Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mission Time

In exactly 2.5 hours I shall be off and running on my way down to Litchfield, CA to go and pick up the mustang *Acacia* So.... all of you have a fabs weekend and I'll have some pics for you on Monday!!


GoLightly said...


Safe Trip!!

To Acacia, iron wood.

Trainer X said...

Thank you so kindly GL!!! I can't wait to return either :):):):)

nccatnip said...

Waiting anxiously for your next post. This should be fun to watch.

ponykins said...

Fasten your seat belt, it's going to be a bumpy ride!"

(meaning, when you get on that Mustang, hang on !"

TheHorseGirl said...

yaaaaay! cant wait 4 pictures :)

GoLightly said...

Hey, TrexX!

I FINALLY learned how to do this:):)

A Link, ladies and gentlemen, to my blog..

At least, I hope it WorkS.

Nikker said...

I can't wait to follow you through your mustang adventure!!