Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Must See!!

Ahhhh, it's time for some laughs. So I am an AVID fan of the show Rob and Big, It's a show on MTV about this pro skater and his body guard and all the adventures they have. Well one of Rob's great ideas was to buy a Mini Horse and set it up a home in his Hollywood backyard. So anyway the episode you need to watch is this one. http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/204646/the-next-level.jhtml#id=1579762

If you get bored or it's not your style then just go to the last five ten minutes when they do the Liberty.
The episode is about them getting Mini Horse back from the trainer because he's a snotty little thing, then they decide to take him to an AMHA rated show. It is HYSTERICAL!!! They have NO clue what to do, how to groom, or how to dress! BUT, they have a BLAST while they're there and it cracks me up every time!!!! Rob even has his the back of his SUV converted into a mini horse trailer!!!
I promise you will laugh your butt OFF!!!!! 2 guys, no horse experience, in Hollywood, with a Mini Horse!!!!!


One Red Horse said...

OK, now I'm a fan.

Carin said...

You know, everyone at that show was a good sport to put up with them! As a trainer on the AMHR/ASPC circuit, I would have LOVED to see them at one of our shows. Maybe they need to get a shetland? I also recognized a few faces too. Will have to send them this link, they may not realize they were on MTV!

TooTiredToRide said...

omg thats was awesome! I loves Rob's new show(fantasy factory) but never saw Rob&Big. They take pretty good care of Mini despite the fact they know next to nothing... lol Thanks for sharing!

GoLightly said...


Not available in my region.


CCH said...

Mini Horse is the only reason I watch the show. I'm sad its over and that MH hasn't made an appearance on Fantasy Factory yet.

I do think for a 1st time owner, Rob has done a good job. He got mini trained and gelded. I wish mini had more space to exercise and didn't "play" with Meaty (the bull-dog), but hey its a good life.

CinammonSwirl said...

CCH- Minihorse was sold/given to the woman seen in an earlier episode where he got a playd ay out with other horses.

cierarosaline said...

i know isn't it the best show ever?!? i watched all three seasons while it was running on MTV...it was so sad when they stopped it...now he has a new show, but meaty and a new puppy beefy are on it...where'd mini horse go?!?