Thursday, April 30, 2009


WOW! These types of videos always make me laugh because usually the people say "HEY I was just having fun so don't give me your opinion bla bla bla..." But then why do you post videos like this and then get so damn defensive?? In shorts? No fences, helmet, horse bucking??? If nothing else I guess the videos are funnier than hell! So enjoy some chuckles!

This girl is riding with a halter and can't get her horse to stop...

This one is really dumb and mildy irritating, but enjoy it anyway :)

I felt it was time for some laughs!!! My god I could be on youtube all day and find millions of videos just like these!!!


wolfandterriers said...

Just what I needed for the end of dead week! :)

clydesdalesocks said...

For Miss You Can Only Stop a Horse While Riding in a Halter by Yanking on Its Face and Falling off...hindquarter, hindquarter, hindquarter!! My favorite training aid, discipline technique, and all around save your tooshie tactic. It can be used on a horse in a halter even if you don't have "reins" and are just riding with a single lead rope. It takes the wind out of the sails of a bucking horse and one who's decided to grab the bit in their teeth and run with it. I heart hindquarters. :)

Double A Training said...

Those are funny. I will have to admit though...that Arab mare in the last 2 videos is pretty tollerant. Sure, she wasn't the best behaved but she also didn't give that girl anything she couldn't handle or get her hurt. The jump was ugly but she didn't let her rider get hurt....

The Pale Horseman said...

clydesdalesocks said...
For Miss You Can Only Stop a Horse While Riding in a Halter by Yanking on Its Face and Falling off...hindquarter, hindquarter, hindquarter!!

What does that mean? sorry I've not heard of that term except obviously in anatomy. What is the process?

GoLightly said...

Gawd, horses are kind creatures, aren't they?

yeah, ClydesaleSocks.
Please elaborate.
What, do you grab the hindquarters?

With what?
Your teeth:)

Thanks trex.
Should I get myself checked for HYPP?

The Pale Horseman said...

GoLightly... People really do have HYPP. Both horses and humans can have the disorder. Clydesdalesocks... pls come back! I need to know! I will be wondering all night if I was doing it wrong and should in fact be sitting on my horses bum to slow her down!

Amy said...

I LMFAO at the last one.... seriously???

I loved horse #2. Yes, dumb girl in flip flops but horse looked like a sweety, and I think his canter looked nice. And I actually like dhorse #1 as well... looks like a fun horse to ride... maybe in tack, and boots... and in an arena... but she did look like a fun horse. Whee!

Double A Training said...

clydesdalesocks was referring to what most of the horse world knows as a One-Rein Stop. It is also referred to as a hindquarter by certain trainers. Same thing!

GoLightly said...

Sorry, Pale horseman, it's a joke.
TrexX will get it:)
I'm not laughing at HYPP.

Okay, like a pulley rein?
Twist the horse's head 'round?
Touch their nose to their hindquarter?

What about the truly rubber-necked horse?

Anonymous said...

I love the english bridle with a western bit.

The Pale Horseman said...

Ah. Right. Thankies for the info. I'm always pleased to add new words to my memory bank!
GoLightly... I knew it was probably a joke. Excuse my habitual blurting of useless (or useful depending) information on subjects. I know you wouldn't deliberately offend people with disorders - I just felt like sharing. Someone may have wanted to know. ;)

GoLightly said...

Hey, Pale.
I am queen of the blurters, as you know.
treX said I was "impressive", on my blog.

So, I made a really BaD joke.
Not a funny disease, at all. I THINK I knew people got it. Maybe not though.
Interesting. Are the symptoms the same? How is it treated? and the cause, weird. People can't trace back to Impressive, can they?
okay, another bad joke.

Where did Clydesdale go??

It can be tricky to turn a horse's head while flat out being runaway with.
If the horse has real powerful puller muscles, he'll be dicey to turn, too.
I remember one draft cross I rode long ago, he would just bolt. I mean, gone, flat out, out of control. Never any rhyme or reason to it. You couldn't do anything, except wait it out.
Turn him? Not a chance.
Poor old Tartop. He had a few issues;)

To good initial training:)

Thanks for the videos, they were entertaining.
They all prove what saints horses are.

Patricia said...

I'll bet these same girls put ads up on Craigslist saying they are professional trainers because they've been, like, riding since before they were, like, born or something. *eyeroll*

I can see the ad now: "i am an experyensed rider and will traine yer horses for cheep. 17 yers perfessionel experyense i have been ridin sinse b4 i was born. i ain't never had no lessins tho but horses sure like me and they listen reel gud."

I don't mean to be mean, but riding lessons are a good thing.

Equus said...

Proof indeed that horses are saints.

I'm not sure what the problem was with video #2...not exactly recommending it but heck I've gone to fetch my horses in flipflops and shorts. Nothing wrong with a relaxing ride. Something was midly irritating that horse though (note the tail)...perhaps a chiro should be giving him the once-over.

As for the girl who couldn't get on her horse bareback...your horse is walking away because she doesn't want you up there.

Hindquarter = disengage the hindquarter. Horses can't run forwards with their hind legs crossed (ie. disengaged). Teach your horse to yield the hindquarter. Of course the simplest solution is to have the type of partnership where your horse doesn't feel the need to flee from you in the first place...

Equus said...

...looking back at that video #2, maybe the horse doesn't need a chiro after all...maybe he just needs less air between his rider's bottom and his back, lol.