Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tell Me Please!

So I have been playing with the thought of getting an Animal Communicator to talk with my horses. I've received some very excellent referrals from some friends who've said that these people found out things about their horses that they should have NEVER known... Hmmmm kind of makes you think doesn't it? I'm dying to hear what my horses have to say!!! So I think for shits and gigs I may do it....
If you could talk to your horses, what on earth would you ask them about??? OK, let's make this a wee bit more specific. You get 3 questions to ask each of your horses... GO!!!! Here would be mine...

Rav~ You really think you're the S**T don't you??? Are you happy? Do you like showing?

Sole'~ Are you happy? Do you like performing? Do you want more foals?

Lou~ What was it like as a racehorse? Are you happy? What do you want to do?

Jag~ Are you happy? What do you want to do? Why are you so calm?

OK, OK I just pulled those out of my Arse I'd have to give it more thought. But, seriously what are some questions or answers you'd like to know? Have any of you ever use a communicator?


wvfarmgirl said...

I used a communicator once for a rescue horse I had. The mare had a muscle tear on her shoulder and scars all along her back and hindquarters. I asked if she had any old injuries that still bothered her. I didn't tell the communicator the horses' breed (STB) or where I'd gotten her from (Ohio), and she told me that the mare had belonged to the Amish and that they whipped her and forced her to pull heavy loads. She said the muscle tear still bothered her when going down hills. She told me everything over the phone without ever even seeing the mare. The vet confirmed that the muscle tear could very well be from pulling too heavy a load, and the scars on her back were obviously from a whip.

I may use a communicator again some day, just to find out a little about some of the more mysterious rescues I have now. I'm sure there are some scammers out there, but this lady knew things that only my TB gelding could have "told" her!

Double A Training said...

I used one once for shits and giggles.

I would change some of your questions, they are VERY leading. Some of the things the communicator told me were right on and she could have never known. Others were wrong and way off.

I would change your question about life as a racehorse to: What was your life like before you came to live with me?

Don't ask things like: You are a shit? or Why are you calm? because that gives clues into the horses nature and disposition.

The comminicator I used was over the phone and I got 1hr to ask as many questions as I would like about any of my horses.

Susan said...

I actually have a good communicator story. I used to ride at this barn years back. The woman who owned it had a gelding she loved more than anything.

He was getting on in years and started to have some health problems. She had out vets, chiropractors, and pretty much any one else she thought could help her. Well she ends up bringing out a communicator.

The woman talks to him and hits on a lot of things that are true about his life and personality. When they got to the big health question, the woman paused and then looked at his owner and said, "He's ready to go, but your not ready for him to leave. He's staying here because you ask him every night not to leave you yet. When you are ready, he'll let go."

The owner started crying because she actually did in fact have a nightly ritual of asking the gelding not to leave her yet. She always did it alone and none of us knew this was going on.

A few weeks later as she went to leave for the night she put him out in his favorite pasture,gave him a kiss, and said, "I love you, it's OK if you want to let go now. I'll be alright."

They found him dead in the pasture the next day. None of us thought it was a coincidence that he died the very first nigth she told him he could leave.

I wish I'd kept that psychic's name...

Nicely dun said...

Susan that story gave me goosebumps!
We had a communicator out to our barn "for fun" as she was referred to us by one of our other horsey friends. We thought it would be all shits and giggles, but it ended up being incredibly emotional.
One of the ladies who boards with us is sick. She is sometimes up and sometimes down. This was around a time that she had just done some treatments, and the communicator said the HORSE had a question to ask HER and that was "will I be here with you always?" We didn't know if it meant "will I be at this BARN forever" or "will you always be here with me" but either way we all started tearing up and it was really hard.
We had a mare that was sold to one of my coach's neighbours as a trail horse, and at the time she was being weaned from her foal. The mare kept on interrupting the communicator-so to speak. The communicator kept saying "there is a black mare trying to get her point across" and of course, in a totally seperate area of the barn, there she was, staring. She was trying to ask if her baby would be okay while she was gone.

My horse is a grade gelding, I like to pretend that he is QH X, but I have no paperwork. I was told about 10 years ago that he's from Alberta, so I had her ask him about where he comes from. She said he kept on saying "stupid horse," but wether thatmeant a stupid person who had worked with him before, or that he had a not so smart dam or what, we don't really know. She told me he is sensitive to everything (which is totally true) and that if there is a horse in distress nearby-wether its at the farm next door or a few concessions away-he will pick up on it.
REALLY interesting stuff, but I suggest you bring out a box of kleenex! Horses seem to be way more emotional than we think :)

monstersmama said...

Wow, those are some amazing stories! I would love to get one to come out to see Lini maybe then I could understand her more!

CrashedIntoBlack said...

Wow, those are some amazing stories! I think I'm convinced lol
I would really like to have a communicator come out and see my cats or the horses, I'd think it would be an interesting experience and a chance to understand them better.

I'd ask my cats as well as horses, horses first:
Sprig: Do you enjoy working? How was your life before coming home? Do your legs hurt you at all? (She has arthritis)

Sailor: Why do you have tantrums? How can we stop your tantrums? Do you want to show again?

Lite: Are you satisfied with life? Do you miss your foals?

For my cats, I'd ask my rescue, Mercer, where she came from and how she's enjoying it here. I'd ask Molly if she was stupid, because she really is.

autumnblaze said...

Oh man... interesting topic. The vet I used to work for grumbled about communicators. Said people woud listen to them before him. Sometimes it was true - occasionally they'd say the same thing (horse is lame on X) - owner just didn't want to hear it from the vet. :)

I'd like to ask several broodmares if they understood why their foals were taken. If the timing was okay or if it was all wrong - if there was a better way to know the 'right time'.

I'd ask a few show and race horses if they truly enjoy it.

I'd ask my boy if he misses showing. I'd ask what he would like to do if he could do anything at all.

I'm skeptical but I don't know that I'm surprised that some people really hear them. Sometimes I think if we take the time most any of us can understand some of what they tell us.

Susan... omg.

Nicely - Maybe he was always called a stupid horse... that's what he remembers most. :( Good thing he'll never hear that again.

JustJumpIt said...

im convinced some are the realthing. my mom talked to one on the phone once about her dog that had recently passed away and she got everything right. my mom wouldnt stop crying. then we had a border here with an older horse and she wanted her to come look at him so she came to the barn and was "talking" to him. she said my moms horse who is a nosey old appy that shes had since he was a foal kept butting in. apprently he said he hates when guys wear shorts and he hates when u were ur hair in a pony tail because he wants your "mane" to be down. lol i asked my mom if she would ask that lady to come out to talk to my horse so i could ask him some questions.

MysteryTheMorab said...

How interesting. My friend's horse got hurt in pasture and no one could figure out how he tore both ligaments in his back legs. Everyone in the pasture was pretty calm and thought they got along. Communicator said he gets picked on by "_" and usually can get away from him, but one morning got caught by surprise by "_" and "*" in the corner. When he tried to get away he slipped.

A cousin had a orphan calf she raised with the horses. The calf kept getting through the fence. She had a communicator come out and tell the calf he was not a horse, but a cow, and he needed to stay inside the fence. He never escaped again.

Aylisha said...

One of my clients is a Reiki master and an animal communicator. She is also REALLY good at finding lost pets (though they may not be alive still, as with one of my friend's cats recently). Anyways, some time back when I first met her, I also thought I'd give her a whirl for "shits and giggles" (I am a fairly open minded person, but have heard of so many scammers, I just wasn't sure). So she comes out and "talk" (she says the horses often times you imagery really, that then one has to interpret...this is also why some questions can't get concrete answers and are somewhat vague, and others are very clear...horses don't live in the same verbal reality that we humans do...if that makes sense?) to my mare and her filly.
I set it up as much as I could to not be "leading"...had her meet me at my pasture, but brought horses out to to the house where I tied them one at a time. So she couldn't see who was with whom in the pasture and so forth.
Well, she picked up on a lot of stuff (including that my mare really liked my friend's chestnut gelding better when he was in the pasture...that day the gal's bay was in there instead...), she picked up on her laziness and foodiness (they were tied not grazing, just "standing there"....she said the mare basically says she likes to go on easy rides and "picnic" a lot...LOL)
And one of the funniest things, when I asked about where she came from (my friend who never got along with her, sold her to me for $1 and training on her next 4yo) and what the person was like and so forth (not being leading in all this) and she says that my friend was "spikey" (the horse's word/image) and that she just didn't like her.
It was SO TRUE! As much as I adore my friend, she does have that personality when it comes to horses..hard to explain really she is not mean or anything... just.... spikey, LOL... The horse has been an awesome horse for me, btw...
And she has said some interesting things about her daughter (2 or so at the time I think? Now a 4 1/2yo and just started under saddle) that are now panning out as true.
And my mare is also an "interrupter"...if Linda is talking to my others, she'll often start "babbling" at Linda too and Linda has to tell her to wait her turn:P
Also, ALL the horses just LOVE getting Reiki sessions!
So the upshot of all this, is that I am now Linda's "trimmer on retainer" and she is my Reiki/communicator "on retainer", LOL...we trade :) I have her talk to my or my friends' horses/pets and do Reiki when I want. In fact, tomorrow she is coming up to work a little Reiki on my friend's horse who tied up a month ago (he is pretty normal now, but figured a little session would help his body get back into whack even better), and talk to the new stud I just got into training....
Here is her site, she can do phone consultations too and is AWESOME! (don't expect "specific miracles" at I say, animals don't really think like we do...they don't say "when I was 2 yrs old and living in Cleavland, my mommy was taken to the track and then I was sold my to Mr. Jones in Philly and....blah blah....)

Union Square said...

Wow, I am amazed at the all the positive responses to this question!

I don't know why, but I've always assumed animal communicators were scammers.

Since I firmly believe in the paranormal in pretty much every other way, why have I never believed in this angle?

Sounds like it would be wonderful. What do the prices run? I imagine it's cheaper over the phone. And wouldn't it give you quite an edge with your performance horses if you knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives?

The_Black_Mare said...

Interesting topic! I live in Nor Cal and went to the Western States Horse Expo. TX -- did you see Lydia Hiby while you were there? She was one of the presenters, and she is an awesome animal communicator! Her demo was really fun. (BTW, I stopped by to see Acacia in the barn during the Expo, and I thought she looked great! Nice job, TX!) Lydia's prices were super reasonable ($40 for a consultation based on your horse's photo), so a few of my friends and I decided to do it "for shits and gigs". I too tried to stay clear of leading questions, and Lydia came out with several things that she couldn't have otherwise known. For instance, she knew that my girl initially had issues with loping and getting her legs mixed up.

Lydia's website is here, for those that are interested: She does phone consultations as well as in-person.

Equus said...

I've always been pretty open-minded but have to admit I've been leery enough about animal communicators not to spend any money in that direction. I think I'll give it a shot with some of the ones mentioned here after reading you guys' amazing testimonials!!

Susan, I had a difficult time not shedding a tear while reading your story. What our animals do for us...

sterling said...

My trainer has had Asia Voight out to her barn on several occasions, and I am a true believer. She knows things about the horses, dogs, and other animals that no one (or only their special person) knew. My mom was concerned about selling her Arab mare, and didn't know for sure that the horse was not right for her (this was my impression, anyways, it may not be correct). Asia helped her make the right decision. The mare offered to tell the sex of the foal she was carying, too. (That I found to be way cool.)

Wow, I have a lot of questiond; I know next to nothing about my horse's past. Ok, here it goes.

1. Did people hurt you when you were in training before you came to live with me, physically or emotionally? (Answer would be YES)

2. Do I ever confuse you or hurt you when I'm riding, or should I give gentler, more clear cues?

3. Would you enjoy trail riding/endurance for the rest of your life with me, or would it be OK to do some showing too?

There is so much we don't know about our horses when we buy them. It can be hard to get the full story unless our horses tell us.

clara said...

my massagge therapist can "talk to animals" i don't pay her extra to talk to my horse though. i pay her to do the massagge and i can talk to major while she is doing it. i was really skeptical at first but she got major down to a T and it felt like i was actually talking to him. she said stuff that only i knew and it was really fun

Carin said...

I spoke to one over the phone about a rank stud I was training. I gave her the name, breed, sex, and color and she was amazing. She told me that he had a black heart, he wanted to knock me down and stomp me in the ground, and that he was going to hurt me. He attacked me at a show and the next week he was gelded. He's now a great horse! : )

NewHorseMommy said...

I've been considering this for some time! My small animal vet uses a communicator and I know there are quite a few in my area.

It's hard to narrow it down to 3 questions (I may go over...).

1. Are you happy?

2. What was your life like before you came here?

3. Are you bored with my riding lessons/arena work?

4. When you are jumpy, are you really scared or do you find it amusing (I wonder if they always "tell" the truth?)?

5. Are you in any pain or discomfort (we believe he has minor arthritis developing) and do the shots I give you help (I'm giving acetyl d glucosamine, but I'm not sure it does much)?

6. Do you like your name or did you like your old name better?

I knew I'd go over and I'm sure I could think of a LOT more. I'm going to have to give this a try and NOT tell my husband until afterwards!

Paigeley said...

animals don't lie, i personally don't believe they can or know how

you don't have to pay for someone to talk to your horses, everyone can do it, you just have to relax and be open enough. And pretty secure in what you heard. You don't actually hear words, you just feel what they wanted to say.

One Red Horse said...

As another commenter said, Linda at Creature Speak is wonderful and I have found her sessions bot accurate and helpful. When Red was severely lame last August the vet did a diagnosis I just didn't agree with. Had a session with Linda - followed what my horse requested - his lameness quickly resolved with NO hock injections. I recommend her highly.

The Crossroads said...

While I'd never spend my money on one, I'm absolutely intrigued by the positive stories that have come from this. In all honesty if I ever spent my money on one I would have done that with my 29 year old gelding and see if he was truly ready to go after countless struggles. I was selfish and wasn't ready to let him go.

Either way, a woman I worked for had one come out and while I think the practice is fascinating. I feel that we all can read our own horses with the right knowledge and the time to sit and listen. Not necessarily specifics, but body language can tell you a lot.

Sometimes you wonder if those random thoughts that blurb in your mind while sitting on your horse is from you or them :P (that was more of a joke than seriousness)

SammieRockes said...

My dad used a communicater on our race horses. Some of the things they had to say were pretty interesting, like one horse wanted mints before each race, and then another one said he HATED blankets. If I could have someone talk to my horse, I would ask him to behave in the areana! I would love to show but he turns into an absolute monster in the areana. and then I would ask if he would please stay in his field. Around the barn he sometimes gets called Houdini because he can escape form any field. And then I would ask him what HE wants to do

Colste Stables said...

I'm really surprised at all of the positive remarks, Susan's story especially. I have never really been open minded about things like this, I assume because I have never experienced anything paranormal myself. However, after reading the comments, I am very attempted to try one of the communicators suggested. Some of the questions I would ask my Tennessee Walker are:

Were you ever mistreated when you use to show? If so, how? (She has scars from soring from previous owners).

Did you enjoy showing?

I would also tell her that her only foal was shot and killed by her owner's jealous ex-girlfriend. (Backwoods Alabama, woman was judges daughter, and was never prosecuted. Happened about 6 months ago.)

Questions I would ask Ronan, my QH gelding:

Why do you have to stop and look very closely at every new jump I ask you to go over?

Why are you so scared of all other horses? You need to stick up for yourself a little!

Where did you come from and who trained you? Did you enjoy training? (He had great ground manners when I bought him as a 4 yr old so I assume someone spent a lot of time with him)

What discipline would you like to do? Hunters, Jumpers, Barrel Racing, Reining, or something else? You can't pick professional cookie eater either, Ronan!

Windsor said...

We used a communicator to find a lost dog (ran off during a storm). She described the exact surroundings, sounds, smells and we were able to find the dog following the clues the communicator provided.

Nicely dun said...

I'm sure most of you have already read the book "the way of the horse" by Linda Kohanov (not TOO sure of the last name but if you google it it will come!)
Anyways, this book is truly amazing, its mainly about healing with horses, and how their emotions completely tie in with ours, -also along the same lines as what Alyisha said-they dont live in "our time" and they do "communicate more through memories and images." And yes, anyone can DO it, it just depends on how grounded and present you really are.
I realllly reccomend this book to ANY equestrian.

We had a lady do some reiki on one of my coachs horses, he was sore and being grumpy but they couldnt pin point WHERE he was sore until the reiki lady came in. At first I was unsure of the whole reiki thing, but really, it requires a lot of grounding and being open to energy so its starting to grow on me.

Ab, this is also a possiblity-he could have very well been called a stupid horse before they loaded him up and shipped him to ontario from alberta.

What a thought provoking post.

Aylisha said...

That was an interesting book Nicely, Yup it is Kohanov and for a google you need to put in "Tao of Equus" (which IS way of the horse, LOL) Though a bit out there for some ppl (I loaned it out to a lot of friends and some couldn't figure out what to make of it, LOL) There is also a second one out. She also has a second book, "Riding Between the Worlds" which goes more into detail and shows case studies of her working with ppl and horses. Less esoteric than the first book. Both are good though.
And Linda of Creature speak actually teaches classes where you can learn communication and Reiki. She's gotten me my first level Reiki, but I haven't taken it further than that. She REALLY wants me to. keeps talking about how tuned in I really am and that I need to learn this stuff, LOL...I just am not ready I guess...still a little too unsure of how "anyone" can learn this I DO believe there are special ppl that have abilities, like her, but EVERYONE?). But she might get her way yet! :)

Jo said...

I had Lydia Hibby speak to my 5 yr old stallion. In person... I did know many people that did phone consults with their horses and they all had fantastic results...Even a vets daughter who had lydia speak to a snarky pony who named several places he was "hurting"... She took the pony in and without telling her dad anything Lydia said asked him to run the pony's "points" everything Lydia said was correct even down to a tooth pain in the lower left side of the jaw..She did this over the phone with only the ponies name, location, and age.
My stallions name is Diesel and she asked if I called him Dude. (I call him dude when he isnt doing what he is supposed to or not performing well.. as in, "ddduuuuuddde"- of course she didnt know this) I said that I did and she told me flat out he hated it..She asked if I called him son and I said yes and she said he liked it but would rather be called Big D. He would also like a leather halter with a name plate. I also had just moved him home and Lydia told me he was much happier being home with me than he was at a boarding place.. She asked him if he had any pain or his tack fit well.. He is not ever a mouthy stallion and he insisted on being close to Lydia and he shoved his mouth into her hand pulled back his lips and did like baby chewing up against her hand.. When I tried to correct him she said this was common and he was releasing his energy to her- again I have never seen him do this in owning him for 5 years. I was completely amazed and was a believer..