Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Q & A Time!!!!!!!

I think it's that time again... So Lock and Load...Everyone has until 11 PM Tomorrow to post their questions, then I'll answer them in order... WOOHOOO!!!!


texasnascarcowgirl said...

I have a very stubborn Welsh pony that is getting very herd bound. I can't split them up so what would you do?

Anonymous said...

I second the herd bound issue- I'm having a problem with that myself right now.

Also, what basic on-the-ground exercises would you do to introduce a horse to a bridle and steering?


cierarosaline said...

I have two horses that I event. One on the approach to the jumps drifts to the left and the other tends to get squirmy while going towards them. How would i fix these problems?
Also, I am a big fan of liniment and use Absorbintines during events all over...they're muscles, legs, and back but is there another product that would work better that you know of for their legs or muscles specifically??

Paigeley said...

my mare has a bit of an attitude :)
when i ride her she says something along the lines of "SCREW YOU!!!" in horse/body languge, which usually involves running into walls/fences/buildings, she's so much fun to ride.
is there any way you could give me some advise on our cooperation issue, i want a couple of opinions :D

Tash said...

Herdbound! Yay! Let's go with that question :)

Also... how the heck to you keep a saddle right side up on a horse with no withers and a barrel back?

SpotMeSomeColor said...

My mare is 4 and seems so narrow that nothing fits her. Her saddles that fit her last year are too wide this year. I ride 5 or 6 times a week and her weight seems fine, but everything sits on her withers unless I put a thick gel pad on her. With that on, she is great and doesn't indicate any soreness (which she will if it's uncomfortable). My question is: 4 yr old Appy mare - will she bulk out? And if so, how soon should I expect to see it? Is it normal to see them get narrower at 4 than they were at 3?