Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome Welcome!!

Welcome to 2010! Whew I have been one busy person so far. I just moved to a new house and finally had Comcast come out and give me my Internet!! WOOHOO!!! So we are up and running for some new blogs now!!! How was all your holidays and your New Years starting out???


smazourek said...

The cold snap finally broke so I'm doing fantastic! Glad to have you back.

sandycreek said...

First morning in 14 days above 25, wow it's a heat wave! Maybe I can pull blankets off today for the first time this month.

I know I am complaining much when most of you are frozen till April, but this is SE Georgia for crying out loud! Two days below 32 is unusual for us.

Glad to see you are up and running again, I have been missing your blog.