Friday, May 29, 2009


So there are a couple people at the barn that I'm at that are into gaming and go every weekend. They're good too, no doubt about it, but last week one of the girls' horse went lame due to an abscess that had popped. She was super bummed about it and had been jamming bute down it's throat to get it sound for the show. Well they took the horse and ran it anyway on it's bum ouchie feet. *HEADDESK* You see one of the "Adult" gamers at the barn pounded it into the girl and her mom's head that if a horse is sound on bute, then they were never really lame in the first place so her horse is fine to run.

WTF?!?!?!?! Are you kidding me! I'm no vet, but that is one of the dumbest things I'd heard. So sure enough they had to bring the horse back on Sunday from the show because the horse was beyond lame.

HELLO!!! If you have a migraine and you take some aspirin does that mean you never actually had one??? Why are people so hell bent on showing and getting points and making it to the top by hook or crook at the expense of a living, breathing, PAIN feeling animal!?!?!?!?!?!
Let the horses heal people! A week or two out because of an abscess is better than months or a year out because you got impatient and made the problem worse. Try running your own feet when you have blister, or a painful callous. Yeah, not so fun is it???

A Lot of people look at me as a very unconventional trainer. I'm young, have tattoos and body piercings, but now I'm starting to think I may be one of the only normal, straight thinking, not going to dope my horses up to win a damn buckle, ribbon, medal etc. horse trainers out there! Hey, if that's weird, I'm down with that!!!


kestrel said...

1st! Bwahahaha!
Or, a very heavy woman that I knew claimed she just loooved her old mare, so kept injecting joints and riding until the mare had to be put down when the joints wore away. That's love for ya!

GoLightly said...

Drugs for show??


The Crossroads said...

That's repulsive... At our last gaming show some kid had a dead lame horse and they let the kid show anyway. People disgust me on their lack of sense.

Equus said...

I used to work on a track. If the trainer thought that a horse might turn up lame, we would ice his legs via ice boots and apply poultices to freeze his legs just before he ran. This way, when he ran, he would be unable to feel his legs. If he were sore, he wouldn't know it, and would continue to run hard. We would even apply baby oil at times to cover up the fact that the freeze (which is legal) had been used. Ethical? Mmm not in my books. Of course it was all part of the job though unfortunately and I was working under a good have worked under any other trainer would likely have meant worse conditions.

I love the track, but there are a lot of aspects I would change or not partake in myself if I were racing one of my own horses.

It's time people started putting their horses first rather than winning and competing. Myself, I rarely use any drugs on my horses. I've used bute probably once in the last 5 years? If even that. One of my horses was injured and so it was necessary to make him comfortable and to help him heal. But I was pretty stingy with the stuff (minimal dosage) and he only got it for a few days. I like to keep it as natural as possible.

SweetPea said...

Amen, sister... 'nuff said!!

36 & Single

DraftsAndApps said...

Heck, our animal control officer was running on barrels & poles with her horse that had a big abscess...really setting an example..right?! I will go throw up now

Serena said...

Trainer X, i like you. :) i would totally ride with you if i lived in western WA.