Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'd Die Without You....

So, I went on a trail ride with one of the gals from the barn the other day and we were discussing our horses and how I told her that Raven is my Horse Soulmate, He is my life and everything to me. He's crazy and fun and loyal and every time I ride or work him I get a big grin on my face. I can't help it he makes me laugh... We read each other and know what the other is thinking or about to do. I can not work him for a week or two and then jump on him and go. And it's not because he is a solid, bombproof horse, my god he's an Arab Sporthorse, it's just because we know each other, I trust my life with him and I know he feels the same.

So the gal I went with told me the same thing, that her horse was her Soulmate. She wasn't looking to buy a horse when she found him and neither was I when i found Raven, but when you feel that connection its like you know in an instant that you can't live with out them... She'd gone through a few horses before she found him and they clicked instantly.

People told me that Raven would kill me, that he acted stud-like (He's a Gelding), that "OMG HE'S AN ARAB!!!!!!!!!!" Never mattered to me, I knew from the moment I laid EYES on that horse that he and I would be together forever.... This is a pic of me and my guy...

What horse is or was your soulmate? What would you look for if you trying to find the ONE????


Heather said...

I'd sell me kidney before selling either of my horses, but my old man, Pirate, needs me more than Feather. With Feather, we have a great relationship, and we have a lot of fun together and we've been together longer. But with Pirate, he doesn't really trust anyone else, and even though I can't really ride him I adore the time when spend just leaning on each other. No other horse in our barn asks for scratches and kisses like Pirate.

Union Square said...

Mine came and went.

Rillo, star of ihearttbs.blogspot.com, which goes un-updated while I try to write about him without becoming emotional and depressed. (I am never emotional or depressed. I don't allow it. So it is a problem.)

Rapidan, a stallion-turned-gelding I had back in 2001. Coolest freaking horse on the planet. Sold him to pay for college. College sucked and I miss the horse.

Melissa said...

The horse I currently own is my one. She chose me when she was a two year old. I was boarding my Warmblood at an AQHA barn at the time. I was cleaning her stall and she marched up to me, put her little nose on my chest and let out a big exhale. That was it, I was hooked! I sold the Warmblood and spent every penny on Grace.
We have done it all together, Western Pleasure, Reining, Parades, Rides on the beach, Rodeo Grand Entry and now Barrel Racing, which seems to be her passion.
Every ride is better than the last. She is the reason I get out of be in the morning. I will take care of this mare until the day she dies. I owe her that much.

GoLightly said...

Oh, you know which one already...

Raven is lucky to have you.

jengersnap said...

Mine is buried in the backyard. She was the center of my horse world and passed away at 32. She was a standardbred who was pulled out of the meat auction and went on to do so much for so many. My current mare was with her when she passed, and I swear she passed her essance on in some ways to the next generation.

SolitaireMare said...

Monty. No question. It was so easy with him. He's the reason for my blog, "A Good Horse". I wish we'd had a few more years together. Putting him to sleep at only 14 years old was so not fair.

Paigeley said...

my horse india <3

the song My life would suck without you by kelly clarkson
is our theme song :D

"I know that I've got issues
But you're pretty messed up too
Either way, I found out I'm nothing without you"

she makes me get up in morning, go to bed at night, and eat in between

I got her for Christmas one year, and when i saw her, i kissed my heart good-bye because she stole it!!

Tammy said...

We just had this discussion on a list serv I belong to. Some felt that any horse COULD become that special horse in time and while I don't disagree, in my case I knew all along. It just took me awhile to go full circle. While I still have, ride & love my first gelding, my mare is the one who I "know" and who knows me. Here is the blog I wrote about her last year:

Cut-N-Jump said...

We only get one?

I have had that connection with a few now, to varying degrees.

One horse I only worked with a short time, he's older now and in the PNW. Someday when I finally make it up there, hopefully I get to see him again when I do.

Mo, the Arab mare who was a Nat, TT in WP, sold in a feed lein sale to a friend of mine. I got to ride her once and thought "I wish I could own a horse like this..."

Several years and owners later, she was given to me as a neglected rescue in sorry shape. She had the last few years of her life with me and is buried out back.

One of our horses, we bought from a head and neck pic off of DH. Knew the seller, liked what he had, never seen another pic, just bought her and another horse as a "package deal". Definate win on both mares.

My jumper mare. Not one much for mares, let alone red horses in general or TB's. Just something about those long muley ears that melts me.

texomamorganlady said...

i have 9 horses that i dote on and adore, but there is one mare...... she had been totured by a trainer (broken rib, broken tail, rear legs tied to fence(?) etc) and i went to see her to purchase as a brood mare. it was love at first sight. i didn't know her full history at the time, but after i checked her feet and ran my hands over her, i turned to see the owner with her mouth hanging wide open. i guess the little mare was not known for being pleasant, but took up with me instantly. i had no trouble loading her or anything else. our biggest problem was that for about a year she was glued to my side. she did everything i asked, but i couldn't walk away from her except in her pasture. she will never be ridden, just seeing tack coming toward her makes her shake and sweat. but she has given me two perfect foals from a rare line, and frankly if she were totally infertile i would not sell her for any amount, ever. she finally will let my husband and daughter halter her(well, most of the time)but she makes it clear whose mare she is. and that is fine, she will never belong to anyone else.

horsndogluvr said...

Ah, horse loves. My first two didn't belong to me. Laddie was an old-style Appy ex-stallion. We bonded big time.

The second was a Saddlebred stallion I groomed on one summer. Still the king of my heart. I trusted him beyond any horse I've loved. Here's his picture: http://pets.webshots.com/photo/2818275030094062045QkyxRr

Now it's my unridable QH mare, Freckles. Sweet enough to die for, level headed, and smart as a whip. Unfortunately, she has a chipped and arthritic knee. We have set babies up on her (with the parent right there and holding the waistband, natch) and she's fine, even with them yelling "Wheee!" We haven't done that for a couple of years, though. She's getting lamer and lamer. I don't know how much longer it will be before we have to let her go. (sob)

Here's hoping I can build a good relationship with my other horse, an Appy gelding. He's just a horse to me, and a lazy one, too. Sheesh. I don't know how the 1/4 of his ancestors who are Appys took over. Maybe I can bring out his TB side. But we've got some overcoming to do. He was broke cowboy-style at 2 1/2, and needs to learn that cooperating with people (instead of being pushed around) can be fun.

But when I'm really back in the saddle again, I'll go to the auctions and look for a Saddlebred to fall in love with. Wish I could afford one from a breeder, but that's not gonna happen unless we win the lottery.

Speakin' of which, I need to get out and groom them - good aerobic exercise for this fat, unfit broad.

autumnblaze said...

Mine is my avatar... he just became mine less than a month ago. :) No way I'd have gotten a horse had his owners not realized how well we clicked (I exercised him for them then leased him then...) and wanted me to have him. He's my heart in horse flesh and he knows it.

Serendipity said...

I honestly don't know if the redhead is my Soulmate. I call him my bubby, and everyone says he is a different horse with me compared to anyone else, but a Soulmate? I'm very cynical by nature, so I'd reserve that term for a horse I could always trust, always feel 100% safe on no matter what.

The redhead sometimes explodes with little warning, so there is always that possibility in the back of my mind going, 'what if he...?' I think the fact that I must always keep some measure of guard has prevented me from regarding him the way other people view their favorite horse.

The Pale Horseman said...

My Nell... A fiery little haflinger mare with a very short history full of neglect. She's my first and forever horse. She has taught me how to be brave again and to stop being so lazy and I've taught her. She is an older mare and has very obviously been passed around a lot so finds it hard to form any attachments for fear of being sent to a new home. She still has issues that I'm working on such as her poor ground manners, the impatience and there are some things that will never really disappear but I love her all the more for it all. She challenges me every day with her red-headed nature and I miss her every day that I can't go and see her.