Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Second Opinions

So I found an ad on Craigslist last night about a girl who has experience working with "problem horses" and what do you know I have access to one of those! Well, she isn't actually a problem horse, it's just that she still wouldn't canter. So I felt it was time for a second opinion.

I contacted the girl and she was VERY knowledgeable. And young. But that was good. They're resilient. LOL! Anyway I really felt like me and S&D had tried almost everything with Sugar to try and get her to canter so again it was time for a second set of eyes. The girl contacted HER trainer to ask for advice and then came and met with us tonight.

The girl was amazing she hit the nail on the head and I had a total DUH DUMBASS moment! Circles. A horse has a rough time bucking or rearing or being stupid when they are in a circle. So sure enough within 15 minutes Sugar was cantering her little out. Now there was some protest! Some bucking and a rear and some sassyness, but the girl did a GREAT job! She was a good rider and got the job done WELL! I was kicking myself for not using the obvious (Hello CIRCLES) but I was thrilled to have the help and the reminder!!

That's one thing I will always stand by, is that no matter how good you are or you think you are, once you stop asking questions, or getting a second pair of eyes, you're done, you'll never excel any further! I believe in staying "green and growing" and you can only do that by learning more and getting a refresher!!! I can be too much of a logical thinker and some times over analyze the situation so I really appreciated that come back down to earth and quit working harder than you have to slap to the face! LOL!! I can only better if I allow myself to learn more! OH and Let me tell you S&D was BEAMING by the end!!!


Who Knew? said...

Yay, congrats on the breakthrough! Great reminder to be open to good ideas!
I do have a question: Were the circles the problem or the solution?
Thanks for sharing this experience!

GoLightly said...

Everyone needs a good second opinion...
If they can listen to it..

Great post!
As you note, always Keep your mind open.
Often the answer is right there, staring at you:)

Circles are hard for horses to be stupid on. Well....HardER.