Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday!

Ok, So recap of the weekend, took S&D's 2 mares to a show and placed VERY. VERY well in ALL of their classes. In hand trail was Sugar was a blue ribbon WINNER! In Halter, she came out with 2 second place ribbons and Diamond came out with a 4th... Oh my goodness they were FABS!!!!

Moving on.. the pastures and fencing is FINALLY complete as the Mustang is going to be here Friday LATE night!!! YES!!! We leave Thursday evening to go and pick up my wild mustang off the BLM, for the EXTREME MUSTANG MAKEOVER!!!!!!!! We are finishing the final touches on the pastures and the weather has been just CRAZY here. Snowing again... *sigh*

It's going to be a crazy, busy week!!! Posts may be short, but I'm thinking of all of ya!!!! OOOHHH And NAMES for the Mustang!!! Let me know some of your ideas...

Trainer X (Me) is going to blow a gasket by the time this all done and over with! LMFAO!!!!!!!!
I'm going to have to do a lot of "Half-Halting" so I can stop regroup and think... I WILL be documenting mine and the Mustang's crazy adventure either with pictures or Video, starting from this this Thursday night!!! Ahhhh it's all coming up so damn fast!!!!


horsesandponies4ever said...

Got to love WA weather. When someone asks me to explain the weather situation to them. I just have to go, 'Washington has its weather phenominom. Because there is no explaining it.' And It's true. I've gotten snow where I live, 3x's already..... And I normally don't get snow....... We get snow, maybe once every 5 years or so.... So yeah.... Hope the mustang like our weather, because he'll be here a while...... *Sigh* Can we exchange the snow for sun?

GoLightly said...

Well, you KNOW my favourite name.
(hint, hint, HINT:):):)

Hard to name someone you haven't seen yet:)
Girl, boy, you knoW.

easy now, steady, gooood girll....
You do gr8!!

Thanks for the smile. Needed that.

Tricky said...

I love the start of a new adventure, and they don't come much more fun than an extreme makeover on a mustang!

It'll go great, keep us updated on all the shinanigans.

Slave to the Horse

Paigeley said...

wish you the best of luck!!

(i can't resist :D )
danny man
king of queens
woah damn it
never back never
never quit never
praire lark

ridewithjoy said...

Mustangs are awesome- I love mine. I named my girl Joy but if I had had more info ( I bought her from the adopter who was scared of her)I would have made Owyhee part of her name because she came from the Little Owyhee HMA. Sat I rode ten miles with my arab riding friend and Joy was so happy out seeing a few Wilson Creek mustangs she didn't want to load and leave. No drama just standing there like "do I have to?" ps the arab is shod all 4 and Joy is barefoot and she trotted/paced every step that wasn't steep downhill because Jazzy walks so fast. Arab was drenched in sweat and Joy who is twice as hairy just had sweat under her saddle and girth area. Yeah I think mustangs rock can't wait to follow your journey good luck!