Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hmmm People Magazine???

So I just got the new People magazine and I'm shocked in a good way... There is an article in there about a boy with autism who is being rehabilitated by horseback (and Shamans apparently), but seriously, HORSES!!! Kudos to you People MAG!!!!! It was a great article. Very impressive. It starts on page 87, of you don't have the magazine the next time your at the store read the article it's a nice story.

Recently as in a week ago I sold one of my paint mares to a family who has a daughter that has cerebral palsy and that was who my mare was for. The girl is 25 and the doctors told her family that riding is the number 1 BEST way for her to build strength in her body!! My mare was so dang mellow, she stopped on a dime was light to aids and was about as bombproof as they come! Some of that was training, most of it was her killer personality! I have a really hard time selling horses as I get super attached to them. I worry about them and that they'll have a great home. In this case I KNOW my mare will be loved and what a great family!!!! They were a match made in heaven! I get updates and the 2 are doing AMAZING!! I guess I sometimes take for granted how well the horses respond to our vibes. Whether we are handicapped or not, they know... And I've never seen anything more beautiful than when the girl wrapped her arms around the neck of my mare and my mare wrapped her head around her...


GoLightly said...

Oh, crap, People Ragazine is one of my guilty pleasures.
I usually buy it only if Hugh Jackman is on the cover:)

Critters, the great ones, always know how to handle the special people amongst us.

I'm so glad your paint mare will make this woman's life more complete.

cierarosaline said...

Did you see the issue that had the Helping it was Hometown Heros?? Alison Eastman Lawler and Apple Tree Farm were in it for having a fundraiser with pony rides, face painting and a yard sale and all the profits went to Kris Beinder, a man who has been fighting cancer for 12 years and is recently paralyzed below the waist from it. He has about two months to live as of today and we raised about five and a half thousand dollars for him. This was back in October but he still is in our hearts and is involved with a lot of the people at Apple Tree Farm.

Pony Girl said...

Too funny, I was in the line at the drugstore tonight and picked up PEOPLE, randomly finding that article. I used to volunteer for a therapeutic horseback riding program and I think they are so valuable! Both physically and emotionally.

SCARFACE4 said...

I HATED that People article. Not because of what it was saying that part was good but of some of the things included. On the first day the mother let the boy run around the horses legs and hang off the horses tail. Can we say kick to the face, also they went galloping on the first day, I can't remember if they had helmets or not. And if you look really closely at the pics of the horse the bit is so low in the mouth it MUST be hitting the teeth.

I LOVE theraputic riding programs I think they do a great job, but they did to do it safely and not portray things that are unsafe.