Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sooo Riddle Me This...

So My brother is a professional book publisher and distributor (he owns his own company). He wants me to write a book on training and basically do a series. So one book on Stallions, one book on breaking, etc. etc. So I'd like to hear feedback on what type of books you would like to see out there. I know a majority of books on horses are pretty darn generic and they don't teach a lot, but the basics. So I'm taking ideas!!!! Let's hear 'em!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I would think you should just start by writing out all of the topics you are capably of training and go from there... Handling foals, yearlings, breaking, arena basics (english/western could be two separate series), trail basics, then move up to advanced manuvers etc. Another series could be the problem horse, covering trailer loading, pulling back, rearing, bucking etc.

Are you considering publishing in hard coipes only or would you be interested in an eBook, or even a horse training app for smart phones? If you are interested in either of those avenues please let me know.

Good luck!

Dock Start said...

When I was beginning to (still am) train my 3YO warmblood, I was surprised by the lack of information geared toward experience riders, who simply don't have experience starting horses. Almost all books are geared toward people who just got into horses and have no idea what they are doing at all. Thus the information is more or less so simple that it is worthless. I'd love a detailed book about putting 90 days on a horse from start to finish (this means haltering, leading, tying, longing, loading, bitting/saddling, and under saddle work) with classical training. Although I like the idea of natural horsemanship and certainly use some of the techniques myself, not everyone has a mild mannered quarter horse on their hands and classical techniques are more suited and needed. That's my book wish-list! Good luck with the project.
Adventures In Colt Starting

sdgdf said...

i would love to learn more about jumping. i've ridden horses that know how to jump, but the steps taken from that first jump to gymnastics, cavaletti, and moving up in the levels/height etc.

i just recently started reading your blog and i love it by the way!

Trainer X said...

Karla I would love to get into an ebook and a smart phone app. I'm also going to get into videos as well. I'm loving the ideas guys please keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!

Laiqalasse said...

i agree that most books are geared either toward new horse owners/riders or toward the very, very experienced. i think a book geared toward experienced but "non-pro" riders would be awesome (people who are experienced riders but don't have the knowledge that comes with training or working with a variety of horses).

remember when you opened the blog up to training q&a? issues like that (lunging issues, fear issues, etc)

SpotMeSomeColor said...

I think the gap the previous posters mention would be awesome. Something for people that have been riding a long time but not done the green horse training.

Also, my mother-in-law has ridden a lot, but has never been able to afford many lessons. There aren't any really good books that can help her along.

For myself, I would love something that tells me how to train my horse or tune-up my horse. I've taken a ton of Dressage lessons, but just had a baby so I've sold my show horse and bought a western pleasure kid's horse that's been out to pasture for a while. I don't know how to go about tuning her up for next summer.

I would LOVE a book that teach me what is expected of me and horse in the rail circuit. Also, what differences to expect between the local circuit and breed circuit. That would be WP, Hunt Seat, trail class. Like, the equitation expected, the cues the judge should want to see, etc. I can't find instructors near me to teach me these things and can't afford to take lessons right now just to learn equitation as it is. I haven't seen a book teaching that stuff written within the last 30 years.

Dreaming said...

What a great idea! Thanks for asking for ideas from your 'fans'!

I'd like to read
1. something about different disciplines, so I could learn more about things I know nothing about. For example, dressage, reining, vaulting. It would be nice to know how they are judged in competition as well as what is expected of the horse and rider.
2. driving. I believe driving is becoming more and more popular and I've not found a whole lot about it. Would love to know more about rein and whip handling while driving.

KL said...

Personally, I would love a book on training green horses to acheive CORRECT, realistic collection (not peanut-rolling or rollkur), aimed at the western rider who's not necessarily interested in showing. I'd also be keen on reading a book that describes steps to teaching your horse more advanced maneuvers like flying lead changes.