Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rock My World!!

Oh man AWESOME DAY!!! So I had an Appt with the animal communicator today and it went sooooo well! She hit all the horses spot on!! So here is what they had to say. KEEP in mind she had NO WAY of knowing anything about my horses as I've never spoken with her.

Jag~ Wants to show and be center of attention, calls me his Mom. Sometimes feels misunderstood. Is very teenager like, but SUPER SMART! He knows he's strong and loves running around the arena. He wants to jump. He said one of my saddle pads is too itchy for him and he likes my lighter English saddle.

Raven~ Knows we are soul mates, knows he's my number 1, hates the fly mask and chiropractor. He talked of a scar he has on his leg. He loves where he is now. He likes having the show saddle on. He loves his alfalfa and cookies. Raven has always done this one weird thing. He grabs the back of my coat or hoodie and holds it in his mouth, he doesn't like letting go either, he just sits there with my coat in his mouth not moving. So I did ask her what that meant to him and she it meant I was his!! Awwwwww I LOVE my Raven!!

Sole'~ Thinks she is a princess and wants to show in very pretty tack. She spoke of a scratch she had on her neck that I was putting cream on. She is a total lovebug. She loves when we work with the radio on. She loves her Berry Goods!

Louie~ Wants to feel more special. He will bulk up with more work. Wants to be called King Louie. Likes kids. Feels like second fiddle and low man on the totem pole. He is happy, just wants more attention.

It was such an amazing experience, one that I will do again!!! She really got my horses right on. You can tell that she connects to the horses as well, because of the look on the horse's face. How they look and act with their body, they lick and chew and shake their heads and almost "act" out their thoughts.It's AMAZING!!!!!


Equus said...

Who did you use?? :)

Trainer X said...

Her name is Lisa Holm, she is my hero!!!!!!!!! LOL

GoLightly said...


sterling said...

Awwww! King Louie! It sounds like you have some real gems there TX!

Nicely dun said...

Thats awesome!
We have one gelding who REALLY reacted to the communicator we brought out.
His owner is in a bad way, health wise, so it was incredibly emotional. Now, this gelding rarely bats an eye and rarely pins his ears, but when she started to do some reiki combined with the communication he lunged at her and tried to bite her.
WHich was basically un heard of.
She said he is PRIVATE abot his feelings regarding his owner, and so she stopped and he went back to cocking his hind leg. It was strange.

THats so adorable, one of your saddle pads is TOO ITCHY!!! :D

Gryph said...

Be careful of cold reading techniques... often, these people are using nothing more than that and basic horse psychology.

I used to know someone who did "readings" for animals professionally, and that was pretty much all she did.

Sorry, I can't help but be skeptical of this sort of thing. Smacks too much of anthropomorphizing.


S&D said...

Ya know, if I hadn't been standing there, watching the horses’ reactions when she was communicating with them, I might not have believed it. And I was totally amazed that she knew I was there, and injured, and nervous.
The questions you did ask were so broad, "Does Sole hurt anywhere?" and her answers were so specific, "she’s showing me her right hind foot, and her shoulder which has the scratch that you've been putting the cream on." And how Louie really perked up when we called him King Louie instead of Lou-Lou.... it was truly amazing! I can’t wait to hear what Sugar and Diamond have to say to me.

NewHorseMommy said...

OK, I have to try this now! I'm dying to know what my boy will "say!"

I'll report back with results!

autumnblaze said...

My boy does that with my belt/jacket when I'm brushing his forelock - just grabs them, holds on. :)

autumnblaze said...

Gryph - I agree there are some total frauds that just read animal (and human) body language well. I think it's possible that some people truly have a gift. How do you test for that? Most people I know do it for fun anyways! Sounds like most of the stuff Trainer X already knew... ;)

GoLightly said...

Gryph, have you read "Merle's Door?" He rambles a lot, but wow, some of his points really struck home for me.

I have many questions on anthropomorphizing, many of them beginning with, well, if they don't understand our body language, why do they do this?

Why can't we read theirs? Some people certainly can, more than others..

There are many behaviours that are similar, across the animal spectrum of behaviour. We are animals, too.

I'm thinking we should be listening/watching more closely, not dismissing it as "trying to make them human". Not at all.
We're trying to understand them, through our human construct. It's all we have to understand them with.

This is a good thing, I think.

Gryph said...

Cyg's the bio/paleo major, not me, so I'll admit I can't answer you equally.

I'm not judging TrainerX or anyone else who uses animal communicators or the like. If it helps, it helps, and anything that helps animals safely is always good in my book. Just worried about possible scams.

It's the ones that claim to communicate with the dead that get my ire, but that's not a discussion for here. ;)

Feel free to ignore my rambling. :)


kristy said...

i've decided i want to have an animal communicator out to read one of my horses. my QH mare was given to me when she was 15 and i didn't get her papers. she does have a tattoo on her lip, so i assume she was a race horse at some point. so... that's one thing i'm going to ask the animal communicator, see if he/she can tell me about my horse's past and see if they mention being a race horse or make any mention of the tattoo (since i'm not going to tell the AC about it). should be interesting.

Trainer X said...

It was all done for fun and done Via the PHONE! So she wasn't wathing my horses interact with me or anything she just connected with them.. It was again for fun...

Gryph said...

No worries, TrainerX. :) That's what I figured your reason was, hence why I didn't speak up. Gryph apologizes, btw. :)

Sounds like it *was* fun for you! Very interesting what she came up with.

I've thought about doing it myself, but the ones around here are just too expensive to do it just for fun.


GoLightly said...

No, I mean..
Never mind.
(takes foot out of keyboard)

I mean, anything is possible, in my little world.
Under my rock;)

For sure, a scam is a bad thing...
Why would anyone ignore your ramblings??
They are interesting, for goodness sakes.
I've been thinking about the anthropo question a lot..

scritches to the itchy Jag guy!

GoLightly said...

Cyg, in answer to your question on the next to previous comment thread, yes, Please!!

Union Square said...

Um, totally want a communicator to talk to my Bonnie, but -

Why would your horse want to be called King Louie? That is such a human pop culture thing, I find it weird. Like, has he seen "Walt Disney's The Jungle Book"? That's just odd.