Monday, March 2, 2009

Where is the Creativity????

Remember when you were little and you'd play with toy horses and name them things like, Sweetie, Lightening, Thunder, Princess. Those are classic names of our childhood for the beloved horses we wanted so bad.

Nowadays however, horse names come from pop culture. Example: Go to and type in "Hidalgo" in the name search. FIVE Hildago's will pop up!!!! There is also THIRTY Flicka's and 115 horses with "Spirit" in their name.

You can definitely see what is the "in" thing, because everyone will name their horse as such. You know what cracks me up too, is someone will have a 10 year old horse named after a popular 2 year old movie. Hmmmmm I think that horse was surely renamed in favor of the new horsey movie!!!! LOL!!

So What are some horse names you have come across... Maybe they're, weird, funny, obnoxious, or way too pop culture. And with that I'll leave you with this tidbit... Whe I was showing nd I was younger, say 15-16, my brother wanted me to show my horse under the name of "Hoof Hearted." Say it fast enough, you'll figure it out...


horsesandponies4ever said...

At the place I work at they have an Appaloosa mare named Appy..... I was shell shocked, who names their horse their breed? And she's really sweet and really tolerant, they could have called something other than that.

Nicely dun said...

My first horse ever was a Chestnut TB. Guess what his name was? CHESTER. (he came with the
My horses name is Duke, which is a pretty popular name too I guess, but he also came with that name.
I think the cutest show names I've ever heard of (from schooling shows-years ago) were "daddy's money" and "pony-pony-macaroni."

hehe kids used to come up to us at shows and ask me if my horse was "SPirit" from the movie...It was too cute.

Trainer X said...

Here are a couple I thought were cute.

"Al CaPony" and
"Appy New Year"

The Crossroads said...

My Andalusian mare came with the name "Jelly Bean" totally didn't fit her seeing as this mare was sinister and has an attitude to boot.

Logan came with "Kahlua" and not even he liked it, so when I started calling him Logan he took to it.

Oh and a flea bitten grey I was leasing was named "Grey."

What variety.

brat_and_a_half said...

buck, princess, diva, paris hilton (im NOT kidding), chester, charlie, everyone has a 'rain', dreamer, louie, hazel, reno, basically anything in reference to their color, i realllllyy dont like appaloosa, QH, and paint names for the most part (sheza, heza, doc's, leo, peppy, puns on 2/to/too...) but thats more of an english bias i think, angel, diamond... on and on...

Serendipity said...

The redhead's name is Cody. Coming from a H/J background, I thought it was cute and original. Then I gradually learned that if a barn has a western saddle, it's going to have at least two of them.

Our barn names are all either a human name or derived from the registered/show name. It's always the show names that raise an eyebrow. 'My Daddy's Money,' 'Heza Rough Draft', 'Hold My Beer,' and my personal favorite, 'Special Ed.'

paul_linn_is_a_jerk said...

I have noticed that most Appys have Indian names like Apache, Cherokee, or Chief. Boring!!! I renamed my latest Appy 'Dex' (his name was Sonny Champagne!!!).

My second horse (I got when I was 9)was brown (chestnut actually)- and he was named - can you guess? - Brownie. LOL

I confess I named my first Appy "Misty Blue" - after the Marguerite Henry books "Misty of Chincoteague" (she had a horrible registered name)

Dena said...

Trainer X
I like to think we are creative.
You tell me what doesn't fit out of the following.

Reyna/Reyna Paloma
Gato/The Cure
Joe/Pepe San Cudo
Lizzie/Lizzie B (yes for Borden)
Emily/Go Leona Go
Chubby/Fat Cat O'Lena
Emma/Incidental Escapade
Eamon/Eamon's Cat
Sahara/Karlas Bambi (I had NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT)
Johnny/No Cash Johnny
Jasmine/Solomons Song of Promise
Molly/Good Golly Miss Molly
Echo/Eternal Echo
Em/Eternal Moment

Our son has a fascination with Thomas The Train.
My husband is somewhat new to horses.
There are days I cringe. Sahara is one. As she is part Arab I found it unoriginal to say the least.

And I would like some suggestions on a new most likely permanent foster coming.
Solid bay 26yr old been there done that QH gelding. Currently named "Buster".
He has probably had that name for 3mos..
As he is currently fostered through another rescue.

Never had a Princess, Duchess, Buck, Brownie, etc..

Trainer X said...

Yeah those are pretty good names!!!

OOH OH I forgot a Stallion that I would have LOVED to have a baby out of would be Gay Bar King. Here look at some of the names of his babies!! LOL!!!

amanda said...

I remember a horse who had probably the most ironic name ever. This poor little mare had the sparsest mane I have ever seen, literally had no tail (she was born with out one, no tail bone or anything) and was blind in both eyes. Her name? "Happy" How wrong is that?

amanda said...

Oh, and my own horse (the one in the picture) has a registered name of Prince Lark II. I don't really lke it, but it wouldn't be so bad except that I have looked back probably 12 generations and have yet to find the original Prince Lark.

Colste Stables said...

The cutest show name I saw was a cute little pony named "Honey I shrunk your Warmblood!" He could jump the moon! My QH's show name is Lord of Mischief....which has nothing to do with Ronan, his name....but fits him to a T!

Amy said...

I don't know my arab's registered name, because I don't have his papers, but his name is Dutch. I would never name a horse that (makes me think of Dutch ovens, lol) but it seems to fit him.

My mare is not registered. Her name is Licorice, and she was anmed by a young, terminally ill girl who always wanted a horse named Licorice. Thus, the name stays, although people are confused, as she is sorrel, not black. I'm like, what, you never had a Twizzler?

Trainer X said...

LOL!!! Twizzler.... hahahahaa that is too funny!!!

Sam said...

I got an old Appy from the RSPCA whose name was Pepper. Nice n original for an appy.. pffsh not!
In light of his new life with us, I decided he needed a zippy new name! From then on he was known as Sultan Pepper, Sully for short. It suited him so much better.
My other horse came to me with the paddock name Dash. No registered name, don't even know the breeding of his sire and dam. He's so smoochy, and if placed in the middle of 10 people, will go up to each, slobber on them somewhere, then move to the next person. So I renamed him Pash 'n' Dash =)

SammieRockes said...

Well, with my dad being in the racing business, we have had so many names, so fisrt I will list my horses, and then the racehorses(same names are italian, or russian...)

Marshmallow, Razz, Happy Goes West, Chester(afectionatley nicknamed Chester the molester), BuryClever Diamond(I got a few of the racehorses when they sucked) Brilliant Coo, King of The Ring, Ivy, and now my current boy, Rebel

The Racers

Demi's Secret
Jimmys Mermaid
Jotto(Actually not a race horse)
Hot Redhead
Citizip Diamnod
Cititime diamond
Citibiscuit(named right after seabiscuit came out)
Gold Lira
Gold Token
Johnny's Hero
Celtic's Hero
Kwannee Secret
Baggy Pants
Deck 'Em Captain

Jeeze, there were tons more but I can't remeber half of them

SammieRockes said...

then at my current barn, we have some uniqueness, and some not so unique

Adlievise(not sure how to spell it but prounoced A-dal-vise)
We had to rename two we just got...their names wer buddy and larry. now they are elwood and hokie
duke and magic of course
jessie, abby, whisper, fiona, Templar, Gypsy, Princess, Jazz, Sparrow, Cheif, Ranger, Barbie(guess what color she is)
Autumn, Windy Sue, Radar, Derby, Cowboy,

Trainer X said...

I've noticed that some thoroughbreds have some REALLY stupid names. I owned one named
"I Know I know" I new some others that were named
"Fancy's Feisty", "Pete's Takeout"
Ugh, not pretty....

Heather said...

Well... we have a standandbred with the registered name 'Art Throb,' a Walker called 'Sir Galahad Blue' (he's actually a bay roan) a foxtrotter named Foxxy (we didn't name her, but she knows her name, so we didn't change it). Then my own horses are a quarter horse registered as 'Feather of Tears' and a paint gaited pony I dubbed 'The Dread Pirate Roberts.'

Trainer X said...

I knew a stud named "Son of a Buck" I thought that was cute!!!

Golden Girl said...

My first TB had a beautiful name; Sun Set Sails, aka Sunny. Now they have stupid names; Sister Ange, I call her Ange but showed her under Godiva Chocolate, cause she is solid brown. Another TB mare I had was Kim's Confident, but the gal I bought her from called her Crown Jewel, I called her Crimson Jewel cause she was a really hot red chestnut!
Cookie is a common name, I've owned two! LOL
The name Star annoys me, and when someone names their horse Baby... >:( just stupid!
Midnight for a black horse, ACK!
I named my last horse Flip's Golden Rajah. He is out of Flip for J K, another crappy TB name. LOL Golden cause of my last name and the farm's name. And Rajah means prince. His barn name is Boogie. LOL
Yes... my Appaloosa has an Indian theme name... Little Big Man, after the movie that Dustin Hoffman, it is my favorite oldie movie though!
My hubby called our Welsh pony a little rascal when he was a foal, so I offically named him Little Raskel :)
My mini stud is named Golden's Little Dude... self explanatory!
We've had Lady Bug, June Bug, Love Bug, Doodle Bug & Fire Fly for mini foals names so far...

Serena said...

Someday i have always sworn i will have a horse named "Old Dobbin." Preferably something super hot and really young, just for the irony. :)
I had a chestnut that someone named "Red." good job.
Although i knew a horse whose name meant red en espanol: "Rojas" is a MUCH cooler name.
Oh, and i had a "Dusty" and a "Foxy." Also pretty original.

Paigeley said...

you forgot the warmblood names ;)

Weltmeyer (no joke that's his name)
Garbo (a mare)
vacara (mom's horse, name reminds me of a cow)

i love this one appy go lucky isn't that cute!!

Dena said...

Bold Man River my all time favorite on the papers OTTB

Shelley said...

Prinz of Darkness...he has been known to live up to his name.

Michele said...

Most of the horses here have pretty common names:

Buck - Buckskin QH
Sandy - Buckskin Appy
Beau - Black Snowcap Appy
Dutchess - TWH Mare
Stormy - Walkaloosa Mare
Dusty - TWH Gelding

Then there's the not so common (I think)

Tango - TWH Gelding
Bea - Percheron/Paint Filly
BS - QH Gelding

clara said...

i like my horses name my major temptation aka major

there is a barrel horse named sofa king fast say it fast and you will get it lol

Patricia said...

What's up with naming bay Arabian mares Jasmine or Jazzy? WTF? While we're at it, I don't think I saw Trigger as a common name for palominos... I had a Trigger, but I didn't name him that.

I've named one horse, a paint mare. I completely disregarded her papers and called her Anita Bonita... Spanish for Anne Beautiful. I was in 8th grade, and I had taken a semester of Spanish, so that's all I knew.

My current horse has been screwed by the name game. His registered name, as an OTTB is Spicy Devil. It totally doesn't fit because he is a flea bitten gray and a sweetie to boot. Unfortunately, his previous owners took to calling him Shorty... he's 16.3. I would change it, but he knows his name and responds to it. I feel like changing it now would make it confusing for him.

Lindsey said...

Ha ha! Names are always fun. (rolling eyes) Registered names are usually B-A-D. Barn names can be fun, as can be hunter/jumper show names. The ponies usually have themost amusing names. Some my favorites pony names that I can remember are: Kowabunga! and Gold Digger (both Paliminos), Paint By Number (POA), Island Brat, Physical Ed, Doris Dunn (Dun, obviously!) and Space Cowboy.

My have an OTTB but I don't know his registered name. When I got him they called him West Side Story, barn name Westie. Well, I don't really like musicals and REALLY dislike Westside Story so he's now Go West! barn name still Westie but he's Dub or W quite a bit. My coming three-year-old Appy has the most amusing name. His name is Perpetual Pitstop, barn name Pitstop. His sire is Mr. Perptualism and he was concieved during a one-night layover. (that's the REALLY short story)

My other two horses (both Appys) are coming yearlings. One is Spike (I will probably register him as Spiked With Kendall but I don't know) the other one I still haven't decided on a name for! I guess I should make up my mind.

spurringirl said...

My very best rodeo horse was named Pokey. Man, the announcers got a kick out of saying "and she loves her horse Pokey. He sure doesn't look pokey to me!"

kestrel said...

Never name your smart brat Morgan "Imp" or that's what you'll get! The nicest QH mare I've ever met was named Sassy. Sooo not. Gave people the totally wrong impression. Renamed her Sundance, new people loved her.
Horses respond to their names, and people form opinions about them according to their names. Worked a beautiful Appy Perch cross, Shamu, owner couldn't sell him. Renamed him Summerhawk, upped his price $1000.00 and he's a respected horse.
A cool name can buy prestige for a horse, but a bad name can get a good horse disrespected. Sometimes you can turn a funky name into an asset, but Never, Ever, name a horse War!

lachellesays said...

I LOVE some of the show names in my local circuit. Especially:

Cindy Loo Who
Daddy Said Yes
Stuck In Slow Motion

We also had:
Cannawu Pass (say it out loud)
Life's a Beach

My horse's registered name is Principality. When I got him his name was Prince (gag me with a fork!). Now his name is Izz, and I show him under Exizz & Owes. I am trying to think of a new show name for him this year (I haven't been on this circuit in two years, time for a change!)

Like stupid names?
That is endless entertainment.

meghan.scheib said...

My current horse's name is Coolsified Dater, Bogart for short after Humpfrey Bogart. The horse I rode before buying Bogart was Atlanta, but her show name was My Ferarri Has a Radio, very odd name, but people always commented on it at the shows.

Unfiltered Meghan said...

The good and the bad from the local hunter/jumper circuit here. Keep in mind these are SHOW names.

Ones I like:

Armed and Dangerous
Black Russian
Custom Made
Expensive Lesson (love it!)
Optical Illusion
Pandora's Box
Sugar Rush

The Bad:

Beauty (overused much?)
Johnny Be Good (there are two of them)
Life X's Two (Huh?)
Mr. Pants
Princess Peanut Butter
Silver Sky Dancer

I used to show a horse named Incognito, which I thought was kind of cool, but his barn name was Drexel, which I didn't really get. There was a horse at a different barn whose show name was King of Hearts and his barn name was Reno - loved that.

And agreed, racehorses get some of the worst names. I was watching Jockeys on Animal Planet, and one of the horses on there was named Larry Larry Larry.

Lulu said...

I rode "skeeter" in 4H. Man I hated her name!!!

A friend of a friend had a mare that he named Dilly Dumb Dumb...cuz she was dumb.

I get so sick of hearing Sonny, and Prince, and all the other over used names. That being said, I have a "Poco" in my pasture. At least I didn't name her!

SweetPea said...

When I was on the show circuit, I used to get a kick out a horse named "Was His"... shown by the ex-wife of a prominent doctor.

My Arab came knowing his name, Flash. My Arab/Paint cross came with the name Jazz... hated it. Was in the process of trying to come up with something new when my farrier called him "Elmo" and it stuck. And he IS a total Elmo. Big, red, fuzzy and oh, so goofy!!

My foxtrotter is Aspen. Not original, but better than Pepsi, which is what she came with.

Asha0430 said...

One of my personal favorites is a TB named Ever Since; and his barn name is Hero.

Heaven Roberts said...

We have Mia and Static, both came with those names. My mom named her leopard appy Mustang mare Watercolor. I like it, and she calles her Water most of the time. I'm surprised I don't find more Appys named that - the name totally fits, she's got very smudged markings and they do look like someone took some brown watercolor paint and flicked it at her.

Jasmine said...

My TB's registered name was Track Beau--ick! He came with David as a barn name because "We've run out of horse names and had to start using human ones!" I renamed him Jingles after a rocking horse I loved as a child that played music.

EVERY H/J barn out there has a Bo/Beau for some reason. Most of them appear to be gray and batshit crazy.

I've always wanted a pony I could name Muffin Man, barn name Drury.

I showed with an Appy named Tippy Canoe!

Laura said...

I've ridden a dapple gray mare named Dappy.

Our barn had a really sour mare... like, had to have a broom when you went into her stall... her name was Sweet Emotion.

I don't really like horses with people names. Riding a horse named Melissa is just weird.

Also, Toby McGuire. Yep, right after Spiderman came out.

We had an OTTB who came to us named Call the Nurse. That transformed into Florence Nightingale, then Gale, then Gust O'Gale.

Best naming story-- many many years ago the owner of the barn I ride at got a horse who somehow got loose. He was found wandering the streets of a nearby suburb (rich and fancy). His name became Main Street, where he was found.

We looked at an OTTB named Prime Chilly. Thought that was cute. Also know a TB named Goingtothebigdance. Also very cute.

ellen said...

I used to ride a horse (aptly)named Alpo.

fraidykat said...

I named one of mine Banjo after an appy that a friend showed about 30 years ago. I thought he was the best horse ever. I named my colt after him only to find out the other Banjo had his horrid moments. Oops...
Belle came with her name and now she answers to Belle or Witch.
The BO's walker was named Beauty. The kids immediately named her Flicka. I call her Boo and I am the one who feeds her everyday. Guess what name she comes to?
Mighty is a big sweet standardbred - perfect name.
Lucky is just that because if anyone else owned him he would have been in someone's freezer by now.

SpecialPony said...

"Hoof-Hearted" Haha!
One horse that was at my barn a few years ago was a chestnut arabian named Playboy; all her brushes, buckets, blankets were PINK! But I like the name "Playboy" for a horse.
But I've come across ALOT with the name "Candy" or "Tango".

<3 said...

My horse is named Isabella Swan...yeahh, like in Twilight....and yeahh, I named her....but I didn't know the origin of the name until after I sent the papers in :( hahahaaa classic.