Sunday, January 24, 2010

So What Can I Have??

Here is a posting I saw on CL. It's supposed to be a "fancy" stable in West Seattle... All I can say is WTF, but here it goes anyway.

"Rare opening in lovely West Seattle stable. 10X12 stall with 10X20 foot "patio" behind. Daily turnout in mud free paddocks with grass paddocks in season. 70X160 covered arena with 70 wall of mirrors and lighting. Board fences. Two wash areas, both with hot and cold water. Dressage instruction and clinics available. Three feedings daily. Vitamins and wormers supplied. Small friendly stable with maximum of 10 horses. Pretty gardens with vegetables and flowers. We limit horse size to 16 hands and do not take thoroughbreds. Reply to ad for further details."

Soooooooo it's a dressage barn, but the maximum horse size is 16hh?? What kind of dressage horse do you suppose you'll find under that??? And no TB's? REALLY?!?!?! Again another popular dressage standard. So I guess you can have a pony, or a Quarter horse (not that that is a problem, but come on!) as your next dressage prospect, but apparently that's it. No Warmbloods or Tb crosses, nothing with long floaty legs, heaven forbid it be too tall???? And can you define exactly what a "Patio" means for my horse? Oh perhaps the patio is just a little bit of turnout, buuuuut then why couldn't they just say that instead... Hmmm I'm at a loss. Oh well at least they have "Pretty gardens with vegetables and flowers." But that's about it. *headdesk*


Union Square said...

Oh my GODLY GOD. No Thoroughbreds? Um, can we have Equal Opportunity laws put in place for our horses, please?

Seriously, can you call them up and ask them about what kind of horses they actually board there? This is killing me. But I'm far too lazy to call myself.

Thanks for sharing!

Natalie Keller Reinert
Retired Racehorse Blog
Union Square Stables

The Margarita Girls said...

My horse would love to help them pick vegetables from the garden!!
The garden IS for the horses, right? LOL

Patricia said...

Awww, why are they hating on TBs? My OTTB is much calmer and saner than most horses, quarter horses included. And you're spot on about the size issue: most of the dressage horses I've worked with have been at least sixteen hands.

That said, the barn where I board has very low doors (only seven feet high!) and the taller horses have to duck when going out for turnout. Maybe something like that (low ceilings, low doors, small aisle) prevents them from accepting bigger breeds.

I think I've seen the "patio" set up before too. If I'm envisioning the right thing, each stall is connected to a very small outside stall, making the total living space 10 x 24, assuming the horse has access to the "patio" area 24 hours a day. They're nice for ventilation and offer more room to move around, but if the sides aren't high enough some horses will pick on each other and have fits over the wall.

Sandra said...

I have dressage horses under 16h. The sire of two of them is under 16h and he earned a USDF Gold Medal at Grand Prix.

Just saying.

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Donna said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog and will be checking back often! I'm 45 and started riding 3 years ago from scratch and have a 10 year-old TB mare. I have so much to learn so I am grateful for your insight and opinions!

簡單 said...

Joy often comes after sorrow, like morning after night...................................................

ponykins said...

As a short older lady, I can see 100% why they would put a limit on size and breed. My dressage horse is 14.3 hds, not all dressage must be big. Since the stable is not a self-care facility, perhaps the owner is no longer able or willing to handle the big boys anymore. It's her barn, her rules. Perhaps her ceilings are low and unsafe for the bigger horse, who knows. I can understand that. With only 10 horses, she also probably doesn't have barn help either. You couldn't give me a 17 hd. TB, but I would love to care for your 15 hd.and under horse. And, as long as the care is good, I would enjoy pretty flowers and garden. Best than a manure pile and junk too look at.

Grocery Girl said...

the limit on the horse size may be due to the stall size. it seems that 12x12 is now pretty much the standard so the owner may feel that 10x12 is too small for a horse over 16 hands. i think it all depends on exactly how much time the horse is spending in the stall, but to each their own.

the no thoroughbred thing bothers me far more, though. i've had my fair share of dealing with thoroughbred owners who can't understand that they *can* be on shavings and they *can* have turnout, but they're in the minority. i've worked with OTTBs for 10 years and most of them, once they've had their let-down time, are just as calm and laid back as any other horse. i hate barns that discriminate against particular breeds.

Holly said...

My quarter horse gelding can't go...along with the 3 others. They make great mowers.
And, I don't know about others TB but when mine gets confined she comes out all dancing and prancing. Even if its only over night. Maybe they got stepped on.
I'm told that this isn't normal for a 20 y/o. Do other TB act all laid back and save their energy?

Tarr said...

Perhaps the limit to 16 hands means they don't take horses smaller than 16 hh.

Much more likely in a dressage barn.