses colts. They are thus until they are of an age of sexual maturity.

Technically, yes you are correct a 'colt' is an intact male horse under the age of 4. However, I think like many things terminology has changed (thanks to education of course) but it used to be a common acceptable way to refer to any young horse.

autumnblaze said...

By the way, it used to drive me crazy because I thought my gradnfather didn't know the difference. He absolutely does. It was just the terminology everyone used. I have run into many people who still use the terminiology that way so... I feel as long as they know the difference it's just a matter of language. Eh. Who cares.

So, it may drive you crazy but just because it's different/old school doesn't make it totally unacceptable.

S&D said...

Oh, I don't know, my favorite was on the Rainmaker can "apply to the CORONARY band" LOL

Jane said...

Geeze Steph, even on your "real" website you charge more and advertize colt training! Are you the pot or the kettle??

Grocery Girl said...

omg the lounging thing drives me up the goddamn wall! my horse is pretty good at lounging, too, but that's why i get on him and make him work xD

Trainer X said...

Uh. the colts I'm referring are the ones with actual BALLS!

S&D said...

Gosh Julie, I mean, JANE - don't you have anything better to do than troll around on blogs... what a PATHETIC waste of your time, don't you have any horses and cows to starve???

S&D said...

and for clarification - this is EXACTLY what her website says:

Horse Starting or Retraining ~ $$$$/ month*
*Does NOT include Stallions OR Board to facility

Colt/Stallion Training ~ $$$$/month*
*Plus Board to Facility

And since "colts" are young Stallions, this is actually the correct way to advertise - Geez, Julie, get a life!!

paintlover said...

S&D--Please do not slander my name! I assume you "think" it is ME that is JANE...NOT. This is my first time ever posting on Trainer X's webite!

I believe she is a good trainer and a hard worker. I followed Acacia's progress through her makeover and feel that both did a wonderful job.

I know you may feel there are harsh feelings between TrainerX, but I do not feel that there are. I respect her as a trainer and would hope as a friend. If I knew anyone who needed lessons or horse training, I would send then her way. So IF their may be harsh feelings, I am sorry and lets be adults here and put the past in the past and move on. Life is too short to be angry.

BTW...TrainerX...I love your blog! You crack me UP and have also some great informative stuff!!! Keep it up! I hope that YOU know that I respect you as a trainer and a friend. Good luck with everything and can't wait to see your next blog... :)


Golden Girl said...

When I was training, my adds read: The gentle starting for all equine.

Fortunately I do know the difference between a mare, gelding, stud, filly or COLT! LOL

Valerie said...

Sounds to me like this conversation-
Would you like a coke?

Yes, please.

What kind?

Dr. Pepper.