Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm In Bed!!!!

When training any horse, I will work and school them ANYWHERE on the property. The horse needs to understand that no matter where we are the same rules still apply. BUT, I have a no fly zone too. That is their stall or pasture or wherever they sleep/rest.
What does that mean? It means that your horse, just like us, needs a sanctuary of peace where they can relax without me schooling them more. Being in a tiny box stall and attempting to school your horse can lead to dangerous consequences as well. I will groom, pick feet, or just spend time with the horse in it's stall, but saddling, discipline and arguments are not going to happen.

I know several trainers who actually will tie up a horse in their stall after a workout, which is fine too, it's a quiet place for the horse to be able to absorb the lessons of the earlier day, cool down, and relax.

Let's quickly jump to the other side briefly. IF your horse acts like a little snot in their stall, then you do need to reinforce the need for good behaviour. But, again only use as much reinforcement as necessary.

The point is, is that you do not want their "home" to become a place they dread. Horses, as we all know are sensitive enough without us making it worse. Horses who become too stressed, worrying about who is coming down the aisle way, may not eat or drink, they could get ulcers or who knows what else!!! It's their home, so save the schooling and the lessons for somewhere else.


peaches1111_00 said...
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peaches1111_00 said...

You can train in a stall without actually being in there. I've seen plenty of people tie plastic bags, jugs, and whatever else in the stall. I was told if the horse wants to eat they will go next to the object. Eventually they aren't scared of it anymore.

Either that or it will backfire and the horse will go without food or water because they are too scared to go in the stall.

CCH said...

well I'm guilty. I've been known to harass my boys with shavings bags after I empty them in the stall. Now, they all look at me with complete bordom and annoyance because crazy bag waving is taking away from scratch time.

Trainer X said...

NO NO That is ALL good stuff to do!!! It helps desensitize them that's good, what I mean is actual SCHOOLING, Tacking up or other unpleasant activities...